Pedo Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Hampstead 2 Whistleblowing Kids Expose Satanic Cult’s MK Ritual Abuse-Child Porn Operation


Chapter 31: The Hampstead 2 Whistleblowing Kids Expose Satanic Cult’s MK Ritual Abuse-Child Porn Operation

Joachim Hagopian


The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover

The Hampstead pedophile scandal is different in a number of ways from all previous ones covered in this book. Instead of dozens, scores or hundreds of victim-survivors coming forth to report their abuse, in the small high-end community of Hampstead in North London, only two children were captured on record describing their unholy abuse. Also in contrast with all the rest of the major scandals in Britain, no known Members of Parliament or ministers were involved as the sodomizers. More than any other though, the Hampstead scandal represents a prime example of satanic ritual abuse, child torture and blood sacrifice by an alleged satanic death cult consisting of schoolteachers, priests, social workers, health care workers, child protection agencies and police officers.[1] But just like every other previous chapter involving child sexual abuse committed by an organized pedophile ring, the guilty perpetrators in Hampstead have also been protected by the Establishment powers within law enforcement, the courts and mainstream media in a concerted, collusive effort to bury the unbelievable dark truth.

From the time the satanic child abuse was reported to the local Barnet police, it was less than a week later that the two abused children were taken from their loving mother who never abused them, abducted by agents of the state on 9/11/2014 in order to prevent them from revealing more details of state sponsored mind control programs. And in less than a week after the trauma of the state’s forced separation from their mother, the children who appear possibly drugged were coerced into retracting all their earlier allegations against their biological father. This so called retraction was then used as the flimsy excuse to close the case so the judge and press could shift all blame to the demonized mother and boyfriend as the state’s sinister ploy to transparently shield the satanic cult leader father from accountability. The press in Britain is prohibited from even mentioning the Hampstead abuse scandal other than to badmouth as “evil” torturers its whistleblowers – the children’s mother Ella Gareeva and boyfriend Abe Christie and their leading activists. Also unlike so many other scandals before it, this pedophilic, murderous episode in UK history is not based on sex abuse perpetrated against victims 30 or 40 years ago, but as recently as only a half-decade ago, which is all the more reason that in such quick order, it had to be put down and “proven” a so called hoax.

The ruling elite for millenniums have secretly drawn power from torture, sodomy and blood sacrifice of small children. After all, the planetary controllers are Luciferians literally feeding off the flesh and blood of the young. Through occult and tantric yogic traditions secretly handed down through generations to Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), Illuminati, Freemasonry and Luciferianism, the ritualized practice of sodomy of young children releases the kundalini energy chakra located at the base of the spine.[2] This diabolical regimen of barbarically using sodomy typically at age 3 is optimal for inducing dissociative states that facilitate power and control over the child as a robotically programmed, traumatized slave.[3] The sodomy stimulates nerve endings at the base of the child’s spine that in turn is believed to activate the pineal gland, or third eye that ostensibly can lead to higher realms of consciousness and psychic ability. And another huge attraction for these subhuman murdering maniacs is their belief that stealing the life essence of a prepubescent child through sodomy and cannibalistically eating their organs and drinking their blood in ritualistic sacrifice offers the promise of immortality.[4]

Through the ages this ancient ritualized practice draws upon interdimensional demonic forces that increasingly inhabit and empower the sodomizer into devouring the very life force from the traumatized child. This explains the elite’s insatiable need for stepping up its global pedophilia operation supplying more children to sodomize and sacrifice in their never-ending quest for both increasing power and eternal life. Meanwhile, in order to cope and survive, abused children forced to witness and participate in blood sacrifice, ritualized trauma and unspeakable torture have their psyches systematically shattered and fragmented into discrete amnesic dissociative states. This is virtually the same, often drug induced, cattle prod-and psychotronically-amplified, trauma-based mind control programming that evolved out of Hampstead’s Tavistock, Operation Paperclip and subsequent CIA MK Ultra programs for covert mass production of an army of sex slaves, spies, super soldiers and assassins (See Chapter 9).

With so much hidden evil connected directly to the very top of the Illuminati bloodline controllers in Luciferian royalty, black nobility, Freemasonry, elite secret societies and Luciferian power structure,[5] a pedophilia scandal that so graphically exposes the rulers’ most disturbing atrocities of blood sacrifice and cannibalism had to be immediately extinguished, where the non-abusive, whistleblowing, loving parent Ella Gareeva suddenly gets turned into an “evil,” torturing criminal-on-the-run and leading Hampstead activists are sent to prison for up to nine years. Another unique feature of this scandal is that the most damaging evidence from the very outset was directly consumed by the public in the form of a series of graphic, shocking videos recorded in August 2014 and released online in early February 2015 by anti-abuse campaigners.[6]

The two children’s mother – Ella Draper – who now goes by her Russian maiden name Gareeva, and her then boyfriend Abe Christie in August 2014 recorded the victims’ abuse disclosures in good faith as evidence but then just days later their lives were shattered, threatened with imprisonment and worse. In matter-of-fact, most vivid detail, the two siblings, 8-year old Gabriel and his 9-year old sister Alisa enthusiastically described the horrific abuse systematically done to them by their father Ricky Dearman, the alleged satanic cult leader and his cult members that included primarily the children’s Hampstead schoolmistress, the school nurse, schoolteachers, parents, Haringey police officers,[7] doctors, attorneys and personnel from assorted social service agencies.[8] By February 2015, without consent from Ella or Abe, and without protecting the children’s faces or identity, the videos were uploaded onto the internet and within a few days went viral, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people around the globe convinced that the two young children were telling the horrifying truth of organized ritualized child sexual abuse, sacrificial murder of infants and cannibalism. Lots of finger-pointing at who actually uploaded the videos singled out an unnamed associate and blogger friend of activist Sabine McNeil, a legal supporter of Ella Draper and her children.

The moment when Alisa and Gabriel were in Morocco unloading their bombshells, spilling the beans on the rampant satanic pedophilia operation engulfing Britain’s richest community, ironically UK’s third largest newspaper in circulation, the Daily Mail, was running the eye-opening bombshell of a headline:

How London became the child abuse capital of the world.[9]

The article divulged how massive trafficking of abducted economically disadvantaged children from all over the world are brought to London for its generous child benefits system while pimped and preyed upon by thug criminals. The tabloid mentions how child benefit fraud gangs from Africa and Asia even resort to satanic ritual abuse as part of unearthing this disturbing endemic. Mainstream press is safe to delve into this controversial realm of the global pedophilia trafficking trade as long as the featured villains are from Third World continents. But just a few months later when the Hampstead story broke, the Daily Mail was still playing it safe, hypocritically doing the cabal bidding of a dirty hatchet job against innocent whistleblowing victims in order to protect a satanically driven, pedo-infested Britain bent on covering up its upscale North London satanic web of child sodomy and kiddie snuff porn cannibalism. As long as it’s street thugs from another country, it’s fair game to disclose, but dare unmask the power structure behind the global satanic network and it’s all simply a hoax by a “vicious evil” Russian woman and her hemp-promoting partner. The duplicity in the Mail’s March 2015 headline reads:

Police hunting runaway mother who tortured her two children into inventing fantasy claims about a satanic sex cult run by their father[10]

With the Hampstead kids’ truth-telling, the UK pedo-cabal suddenly found itself naked and exposed, so it lost no time shutting down the police investigation before it even began, instantly launching a deceitful campaign to suppress its ugly truth by demonizing the truth tellers. Without just cause Ella Gareeva was unlawfully stripped of all parental rights in a heinous attempt through media lies to win the information war in the public court of world opinion. So through the cabal machinations of the secret family kangaroo courts and Mockingbird press, Ella and her partner were painted as fraudulent hoaxers and evil child torturers viciously creating a fictionalized custody battle out to “deny” a falsely martyred father’s access to his children. This calculated sinister scheme from demonic hell effectively allowed the cabal to bury the alleged satanic truth raging in its own wealthy backyard. The pedo-cabal system cruelly ripped their mother right out of Alisa and Gabriel’s life, to this day forcing them to live fulltime with their accused predatory cannibal father who reputedly sodomized them for an entire decade since being toddlers, just to suppress exposure of London as the world’s capital of today’s satanic pedo-trafficking-child porn empire that to this day allows the alleged Luciferian baby killer to enjoy full custody.

