Present Day Nazi Germany

Present Day Nazi Germany

old antarctica map

Coordinates = -66.553217,99.838294

Take a Look!,99.838294/@-66.5529182,99.8385944,268m/data=!3m1!1e3

The quote below is now thought to have related not to a secret base in the Antarctic but to
San Carlos de Bariloche in Southern Argentina at the base of the Andes Mountains


The Below Are Stills From Long Missing Full Length German Film
Of The 1939 Expedition To The Antarctic

The Same Photographer On The Original 1939 Expedition

Clear And Obvious Large Air Vent Or Entry Port For UFO Discs

Another Clear And Obvious Large Air Vent Or Entry Port For UFO Discs



The Following Are Stills From The German Film Of Their 1939 Antarctic Expedition


Some Of The Enormous Antarctic Caverns
Found By German Researchers And Scientists

This Photo Is Of Another Underground Facility Probably In Europe...Not The Antarctic

Here Are A Number Photos From Another German Film
Of Underground And Other Strategic Construction Projects





US Crusades Weather

U.S. Crusades Weather


HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

Chem Trails

Changing the Biology of Humans 

Russian Weather

How the USSR created GIANT artificial lightning bolts (PHOTOS)

Chinese HAARP

The pictures that follow are the HAARP that China has.

The Chinese HAARP called HAALP…