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George Washington

George Washington

George Washington's parents had big estate on the Ohio river called the Mt Vernon Estate.
His father died when George was 13.  George was brought up by brother.

Age 20 his brother and  his brother's daughter died and he inherited the large Mt Vernon Estate.
The Colonial Governor sent George to Ohio valley near today's Pittsburgh, with orders to drive French from American territory.  So in 1754  was his first defeat of many.  He went back home and was promoted to colonel .. 1754 elected to Virginia legislature.   He met and one year later married a very wealthy widow with last name of Custis.

He looked like a General of Royalty so in 1775 the second Continental Congress appointed him in charge of the Continental Army.  His objective was to free the 13 colonies from England.  

In 1775 Boston and NY in British hands, Great General Washington sent an army to conquer Canada.  
(The Let's get Canada Dream:  also in 1814 the White House was burned down  by the British, and the American Army was nowhere,  gone to Canada, trying to conquer Canada again).George did employ Generals Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold to win battles.  George himself never won a battle.

George moved to NY where he lost Manhattan and lost Long Island to the British who remained in place until the French fleet came to his rescue in 1781.  The British tired of war in the colonies and broke quit the war and gave authority of NY to George in a ceremony.  

With the war over George got into farming with at least 318 slaves.  He invented a plow that no ox could pull.  

Former soldiers who could barely make a wage and were taxed excessively started Shays rebellion in 1786 trying to take the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. They were defeated, but it gave George an excuse to scare the other colonies into forming a central government.  

George made sure the government to be put in place would be the property of the prosperous few.  He served two terms as president (Hamilton was Prime Minister) then went home in 1796.  He accomplished his vision of a government controlled by the wealthy but appearing to be "of the People." He was purported to be the top Master Mason at that time.  Many statutes and paintings are of him wearing his Mason apron and giving the Mason signs.

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