A little background on the plush setting where this tragic drama has taken place will shed light on what’s gone down so far. Home to the most millionaires per capita population, a 2004 Telegraph article touts Hampstead as the wealthiest community in the United Kingdom.[11] Other publications refer to it as London’s most affluent area.[12] A 2010 New York Magazine called Hampstead “the citadel of the moneyed liberal intelligentsia, posh but not stuffy.”[13]

Hampstead was also made famous as the apropos fictional tomb where Freemason Bram Stoker’s Dracula character Lucy Westenra nocturnally lured children in Hampstead to drink their blood.[14] Additionally, a Hampstead population of just over 60,000 residents has been a historical haven attracting its exceedingly well-off citizenry to membership in a host of secret occult societies, including the Orders of Freemasonry, Society of Inner Light, an offshoot of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and a Luciferian witchcraft coven called The Regency.[15] Thus, an alleged baby-killing, baby-eating, blood-drinking Luciferian cult operating inside the Hampstead borders at more than a half dozen elementary schools in 2014 involving upper middle class professionals should not come as such a shocker, particularly with such pedo-loving bloodline heavies as MP Margaret (nee Oppenheimer) Hodge and former PM-occultist “Miranda” Blair both onetime residents of Islington living just three short miles away (See Chapter 23). The scenic park-like greenery of Hampstead Heath and Islington both border the wealthiest square mile on the planet – the Crown City of London, not the actual capital city of London but the sovereign entity of Rothschild Row that includes its Bank of England, Lloyds of London, all the British banks and London Stock Exchange.[16]

With a Hampstead tradition as a longtime hotbed for attracting multiple occult covens, satanic cults and secret societies notorious for practicing pedophilia, it’s no accident that the community would be rocked by the stunning disclosures of two articulate, highly intelligent young victims of satanic ritual child sex abuse, torture, blood sacrifice and cannibalism. Shortly before the Hampstead scandal broke via the internet in February 2015 when the kids’ disclosure videos went viral, little more than two years earlier in October 2012 a male teacher at a Hampstead primary school implicated in the soon-to-be scandal who sexually abused a 9-year old girl on a school field trip was allowed to walk out of court a free man escaping jail time.[17] The judge granting only community service justified his gross laxity, claiming that 21 parents wrote letters of support lauding the teacher as “stalwart” and “inspirational.” A logical question then becomes might this same teacher have been among the 30 teachers who were cult members at Christ Church Primary School along with at least 40 cult member, letter writing parents regularly engaging in sodomy with its sons and daughter students? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Then emerging from a book in 2001 written by abuse victim Jonathan Self, a cluster of more Hampstead teachers were accused of committing child sex crimes during the 1970s at University College School (UCS), where the pedo-ring-leader, a teacher of politics, was close friends with yet another infamous VIP pedo-politician Lord Janner who had a home in Hampstead with a son also attending UCS.[18] In June 2015 the Daily Mail even speculated over Janner’s possible participation.[19] By the way, another even more infamous pedophile politician spent time attending school in Hampstead prior to Cambridge – Sir Leon Brittan.[20]

The town of Hampstead falls within the London borough of Camden where a Catholic friar teaching at a local school was caught with over 5,000 downloaded indecent images including scenes of child bestiality, bondage and rape…[21] just like the scenes recorded and sold allegedly as child pornography by the Hampstead satanic cult. The priest’s 8-month prison sentence was suspended,[22] just months ahead of the Hampstead satanic cult of sodomizers first being outed in August 2014 by the two abused siblings. A Hampstead Anglican priest was also implicated as a key member of the satanic cult.

Police officers were not only accused of covering up Dearman’s satanic cult, like priests, police were also alleged to be cult abusers. In a related but separate August 2015 story, Special Constable David Baddiel from the Barnet station that has policing jurisdiction over Hampstead was also busted with extreme child porn images on his cellphone. He too averted jail time, simply suspended pending a misconduct review.[23] Notice the pattern? When no one from the Hampstead area who’s found guilty of serious child abuse offenses ever goes to prison, it’s not so surprising that an entire satanic cult of alleged child abusers would also go free. What does that tell us?

Just two months before the Hampstead scandal broke on the internet, in December 2014 leading child abuse expert Graham Wilmer told the press that his analysis based on “prevalence rates published by the government” indicate:

[There are] potentially 11.7 million victims out there at the moment who have not disclosed.[24]

Just to understand the gravity of the child sex abuse epidemic in the UK, out of the total British population of 64.6 million in 2014, separate from all reported abuse cases, one in five Britons who’d been sexually abused in childhood are estimated to never have reported abuse to the authorities, whereas during the post-Savile period alone, nearly a half million (up to 450,000) victims reported within two-years (April 2012 to March 2014) that they’d been sexually abused.[25] Adding both abuse groups together and near half the British population one time or another’s likely been sexually molested. Finally, only 1 in 8 child abuse victims ever reports their crimes to authorities, indicating it’s far more prevalent than we can ever really know.[26]

Two Hampstead kids among that near half million also reported their abuse or the world would probably not even know about this satanic pedo-death cult quietly operating a booming pedo-assembly line child porn-snuff business. With a long established prevalence of Hampstead satanic cults and covens breeding a local culture of ritualized pedophilia, combined with a high pedo-tolerance in courts that let the child abusers walk free, sitting adjacent the world’s largest financial institutions that allegedly use bloodline money to finance global pedo-operations, conditions are ultra-ripe and ideal for this enormous underground hub of the satanic pedo-trafficking-child porn empire to operate in Hampstead. But when it was heroically busted by a pair of amazing little kids, bravely willing to blurt out details in 2014, thanks to their mother and her boyfriend’s tantamount efforts, it’s easy to see why this particular scandal had to be covered up in a hurry by the British pedo-Establishment. These kids’ disclosures not only gave away the international crime cabal’s top secrets how over the years satanic blood sacrifice, highly organized child sex abuse and snuff films exploit and murder defenseless, expendable children, accounting for a trillion-dollar industry, but they also exposed planetary overlords’ aphrodisiacal addiction for a steady supply of children, feeding their growing demonic power that can only be satiated through traumatizing sodomy and cannibalistic adrenochrome blood drinking.[27] Through satanic ritual, interdimensional demonic energies are summoned to take possession of elite sodomites stealing the life force from victimized prepubescent youth.[28] Young children literally feed the addictions of both satanic base entities and the power-hungry elite hungry for eternal life.

At the height of the shocking Savile revelations in November 2012, UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt pronounced that 19 NHS hospitals linked to Satanist Jimmy Savile abuse (See Chapter 20) must undergo investigations. One of them happens to be Hampstead’s largest employer – the Royal Free Hospital.[29] Only the Hampstead hospital and one other among the 19 refused to publicly disclose their inquiry findings, simply claiming Savile allegations at the Hampstead hospital to be “unfounded” in June 2014.[30] But if there was nothing to hide, then why wouldn’t its probe be released to the public like all the rest? Such guarded secrecy little more than a month before allegations of Hampstead satanic ritual abuse began surfacing only raises more suspicion in a community with an already dubious, dark reputation for black magic and satanic foul play.

Meet 8-year old Gabriel Gareeva Dearman and 9-year old Alisa Gareeva Dearman – the dynamic Hampstead duo that by February 2015 had announced to the world one of the largest satanic pedo operations in British history.[31] This scandal is centered around the lurid story of two highly courageous, precociously bright “whistleblowing Hampstead kids” – as they’ve been dubbed on the world wide web. Due to the sensational, shocking nature of such disturbing abuse and their ostensibly trauma-free, rapid fire delivery of satanic sexual abuse, torture and cannibalism in the siblings’ in-depth descriptions, the satanically driven pedophilia crime cabal seized the opportunity to capitalize on the incredible story’s un-believability. Thus, the state’s response to such wild, difficult to believe allegations was swift and predictable, ignoring or suppressing all evidence, immediately turning the tables to shift all blame from the accused satanic cult leader father to the children’s mother and boyfriend for maniacally manipulating such false accusations on a much maligned innocent man and his alleged associates at the kids’ school.

It worked effectively to the extent that it neutralized and silenced the two adult whistleblowers forced to escape for their lives in exile as the so called wicked ones and protected the alleged murdering, sodomizing accused Satanist, turning him into a martyr… and to a significant extent, the launching of an entire counteroffensive debunking the children’s original claims as one enormously shameful hoax. Yet many of the facts in this case offer strong evidence of yet another cabal cover-up by a malicious smear campaign involving character assassination, suppression of evidence and one of the grossest cases of both subversion and perversion of justice in British legal history.

This presentation covers the controversial case of the Hampstead whistleblowing kids and their outing of the satanic pedo-operation led by their allegedly evil father Ricky Dearman. We’ll begin with the children’s yoga teaching vegan mother originally from Rostov in southern Russia. In the 1990s she graduated from Moscow State University with a master’s degree in art history.[32] While still completing her studies, she met British banker Will Draper, became pregnant and together Will and Ella moved to his native England. In 1997 their son James was born and in 1999 Will married Ella. However, after a few years of marriage, their relationship fell apart, and after divorce, Ella faced raising her son on her own.

A closer look at mystery man Will Draper may be Illuminating. Among the British banker’s employers are such notables as BP (responsible for world’s largest oil spill in history), HSBC (notorious reputation as history’s biggest money launderer for drugs, illegal arms and human trafficking), Lehman Brothers (known for its collapse during 2008 housing bubble crisis as US history’s largest bankruptcy), Espirito Santo and Mirabaud Group heading the equities division of the 200-year old international investment bank.[33]After 18 years, Draper left finances in November 2016 as the BT Group’s investor relations director.[34] Notice a pattern here among his earlier employers? Companies Draper worked for, after he left, met with unforeseeable disasters, including his first marriage to partner Ella… an ominous sign for both his employers and wives.

But here’s the weird twist about mystery man Draper. According to Ella’s boyfriend Abe Christie, speaking on audio tape with his brother-in-law Metro Police Sergeant Jean-Clement Yaohirou on September 4, 2014:

All three children [James Draper, Alisa and Gabriel] are involved in the cult now. From two different men, who are cult members [Will Draper and Ricky Dearman]. She [Ella] came to me, because she knew I didn’t, I wasn’t a weird guy. She knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew, in her heart, that I could help her. She didn’t know how. I didn’t know how… Her first husband, he sent the second man to her.[35]

The above statement is a huge, overlooked admission/omission. Minor bit part actor Ricky Dearman met Ella first at her yoga studio in 2003. Inferred from Christie’s assertion, Ella shared with Abe that both Will Draper and Ricky Dearman knew each other as members of the same satanic cult. Strangely enough, after keeping his supposed “good name” for years after their divorce, in none of her videos, writing or interviews, Ella Gareeva never even once brings up this only man she’s ever been married to. Also inferred, as the alleged financier of the cult, Draper reportedly was hooking up his fertile ex-wife with the cult leader for potential mating purposes. Since the initial dating and infatuation phase between Ella and actor Ricky apparently went according to plan, by the summer of 2004, Ella was already pregnant with Alisa, born April 24, 2005. And little more than a year later on June 22, 2006, Gabriel arrived. So if banker Draper sent actor Dearman on an inter-cult siring mission, it was mission accomplished. However, once Ella had children by the not-so Dear-man, according to her, his true satanic colors began emerging bigtime.

Ricky Dearman and Ella Gareeva were never married but only briefly lived together. According to Ella, once her children were born, Ricky Dearman never contributed financially to raising their children other than £10 per child per month from about 2011 to 2014.[36] The father allegedly spent zero quality time with his two kids, never reading a book to them or playing games as expected of a caring dad. The one “game” he did regularly engage in was the “tickle game.” But he invariably persisted long past the fun stage to a point of sadistically tormenting Gabriel and Alisa where his touch trespassed aversive. He also made a habit of choosing their bedtime to initiate this ritual that never failed to rile them up to a fully awakened state, making it harder for them to fall asleep. Though Ella confronted him about this, he appeared to relish both agitating his kids while defying and angering their mother.

In their volatile on again-off again relationship, Ella had to secure a restraining order on Dearman to stay away from her and her kids because of a history of domestic violence, assault, harassment, break-ins and outright creepy, sadistic behavior. At one point refusing to leave the premises, Dearman attacked Ella’s Russian mother when she wasn’t home. While Ella was at work, Dearman became so abusive toward Ella’s older son James, according to Ella:

He [Dearman] would lock him [James] up, while I was at work or shopping, and he would give him a bucket to pee and poo…[37]

From 2004 to 2007, Ella found herself in an increasingly strained, unstable relationship with Ricky Dearman. With Alisa born in 2005 and Gabriel in 2006, by 2007 Ella kicked Dearman out of the house for good after a series of five domestic violence calls to the police. The alleged pervert would frequently attempt to pressure Ella to submit to having anal sex, buying a large dildo for her that she threw out. Once Ella and Ricky were officially apart, allegedly the two younger children were increasingly subjected to sexual abuse virtually every time they were alone with their father. Ella would later allege that while he was making sexual demands on her, the sodomite was secretly engaging in anal incest with his very young son and daughter. Ella explained that his intimidation and harassment only continued:

However, he [Dearman] came to school to ‘surprise’ the children and often stalked us, showing up from nowhere: in the park, or on the way to school and in shops.[38]

After the incident where Dearman forced himself into their home while Ella was at work and physically assaulted her mother, pushing her while refusing to leave, Ella obtained a non-molestation order in 2009 to legally keep him away. Ella knew Dearman was a danger to her family and attempted to minimize his contact with Alisa and Gabriel. After Dearman had created so much domestic turmoil, Ella’s ex-husband Will Draper arranged to have his 13-year old son James move in with him fulltime in the summer of 2010. Dearman continued to contest in court to establish unsupervised contact with Alisa and Gabriel, but ultimately in December 2011 he decided at least temporarily to give up, claiming it had become too much hassle to continue fighting their mother in court.

For the next 18 months apparently the alleged Satanist traveled extensively to places like India, Thailand and America, perhaps globally setting up pedo-contacts for his alleged trafficking-blood sacrifice child porn operation. To try and ostensibly resurrect his faltering acting career, first stop was Los Angeles. But it is believed that Ricky Dearman also connected with MK Ultra mind control intel operatives where he was allegedly further trained in the latest techniques in MK Ultra trauma based mind control.[39]

Several other similar cases likely involving trauma-based mind control operations have surfaced through exposed child sex abuse scandals as part of the global pedophilia network. One of the world’s largest private owned, prestigious international schools with an enrollment of 2,400 students in Indonesia erupted in abuse charges involving teaching and cleaning staff at Jakarta International School (now called Jakarta Intercultural School) in April 2014, the same year the Hampstead case broke. Founded in 1951 to educate the foreign national and Indonesian elite with connections to the UN and diplomatic service, the CIA born and bred, mind controlled Barack Obama[40] and his half-sister both attended the exclusive JIS for children 3 to 18 costing parents $1,750 a month. As the scandal grew early on, the Indonesian government reported it was deporting 20 teachers from Britain, Australia and the US among others for “immigration violations.”[41] This may have been the diplomatic cover for removing alleged pedophiles operated by intelligence services within an international web.

Striking parallels between Bante in Hampstead and JIS emerged simultaneously. Both scandals involved young primary school aged students (6 year-olds at JIS) pulled from class and brought to hidden underground rooms where a group of adult pedophiles employed at the school abused the children.[42] Both schools resisted allegations, initially maintaining that victims were lying but again medical examination records supported children’s claims. Again, the use of anesthetizing drugs was utilized in both locations to sedate victims prior to sodomy. Again, the mothers of alleged victims were accused of coaching their child to fabricate false allegations. Again, vicious gang-stalking, threats and harassment by alleged counterintelligence operatives followed accusations. In the end, due to major cover-up, only one teacher, Canadian Neil Bantleman and one teacher’s assistant, Indonesian Ferdinant Tjiong, both claiming innocence were prosecuted and convicted, each receiving a ten-year sentence. However, an appeals court threw the case out only to have the nation’s supreme court reinstate the convictions. Bantleman applied for clemency and in July 2019, after serving four years, Indonesian President Joko Widodo granted his release, but Tjiong remains in prison. Other guilty parties have escaped justice.

As long as we’re on pedophiles in Indonesia, another related pedo-scandal as mentioned in an earlier chapter, the US Ambassador to Indonesia Ralph Boyce during the 2002 Bali bombings was a close friend of the 9/11 Bush-Cheney-Wolfawitz gang. Jakarta Post editor-journalist Robert Finnegan covering the Bali crime scene was able to determine Mossad-CIA-FBI links to the deadly acts of terrorism killing over 200 people, indicating a year after 9/11 the Luciferian neocons were attempting to spread their “war on terror” to the Far East in the world’s most populated Muslim nation Indonesia.[43] Finnegan got the lowdown and confronted Boyce, known for dispatching underage boys, used his clout to have the newspaper editor sacked and sent home, despite possessing a long term work visa while married to an Indonesian wife. The bottom line is the Mossad and CIA have been extremely active in Indonesia for decades, including its MK Ultra mind control abduction program, victimizing children from East Timor during the US backed ethnic cleansing prior to its bloody 1999 independence.[44]

Another notorious serial pedophile and Jakarta International School teacher from 1992 to 2002 – American William Vahey – was allowed to teach at nearly a dozen international schools, drugging and molesting dozens if not hundreds of young boys for at least forty-three years despite his pedo-conviction back in the States in 1970. Vahey’s job from 2009 to 2013 was at nearby central London’s upscale Southbank International school, prior to committing suicide in his home state of Minnesota in March 2014.[45] That was the year that all three of these related MK Ultra-drug induced pedophilia scandals came to light as the Hampstead and JIS case co-unraveled, just as Vahey’s trail of predatory abuse finally was closing in on him. It’s highly probable that Vahey was aided by more than a wife holding a powerful senior position in the international school circuit (reportedly never knowing about his criminal predilection). Confirmed in every scandal, an invisible security services presence pervades.

Recall from Chapter 10 fellow pedophile international teacher John Mark Karr escaping the US and wreaking havoc at three posh international schools in Bangkok before his arrest for both abuse and child pornography. And then there’s Chile’s Colonia Dignidad aided by a CIA operative and set up by CIA installed dictator Pinochet’s buddy, the Jewish Nazi pedophile Paul Schafer Schneider from Chapter 5. Recall the CIA linked satanic ritual abuse cover-up at the McMartin Pre-School in Southern California back in the 1980s and the satanic pedo-signs at the military daycares from West Point to onetime Satanist Lt. Col. Aquino’s Presidio (See Chapter 8). A pattern of CIA pedo-mind control scandals that include drug induced-sexual trauma from high-end international schools to experimental communes around the globe alleged to be facilitated and shielded by various security services appear to be exploiting children globally as Tavistock guinea pigs. Then there the 1987 CIA supported Finders Cult that also used drugs trafficking young children across international borders (See Chapter 12) and the Franklin scandal also was MK Ultra-drug-satanic abuse right to the White House (Chapter 13). There’s been a long history of this same global crime network doing terrible things to children nonstop. Ricky Dearman’s operation in “the circuit” was just the latest to get caught. Allegedly indoctrinated by state-of-the-art MK Ultra methodology during his year and a half of worldly travel away from Hampstead before returning and assuming his leadership role in his very own satanic pedo-cult.

Once back in England in early 2013, Dearman resumed his constant court challenge in efforts tore-establish and increase his parental contact. By June, Dearman secured his reinstated parental rights for contact, initially starting on an alternate weekly basis every other Saturday from 10AM to 6PM. However, according to his children by this time he’d become the cult leader of an organized satanic pedophilia operation, secretly showing up at school almost daily to physically and sexually assault and torture his victims. He and his adult members engaged in ritual sodomy with not just Gabriel and Alisa, but with at least 20 other children in the school whose both parents as well as the school staff were all allegedly part of his loyal satanic cult.

On September 11, 2014, an unlucky 13 years to the day after 9/11, and just an hour or so before Gabriel was permanently taken away from his mother, her 8-year old son reported in detail to the interviewing Barnet police officer Stephen Martin that he recalled at almost age 5 in 2011 his father began taking him and his sister to the East Finchley Road Lido Leisure swimming pool where in the dressing room he and Alisa would meet and allegedly be additionally abused by cult member teachers and parents from their school. Gabriel and Alisa separately insisted that the adults in the cult would regularly sexually abuse them in the large toilet area at the swimming pool during their father’s Saturday contact days and near every day at school.

In retrospect, for many years the mother had observed problematic behavior in her two youngest children who were overly aggressive both toward each other as well as adults. Growing up in Russia where pedophilia is far more taboo and underground, it was never a frame of reference by which Ella could even begin putting two and two together, concluding that her children’s maladaptive behavior was simply her fault as a parent along with the ongoing conflict with their father. So she took her children to see a child therapist while enrolling in parenting classes. About two years prior to her children first reporting the abuse, Ella walked into the bathroom one day and caught Alisa with her pants down, sensing they’d been touching each other inappropriately, and several days later noticed on her cellphone that 6-year old Gabriel had been filming his 7-year old sister Alisa’s private parts.[46] Still naïve though, the mother hadn’t yet made the connection to the high probability that as chronic victims of child sexual abuse, she was encountering common symptoms and effects of serious long term child sexual abuse.

The children later told Ella that “papa” Ricky Dearman was instructing them to willfully disobey their mother as well as act out sexually touching each other every day.[47] Their father demanded they fondle each other’s genitalia five times a day. Also per his instructions, the children used sign language to secretly communicate and send signals. They would manipulate situations claiming they were hungry so when the mother was in the kitchen preparing their food, the children would steal away somewhere in the house to begin touching each other.

When Ella’s boyfriend Abraham Christie arrived on the scene in the spring of 2014, he too observed the children’s acting out aggression and ongoing sexualized behavior, pondering where it could be coming from. Being British with a greater understanding and cultural awareness of child sexual abuse, he started probing and asking questions. Another revealing incident had the young children touching the pet dog’s private parts.[48] These poor kids were sexually acting out all over the landscape not just due to their demented father’s demands, but because they’d been mercilessly forced for years at a time to keep their father’s dark and deranged secrets to themselves while all the while continuing to suffer horrible abuse on a near daily basis, living in constant fear under life threatening duress that if they ever dared to disclose their rape and sodomy, their abusive father and his death cult criminals would have both them and their mother killed.

Word got back to biological father Dearman that Ella had hooked up with Abraham Christie. Later during Dearman’s September 15, 2014 interview with Barnet Detective Carl Savage, he stated that during the drop-offs and pick-ups of the children, he would encounter Abe Christie. Though they never allegedly spoke, Dearman said the vibes from Abe were clearly hostile. Sensing trouble, according to Ella, the satanic cult leader reportedly began instructing the children to steal cash from Abe and Ella, and access Ella’s credit card number, manipulating the children to hand over the stolen money enabling him to use her stolen credit card number to run up a bunch of bogus charges. Dearman also allegedly demanded that his kids kill both their mother and her boyfriend.[49] Meanwhile, whenever Abe would raise the issue of possible abuse, Alisa and Gabriel would flatly deny everything, still trying to bury their horrific secrets, fearing their lives if they tell their mother and Abe what was really going on.

Still another unsettling, telling incident in retrospect occurred when arriving to pick up the children from school, Abe witnessed their teacher handing out candy to Alisa after Ella had specifically requested no refined sugar products be given to her kids. It turns out the cult regularly used children’s favorite candy as its pacifying currency rewarding the abuse victims for their bought silence and compliance. Upon confronting the teacher who lied on the spot, the staff claimed it was her first day on the job and she did not know any better. An agitated and defensive teacher Lewis Hollings who, along with the headmistress Forsdyke were Dearman’s right hand man and woman in the cult, then quickly intervened. Later no sooner did Abe and the kids arrive home, he learned from Ella that the school had contacted social services that in turn called Ella about the incident occurring just minutes earlier at the school. Ella and Abe quickly learned that Camden social services acted as attack dog to seal off protection and concealment of the cult’s satanic pedo-porn-snuff operation. Just to illustrate how the biased mainstream press later twisted everything around to vilify Ella and Abe, the Daily Mail’s account of the above school incident with the sweets was:

On one occasion last year, he [Abe] became ‘loud and aggressive’ and accused teachers of ‘poisoning the children.’[50]

Side by side, Abe Christie would be considered a heroic saint compared to Dearman’s alleged satanic sodomites. Besides their father being especially sadistic, the Hampstead kids singled out Highgate resident Mr. Hollings as one of their worst abusers and prolific baby throat slashers (reportedly 67 by one count).[51]

Speaking of child sacrifice and snuff films, Galyna Upson, who with her husband Mark were parents of a boy at Christ Church school, allegedly recruited babies from the Ukraine and Russia as well as translated and sold the cult’s child pornography films on the black market.[52] Galyna’s real estate office down the street from the school reportedly provided additional locations in empty houses for their cult activities. Galyna and Mark Upson are also both listed as shell company directors[53] in the Finchley Road boiler room money laundering fraud scam.[54] Another key couple in the cult operation is an Indian man named Vishal or Vish Kawatra living in both London and Berlin, Germany, married to Feng Lee (called Anna). Allegedly they procured babies from and sold porn films in Germany, India and China.[55]

Yet another significant couple with ties to South Africa, teacher Vanessa Fitzpatrick and building company owner George Fitzpatrick, allegedly helped construct hidden rooms. Busy headmistress Katy Forsdyke is said to have been in charge of selling the kids out for a price and running the child porn snuff business as well as organizing and hosting the cult’s orgies. A number of former Christ Church teachers moved on to other Hampstead schools but continued participating in abuse party sacrifices spread to other area schools as well.

Be it from the richest London community to the poorest, children in UK’s capital of London, designated the pedo-capital of the world, are being horribly abused.[56] Retired Metro Police detective Jon Wedger for many years worked with vice squad child prostitution units. Back in the late 1990s and 2000s, Jon discovered a broken corrupt system where children from 10 and 11 years of age on up, all from the UK child care system, are horribly exploited by pimps and pedophile rings in every London borough with similar complicit support by higher-ups in law enforcement, social services, the courts and government.[57] Because no one is looking out for children trapped in this disease-ridden, violence-prone, poverty-stricken early death cycle because too much dirty money is being made in the child sex exploitation industry, at great risk to himself and his family, Jon Wedger made waves trying to expose the evil corruption and heinous maltreatment within Britain’s largest police force and legal system.

One of his many assignments was working at the Haringey borough station that borders Hampstead where fellow officers were accused of being members of Dearman’s satanic cult. For trying to bust Greater London’s widespread pedophilia network, the decorated veteran detective was threatened, harassed and bullied to keep quiet or else.[58] Because the child abuse system gatekeepers systematically punish the whistleblowers and victims in order to protect their fellow evildoers, many of the targeted truth tellers are murdered, imprisoned, beaten down and driven to suicide.[59] Getting nowhere working for change from inside the system, once the Savile revelations broke, Jon Wedger decided to go public in 2014 with the dire conditions he encountered, courageously fighting for justice for disenfranchised British youth. His story is just one more embattled example revealing how UK law enforcement, like the judiciary, social services, many large youth charities, the British government and mainstream media all quickly close ranks to shield the satanic cult-pedo network in a conspiracy of silence and pure evil.

Back in August 2014 while on summer holiday in Morocco, prior to returning for the academic school year, Abraham Christie noticed that Gabriel and Alisa were still touching each other’s private parts. So he sat them down and confronted them:

You guys are doing this regularly, how come no one’s caught you? Who is touching you? I know someone else is touching you.[60]

Finally, Gabriel admitted their father had been touching them for years. Ella and Abe proceeded to capture on videos a flood of the children’s disclosing details as shocking criminal evidence that could as a last resort be utilized as life insurance.[61] The children vacationing in Marrakesh apparently felt safe enough to finally begin disclosing the traumatic events that had been happening to them as far back as they could remember, beginning when they were still babies, according to what they told their mother.[62] That means since they were toddlers they’d been sexually abused by their biological father and allegedly by many others in his cult as well. Again, throughout their egregious ordeal, the kids were constantly told they’d be murdered if they leaked any information to others. Around the time when Alisa was a one-year old, conceivably first sodomized by her father, she would have screaming spells that would last up to an hour. Alisa claimed she could recall one of these terrorizing episodes in her crib.

At his second police interview on September 11, 2014 speaking with officer Steve Martin, Gabriel said that his sister had told him that their father had sex with him when he was also a one-year old. Gabriel mentioned that on his father’s computer he showed him photos of Gabriel naked when he was one. His father also showed Gabriel videos of his father having sex with him and his sister.[63] During that second police interview, the 8-year old in his own words stated:

Like, erm, my dad has, like, pictures of me naked. And doing sex to me when I was one-years old… on his computer. He has like a photograph, like where he keeps them, the photographs.[64]

All of this testimony corroborates evidence that Dearman ran a child pornography operation in addition to selling his children as sex slaves during the cult’s orgies. In an audio conversation with Abe and Metro Police Sergeant Jean-Clement Yaohirou on September 4, 2014, Alisa asserted that she and Gabriel were sold by their father for sex at a cost of 50 pounds to each adult abuser. In a Barnet police interview, Gabriel explained that his father also made them snort cocaine and forced them to drink alcohol. Satanist Aleister Crowley’s Modus Operandi to “do what thou wilt” amounts to recommending anal sex, preferably with very young boys as his XIth O.T.O. degree called Baphomet, calling upon demonic interdimensional forces and sacrifice of children,[65] and Ricky Dearman and his satanic cult allegedly lived Crowley’s creed every day.

During the taped session with Abe’s bother-in-law Special Constable Jean-Clement, Ella stated that the woman who lived above them had contacted the NSPCC to report Ella and Abe for not properly feeding their children.[66] According to Alisa, this same woman was both a friend of their father and a member of his satanic cult. Though she never engaged in pedophilia herself, allegedly hating children according to Alisa, she did attend sex orgies where she observed the abuse and joined the group in drinking blood and eating the cooked meat off babies’ bones.

Based on Gabriel’s 9/11/14 police interview, virtually all the other families of parents and children in the satanic sex cult were from other countries – Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Serbia, India.[67] This statement confers the cult’s international component lending itself to child sex trafficking and the global black market for both trafficked young children and child porn snuff films. Gabriel and Alisa each began attending Christ Church Primary School at five years old in 2010 and 2011 respectively. But Gabriel claims he first met the school staff, parents and children while still four years old just prior to enrollment at Christ Church school. On Saturdays their father would regularly take them to the Finchley swimming pool where the adults would allegedly abuse children in the disabled bathroom. Once in school the sodomy occurred nearly daily as this insane monstrous routine carried on for near two straight years prior to everything coming to a head with the children’s August 2014 holiday confessions to Ella and Abe in Morocco.

While disclosing the abuse over a several week period in Morocco, Alisa and Gabriel would waver back and forth in both mood and personality, perhaps shifting between alter-personas. One minute they were happily relieved to finally get their enormously heavy burden of secrecy off their chests, elated and loving, the next minute withdrawn in total fear and dread, and then the next minute enraged.[68] Even while disclosing they’d send secret signals to each other and suddenly clam up, shut down and refuse to communicate any further. With constant fear of death pumped into their brain for years, the children were also reacting to demands from their diabolical father to scrape their mother and Abe’s toothbrushes inside the toilet bowl, causing both adults to become quite ill for a week while in Morocco.  Their father allegedly kept pushing his kids actually to kill their mother and partner. Caught up and divulging so much horror, Alisa and Gabriel were becoming unglued, displaying a Jekyll and Hyde cycle of unstable labile moods and erratic behavior.

Abe said there were moments during this treacherous, tumultuously dangerous time that he distinctly felt a demonic presence. In the throes of anger, frustration, illness, fatigue and fear of being murdered during this vacation from hell, the adults were compelled to not allow the children to be alone together while attempting to obtain their cooperation and full disclosure. At one point Alisa and Gabriel sexually abused a three-year old girl while in Morocco. Having reached his coping limit, thoroughly exasperated and exhausted from the strained ordeal, Abe admitted that he resorted to hitting the children on the head with a metal spoon when they’d clam up. Apparently Gabriel and Alisa had revealed to him that Dearman and other cult members used that same form of corporal punishment, so at his low point, Abe admittedly did too. This of course was quickly used against him and Ella by social services, the judge and the press in order to criminalize and vilify Abe and Ella, while the vile, depraved murderous violence allegedly heaped on the kids by their father and his friends was completely ignored by social services, police, judge and media, especially since there were abusing cult members from social services and police amongst the perpetrators.

Both Abe and Ella believe that Alisa and Gabriel were subject to mind control experimentation initially to keep them from disclosure and perhaps while in Morocco were reacting to triggers, imprinted commands unleashed by their father if ever they began revealing the truth. At one point during the process of disclosure, Ella stated that Alisa kept shouting, “They never existed, they never existed, they never existed!”[69] Ella was certain this was part of their defensive brainwashing. Ella also described what amounted to dissociative episodes where Gabriel’s eyes would glaze over, rendering him virtually unconscious and clearly not fully present, typical dissociative symptoms consistent with the effects of MK Ultra mind control abuse and torture developed historically out of Tavistock and clandestine CIA operations.

As soon as they returned from Morocco, on September 4, 2014, Abe and Ella decided to first confide their satanic child sexual abuse bombshell with Abe’s brother-in-law, Metropolitan Police Sergeant Jean-Clement Yaohirou.[70] Abe, Ella, Alisa and Gabriel met with Officer Jean-Clement at his home, taping a lengthy interview (still available on the internet).[71] The next morning Jean-Clement handed the tape over to a couple of Metro police officers, ultimately placing the recording and videos in the hands of Detective Inspector John Cannon who headed the so called investigation. That same day, two Barnet police officers came to Ella’s home and separately met with Alisa and Gabriel.

DI Cannon ordered the Jean-Clement tape and the Morocco videos removed to a location just beyond Metro’s jurisprudence. Once the Barnet branch of the Metro police took over the case on September 5, 2014, Jean-Clement, Abe, Ella and her children were all betrayed and the latter four’s lives adversely changed forever.

According to Ella, by the end of the very first interview at their home on the 5th, the consensus of two police officers believed her children were both credible witnesses telling the truth.[72] But these officers were immediately yanked off the case the very same day before the first official police interview at the Barnet station. Later that evening, Alisa and Gabriel spoke with the interviewing officer Steve Martin who met with each sibling on three separate occasions. At the end of the first interview with Martin, he excused himself and callously left Gabriel alone in the room at a very late hour at the end of what must have been a very exhausting, trying, scary day. The 8-year old boy sat there alone, visibly fearful and bewildered for over 20 minutes, twice breaking down in tears during that lonely, anxiety-provoking stretch.

By the second interview with the kids on September 11th, the Barnet police were already questioning Ella’s mental stability as its rationale for removing her children from her that same day. Alisa and Gabriel valiantly faced their fears in telling the truth during those first two Barnet police interviews, totally consistent with their disclosures in Morocco with Abe and Ella and Jean-Clement. But by the end of the second interview on the 11th, not only were the children kept apart from their mother, but placed in separate foster care homes.

Ella would later learn that state agents in the police and social services actually invited one of the key accused pedophile perpetrators, school headmistress Katy Forsdyke to two strategy meetings held on September 8 and 15, 2014, to plot conspiracy to permanently remove the children from their mother.[73] In the ensuing months while Ella’s contact with her own children diminished, incredibly Dearman’s increased. Based on the over-the-top criminality to subvert, pervert and obstruct the course of justice on such an epic scale, it became increasingly evident that Ella and Abe had stumbled upon a major satanic mind control-pedophilia-child porn-snuff operation headquartered out of Hampstead. Over a half dozen years ago the child pornography industry was estimated to generate $50 billion worldwide, and ever since with the internet, profits have only soared with each passing year.[74] So Hampstead Ricky raked in the dough.

And as the home of Tavistock, the pedo-cabal has nefariously been utilizing the nightmarish implications of Dearman’s Hampstead model as a leading beta test deployed internationally as state sponsored trauma based mind control programming, very likely targeting schools worldwide.[75] But through its covert CIA application additionally at underground military installations (milabs; See Chapter 9), youth detention centers, medical facilities as well as child charity organizations, the elite is subversively spearheading its longtime objective of creating a globalized “brave new world order” wasteland of multigenerational mass mind controlled robotic slaves. Add to this diabolical mix advancing electromagnetic brain wave technology,[76] deliberate dumbing down of humanity through toxic environmental degradation[77] and 24/7 propagandized mass media mind control on a global scale,[78] and their Luciferian dystopian nightmare is now nearly the planetary controllers’ wet dream come true.

Having just undergone an up close and personal NWO crash course on this dystopian Orwellian nightmare come true, in a March 2015 interview, in retrospect Abe Christie soberly concluded:

We were aware of the corruption within the police system, within social services, within the BBC system. But we naively, naively assumed that there would be some good people that would help us within these institutions. But we quickly learned that these institutions, all the positions of power have been taken by members or affiliates or people who are subordinate to cult members. And it seems we’ve set, we’ve been asleep, and we’ve allowed these demonic forces to take over all the government institutions on the planet.[79]

By September 17, 2014 six days into state custody – for the first time in their entire lives away from their mother, exclusively in strangers’ company, the children were already changed. Any 8- and 9-year old child suddenly placed in that situation would be riddled with trauma and fear that they may never see the most important person in their life again, their mother. At that point they may have concluded that unless they comply with everything they believe the authorities in charge want from them, they might never see their mother again. So when Barnet Officer Stephen Martin met with them for the third time, it was more than evident that the children had already been worked over to change their stories.

Alisa gave them what they wanted, retracting everything she’d previously reported as true.[80] Isolated a nearly a week from her family, clearly the brainwash had set in and instead of Ella and Abe providing a safe zone for the horribly abused children to feel supported and strong enough to finally reveal their disturbing truth, exposing the evil of their sodomizing murderous dad, it was Abe and Ella suddenly cast as the villainous “evil” liars, bullying, physically and emotionally abusing, “torturing” and coercing two young children to repeat the terrible lies about their “innocent” father. In contrast from just six days earlier when she appeared confident and forthcoming, this time Alisa came across a different person, almost as if drugged, adhering to the false script written for her, steadfastly insisting that her father Ricky Dearman never touched her inappropriately.[81] The sticky part was her unconvincing attempt to explain her severely scarred rectum, suggesting she may have fallen in the bathtub when much younger.

An hour later it was Gabriel’s turn to “come clean,” except when interviewing officer Martin prompted Gabriel to state that there were no dead babies, Gabriel kept insisting there were. For several minutes he repeatedly reaffirmed that babies were killed, but after a valiant attempt to hold ground claiming the truth, under the authority figure’s relentless, coercive pressure, he began minimizing his assertion, “Well, there is some of the babies killed, yeah.” “Are you sure?” the cop persisted. “Yeah.” A slightly irritated Martin repeated “Are you sure?” “Yeah, but not much, not much, not every single day.” Still doing his best to hang onto a shred of truth, it still wasn’t good enough to satisfy an evil system bent on the grossest injustice. Officer Martin clearly was leading Gabriel down the pathway to a false confession:

‘Cause I heard you watched the film Zorro. Is that right? And there was someone killed there, wasn’t there. Cause the way it sounded, it sounds to me similar to the way you told me about the babies, and that’s why I was a bit wondering are babies actually killed or is it something you were made to say.[82]

The police desperately latched on to this “Mask of Zorro” movie as their convenient farfetched source of kiddie “inspiration” to dream up dancing with all the dead baby skulls, chalking it up to over-reactive childhood imaginations “confusing” reality with cinematic illusion. This is so contemptibly untrue, forcing an innocent, inherently honest child to lie, twisting and inverting reality into such diabolical falsehood so not only the sodomizing Hampstead murderers could go free, but more importantly, the sodomizing murderers controlling this planet could also go free, to continue to rule and propagate their evil plague in the name of Lucifer.

What’s more outrageously telling is the fact that police interviewer Steve Martin was caught using that same Zorro flick to dismiss child abuse allegations in yet another case.[83] Using the same lame film twice to force a disjointed, confabulated line of pure bullshit in the name of Anglo-American-Zionist Empire evil! The pedo-cabal was desperately looking for an out and conveniently found it in – of all places – Zorro.

After Gabriel made seven affirmations that babies were in fact killed, and a final one affirming it was by his father, ultimately Gabriel realized there’s no way out as the police dick kept pressing him, so the poor kid had no choice but to give in, finally agreeing no babies were killed.[84] To willfully pervert a child’s integrity and natural instinct to be honest so that evil can continue ruling this earth constitutes both child abuse and character abuse not to mention committing an unlawful, immoral, most vile crime. It was so indisputably obvious that Gabriel was overtly led, coached and pressured in order to manipulate him on record into retracting his earlier story. Gabriel realized he wasn’t getting out of that room until he caved in and signed on the Faustian dotted lie. Now that the system had full custody control over the Hampstead kids for a week, it was free to inject Tavistock mind control coercion into their two little captive human guinea pigs, to ensure retractions be made rather than conduct real police interviews asking questions seeking the full truth. The ruling elite could not possibly retain its power for millenniums without being masters of deception. And if they know what’s “good” for them, those playing their subservient part in this criminal cabal master plan, simply cannot handle the truth!

When Officer Martin brought up the swimming pool and enlarged handicapped toilet stall in the change room where before Gabriel and Alisa had maintained that they were abused, Gabriel again goes against the prescribed program agenda and states that it was true, that he was abused in the toilet. Whenever Gabriel stated anything contrary to how the policeman was spinning it, the interviewer repeatedly assured Gabriel that he wouldn’t get into trouble based on what he said before as the prompting cue for Gabriel to submit to the false agenda, however untrue, underhanded and despicable. Changing Gabriel’s story to finally agree that everything he’d said before were lies, according to the official narrative, it happened because the kids were coercively driven into fabricating their wild stories by being beaten with metal spoons and “water tortured” by the demonized criminal Abe and their “evil” mother, explained as Ella and Abe’s absurd, convoluted scheme to deny Dearman custody (when there never was a custody battle) and contact with his children. The police officer overtly and deceitfully shaped and molded Gabriel’s responses, corralling control over the boy throughout, browbeaten until he complied with the desired objective – obtaining an artificially, coerced and unlawful “retraction” under criminal duress from a lawbreaker, never the law enforcer.

Whereas during the original videos Gabriel and Alisa’s verbal presentation displayed zero hesitation, with both siblings having experienced the same abusive treatment, the two were eager to finish each other’s sentences, reflecting an exuberant consistency, validity and sheer relief to finally after years of secrecy and fear, be able to accurately describe the same horrific events down to the minutest details. In contrast, during the interview with police on the 17th, Gabriel was highly inconsistent, stuttering, flip flopping, uncertain, confused and his responses to questions were mercilessly whittled and watered down to acquiesce to adult demands, ultimately after submission, accompanied by very active circular hand motion strongly indicating that he was embellishing and making it up as his forced fabrication went along. And when too much truth slipped out, the officer would relentlessly interject and interrupt in order to re-steer the poor hounded boy in the desired direction just to guarantee that he sufficiently retracted all his previous true testimony… such a shameful show of force displayed by the policeman.

Once in state custody, more Tavistock mind control manipulation was undoubtedly unleashed on re-victimizing the children to brainwash and “convince” them to recant their earlier allegations to make blatantly false statements against Abe and their own mother. Clearly the corrupt state was desperate to whitewash its bloodstained hands, dying to proclaim that no Hampstead abuse ever occurred, and this mess was all Abe and Ella’s criminal fault, turning them into the scapegoats to twist and lie its way out of yet another pedo-scandal. It was a pathetic, disgraceful display of a child laboring under constant duress, forced to lie so that the pedo-cabal could once again crush the truth in another over-the-top cover-up. Again, the elite was caught red-handed in another Machiavellian switcheroo, a déjà vu all over again of the North Wales scenario when true victim Steve Messham was forced to recant, pretending a case of Lord McAlpine’s mistaken identity in another “oops, wrong villain” (See Chapter 30).

So with concerted, unscrupulous effort on the 17th of September, 2014, Officer Steve Martin coercively manipulated Alisa and Gabriel just enough to claim that they both retracted their earlier testimony, providing the flimsy excuse to within five days, rush to close the Hampstead case altogether on September 22, 2014. It was ramrod through before the police even received the results of the full medical report from the children’ physical examination showing irrefutable signs of sexual abuse with two severely scarred rectums. Without attempting to determine how they got there, law enforcement was criminally negligent in fulfilling its sworn duty to investigate clear evidence that crimes were committed, so determined to hurry up and close the case altogether, and by default, claim that rectal damage was neither caused by their father nor his alleged cult. But how could they be so certain without an actual investigation? As trained and experienced investigators unwilling to show any interest to discern how anal scars in 8- and 9-year olds got there, only proves the police were far more invested in covering up tangible, solid evidence that child sex crimes did in fact occur.

On top of that, an independent forensics expert’s linguistics analysis of the children’s testimony failed to support the false narrative that a disgruntled mother and boyfriend coerced her kids to lie against their father, concluding the children’s allegations appear highly credible and in need of further investigation by an independent outside law enforcement agency (just like what was required in the North Wales scandal).[85]

Obviously from the very start, the system had already made its decision to shut down the Hampstead case ASAP, falsely concluding that all the children’s earlier disclosures were untrue, and the cover-up baton was swiftly passed off to the next equally complicit and corrupt agency, social services. It’s also important to point out that there were members of Dearman’s pedo-cult raping his children who were allegedly personnel serving on the local police force in nearby Haringey as well as from the local social services,[86] yet another repeated pattern in all the scandals where the pedo-criminals are in charge of investigating themselves, always with the same predictable outcome. Alisa identified the names of cult members who sexually abused them, including three police officers[87] as well as several staff from local Hampstead social services, both from the Camden office and the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS). According to the UK government website, CAFCASS is an independent agency apart from the courts and social services that’s supposed to “look after the interests of children involved in family proceedings.”[88] Thus, the very organizations entrusted to protect children were allegedly abusing and murdering them.

On earlier videos with Abe and Ella, the children appear more than relieved to finally be able to share all that had been bottled up inside for years, unhesitatingly naming names, even supplying detailed information about the perpetrators’ birthmarks, their piercings, down to the size of measured warts on their genitals. Alisa and Gabriel further specified that all the teachers at their Christ Church Primary school had “devil and monster tattoos” on their private parts.[89] The 20 “special children” whose both parents were active satanic cult members were also branded with secret tattoos, Gabriel and Alisa being the exception because their mother remained an outsider.

Any proper police investigation would have easily confirmed the veracity of the children’s statements by simply meeting with and examining the accused’s private parts, concluding that for the children to know about these confirmed facts, in any court of law it would have effectively provided very strong evidence that they’d been sexually abused by identified perpetrators operating within an organized pedophile ring. But as is the customary standard in every UK pedo-scandal operation, the children are never believed and police are muzzled to stand down and not proceed with any actual investigation, which is exactly what again occurred. Barnet police never even contacted any of the identified cult members except for one brief interview with Ricky Dearman and accused satanic abuser the Christ Church headmistress Forsdyke actually being invited to attend a social services’ meeting to plot revenge against framed scapegoats Ella Draper and Abe Christie. Incredibly as if to rub insult in our face, Forsdyke is said to have brazenly posted an ad on her Facebook page of a business specializing in tattoo removal.[90] As in every scandal, law enforcement gatekeepers’ strict priority is to always protect the child sex abusers and never the abused.

Secrets of the occult, cabalism, witchcraft and mind control techniques combined with use of drugs, torture, trauma, satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice are all key elements that no doubt were inherently incorporated and practiced by the Hampstead demonic cult led by “papa” Ricky Dearman. Moreover, Gabriel and Alisa were reportedly “treated,” or more aptly mind controlled and brainwashed, at another one of their many hometown landmarks – the infamous Tavistock Institute.[91]

This infamously spooky Hampstead fixture is the controversial Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, founded in 1947 by a grant from the Rockefeller Illuminati bloodline as a non-profit institution ostensibly for research in social psychiatry, group dynamics and organizational psychology.[92] And no accident that yet another culture-altering spook making Hampstead his home was Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud and his protégé daughter Anna.[93] In 1938 Freud founded his nearby shrink lab, Tavistock Clinic, in what evolved as the Institute into a cross between an NWO academia think tank for the elite and government consultation and training services in propaganda and mind control with conduit satellites specially established in the CIA, British intelligence services, Mossad as well as the Club of Rome and Trilateral Commission, extending to covert operations at the Stanford Research Institute, MIT and the private think tank contractor, the notorious Rand Corporation.[94]

Former head of the Mossad Efraim Halevy has been among the highly visible spooks spotted in Hampstead.[95] Along with many other related famous figures,[96] Ian Fleming, creator of secret agent 007 James Bond grew up in Hampstead from age 1 until age 15.[97] As long as we’re mentioning all the high profile pedo-spooks of Hampstead, pedophile-loving enabler Esther Rantzen has been a longtime resident,[98] whenever she’s not at her Blood Oaks manor in New Forest, another pedo-hub represented in Parliament by pedo-affiliated MP Julian Lewis (divulged in Chapter 30). Recall Esther’s infamous drug-infested orgy in New Forest including special invitations to underage child actors like Ben Fellows.

Turns out that the Friend of Israel Dame Esther and all her dubious BBC associates linked to pedophilia starting with her buddy Jimmy Savile, her cousin-in-law Nick Ross (TV partner to murdered Jill Dando), Dando confidant octogenarian Sir “Kitty,” pedophiles MP Clement Freud (Sigmund’s grandson), Rolf Harris, Derek Laud, PIE pedo-Peter Righton and last but not least pedo-enabler Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge are all steeped deep in links to both pedophilia and spooky Tavistock.[99] Through the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and Tavistock, UK’s pioneering social worker guru and her Tavistock child psychiatrist husband – Barbara and Vladimir Kahan,[100] with Barbara posthumously linked to 35,000 Hampstead Finchley Road money laundering boiler room shell companies (along with the Cameron brothers),[101] ensured that the PIE boy-raping Peter Righton was the nation’s primo child residential care policymaker.[102] With pedophiles and enablers galore so closely aligned in Zionist allegiance to Friends of Israel and so many Hampstead spook tank creeps bent on ushering in the New World Order,[103] the mind controlling pedo-slime infiltrating all the schools and care homes throughout the British Isles, along with BBC Savile’s pied piping poly-infiltration of NHS hospitals, schools and child charities, the UK’s most vulnerable and defenseless population never had a chance.

And if that’s not enough, researcher-author Jasun Horsley drew plausible, albeit speculative parallel between an Eve Saville and Jimmy Savile. Turns out Dame Eve Saville was Secretary General of the Institute for Study and Treatment of Delinquency (ISTD) begun in 1933 as the clinical component of the Portman Clinic, which maintained long ties with and eventually merged as the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. Jasun writes:

Whether she was related to Jimmy, OBE, I do not know. The names Savile and Saville seem to be more or less interchangeable, and one easy way for Sir Jimmy (who called his mum ‘the Duchess’) to cover any possible aristocratic ancestral tracks might have been to remove one of the l’s… [Horsley] found a most unexpected affiliation between Eve Saville and Victor Neuburg, Crowley’s ill-fated homosexual partner and disciple… Neuberg was one of the founding members of the ISTD.[104]

Jasun Horsley suggests that Jimmy Savile may have, through possible relative Eve Saville, a connection to her Delinquency Institute as an underage experimented on subject that paved his delinquent passageway to his entitled kingpin role within the entire NHS system, granting him keys to the castle of the 40 hospital NHS domain, particularly at places like Broadmoor and Mandeville Stoke where the delinquent lunatic actually did take over the asylum.

In any event, it certainly is no accident that Hampstead and Tavistock are closely linked to so many pedophilic luminaries invariably mentioned in every scandalous chapter. The fact is, Hampstead has long been a center of criminal activity involving a plethora of spooks, occultists and secret extremist organizations sponsoring secret extremist activities like psychosexual experimentation, all inherently connected to the larger, highly organized international satanic pedophilia-child pornography network, operating at the heart of the planet’s pedo-epicenter with far-reaching tentacles branching out globally.

A five-year resident of Hampstead from 2002-2007 and even longer of London is Mel Ve, a South African humanitarian, lifelong student of mythology and co-founder of the alternative online Conscious Consumer Network (CCN).[105] Though obviously offering only one person’s subjective view, Mel’s observations and impressions of Hampstead repeatedly reinforce this secretive, darkly guarded and macabre image based on her own personal and direct Hampstead experience.[106] A remarkably aligned, cohesive picture emerges where blood drinking cannibalism becomes mere extension of everything else known.

Pedophilia, Britain’s front organizations like Tavistock and secret societies like Freemasonry are often interlinked with the Friends of Israel, the Greater Israel lobby in Britain.[107] The Rothschilds of course are visibly front and center in the cabal’s Illuminati pecking order. Topping the lists as trustees, directors and patrons of Britain’s prestigious institutions and national trusts are individuals linked to domestic and foreign intelligence services MI5 and MI6, Parliament, civil services that include medical, social care, educational as well as the mainstream media. The elite has always maintained an acute interest in combining ancient occult wisdom and secret knowledge with psychology and science technology as applied to influencing human perception, thoughts, behaviors geared toward targeting individuals, groups and entire societies. Tavistock research spawned the satanic mother of inventions – sexual trauma- and torture-based, drug-induced mind control. From anti-NWO podcaster Richie Allen:

All roads lead to Friends of Israel and ‘ground zero’ of the UK’s most eminent psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists: the Tavistock Centre.[108]

One more and perhaps the most important linkage to the global pedophilia cabal is Zionist Israel, which Richie Allen asserts in the article entitled:

Israel runs UK child abuse rings: 40 Friends of Israel who made the unthinkable real[109]

To back up the very accurate bottom line fact above is a list below of nearly four dozen Zionist Israel Firsters who’ve either proven they’re full blown pedophiles or major pedophile supporters. All should be familiar since virtually every one of them repeatedly mentioned throughout this book. Many from this list below were/are compromised and believed to be sexually blackmailed by intelligence services (primarily Mossad) through their involvement in pedophilia scandals covered in previous chapters and, as such, have treasonously caused the needless deaths of many British soldiers fighting wars for the Greater Israel Project. The three former prime ministers are all Friends of Israel war criminals added for either their pedophilic or pedo-enabling behavior:

Jimmy Savile*, Edwina Currie, Dame Esther Rantzen, Sarah Caplin, Nick Ross, Sir Leon Brittan*, cousin Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Lady Brittan, Lord William Hague, Louis Minster, Wilfred Krichefski*, Max Clifford*, Dame Shirley Porter, Westminster Councillor Robert Davis, Westminster Councillor Sir Simon Milton*, MP Julian Lewis, Lady Gillian Shephard, Dame Margaret Hodge, Sir Henry Hodge*, Jeffrey Epstein*, Ghislaine Maxwell, Lord Paul Boateng, Sir Clement Freud*, son Matthew Freud, Lord Greville Janner*, son Daniel Janner QC, daughter Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, son Marion Janner, Lord Alexander Carlile, Alison Levitt QC, Lord Daniel Finkelstein, Lord Michael Howard, MP John Bercow, MP Leo Abse*, Lord Peter Mandelson, Jon Rosemon,  Gideon Benaim, Philip Martin Edmonds, Michael Beloff, Gerald Ronson, MP David Atkinson; [Added to list MP Keith Vaz, PM Tony Blair, PM Gordon Brown, PM David Cameron]                          *Deceased[110]

And with Boris Johnson as the new 2019 UK prime minister, he can be added to this shady list of Zionist-pedo-cabal betrayers also groveling to kiss Israel’s ass.[111]

The above group of individuals are all part of the same inner elitist club that rushed to the aid of the Hampstead satanic pedo-cult in self-serving defense of the larger pedo-realm. Ricky Dearman’s satanic cult’s base of operations in Hampstead was thriving far beyond just Gabriel and Alisa’s primary school. The children insisted that satanic ritual abuse took place in multiple locations, at least seven to ten other schools in the area participating within the same pedophile ring – Highgate School, Healthside School, Fitzjohn’s Primary, Perrochio School, New End, Northbridge and Devonshire School.[112]

The children maintain that they were also frequently taken to the Anglican church next door to their school for yet more ritual abuse involving Rev. Paul Conrad of the Hampstead Anglican Christ Church,[113] as yet another alleged pedo-cult member and key component to this alleged demonic death cult.[114] According to the children, satanic rituals were regularly performed within four hidden rooms located inside the spacious church. During these rituals, naked adults reportedly wore 20 babies’ skulls hanging from various parts of their bodies while children wearing 14 skulls were required to dance with them in ritualistic ceremony.[115] The children insisted that cannibalism and blood drinking went on at the church.

Even the local Hampstead McDonalds and Starbucks were alleged to be crime scenes, with the manager “Frank” of the international fast food burger joint frying up dead babies and feeding parasitic vultures and victims in barbaric, vile acts of cannibalism.[116] Instilled in every cult member was the importance of secrecy, thus each crime scene location included hidden rooms, even in several members’ private homes where the sister and brother spoke of hidden doorways guarding secret rooms and escape routes for purposes of concealment, privacy and potential emergency. As a large trafficking-child porn operation, the high level member(s) of the cult working in property management also was able to supply discreet locations of empty spaces and offices for discreet satanic ritual sex and torture.[117] A building contractor was always available to provide construction of hidden entrances and secret rooms as needed in private homes, the church and schools.

Both male and female sodomizers would brutally rape the children with so called “plastic willies,” using Velcro strap-on dildos to do their damage. The willies were color coded to reflect the hierarchal status of members with brown being the lowest, bronze the middle and white the highest. Of course cult leader Ricky’s was always willy white. The medical report confirming anal abuse backed up the children’s claims. According to examining physician Dr. Deborah Hodes’ report:

‘A’ [Alisa] describes how ‘Vaseline original’ in a square container was used on their ‘bottoms and willies’ and sometimes they inserted ‘plastic willies in her bottom’ but sometimes ‘real willies.’ Both children said it hurt less with real willies but that the perpetrators wanted it to hurt them so they used a plastic willy.’ They also said that they did not want it to hurt so much that it scarred otherwise their mother might discover this when she bathed them.’ This suggests that the perpetrators took active measures to ensure that the abuse was kept secret and hidden from the mother, Ella Gareeva. They both experienced bleeding from their bottoms afterwards… given a wet tissue to wipe it with. They described how they wiped blood or sometimes ‘white stuff’ that came from willies.’[118]


If the children cried or resisted in any way, they were physically punished, struck in the head and ears with large metal spaghetti serving spoons. Ms. Nina Marden, the school nurse with a large distinctive wart on her labia, also injected drugs into children’s necks to instantly sedate all squealers from yelping and screaming in agonizing pain while having blunt objects rammed up their buttholes.

The kids also stated that adults regularly forced them to perform oral sex on them as well as, according to Gabriel, adults licking, rubbing, hitting and kicking the children’s genitalia.[119] Despite victims bleeding anally, the cruel, sadistic sodomites led by their father would taunt and terrorize them. The adults would wear masks during both the satanic ritualized torture and always during filming these sordid activities. Snuff films featured cutting off heads of live babies, procured through an extensive international social services network, draining and drinking infants’ blood and cannibalistically roasting or frying and eating the meat.

Alisa explained in her first police interview on September 5, 2014 how in a secret hidden room at both the church adjacent their school as well as at schools, the Christ Church school nurse Marden would sedate the babies just prior to them being sacrificed. Then while forced to hold a butcher’s knife, Alisa and Gabriel explained on more than one video how their father would forcefully grab their hand and with brute force, pull the child’s hand across the baby’s throat to sever the head. In Alisa’s own words:

Because we’re not so strong, because the spine is there, my father, Ricky Dearman, holds our hand and cuts off the baby’s head, and if his hand is on it, he wipes off his fingerprints.[120]

Afterwards the children disclosed that the cult would drain the blood into a white bowl while the dead baby was tied and hung upside down on a string like a slaughterhouse meat rack.[121] As part of their ritual, they would drink the blood from a silver chalice that Alisa described as tasting like metal.

On multiple videos the Hampstead kids also verbalized how local shoemakers named Daniel and Felix using special tools to make shoes out of sacrificed babies’ skin for cult members to wear during satanic rituals.[122] Because both children had been forced to witness and participate in these egregious death orgies since the tender age of 3 or 4-years old, and they were 8- and 9-years old when they finally disclosed the crimes, from enduring a half decade of this horror, Alisa and Gabriel grew so desensitized and used to coercively taking part in this incredible torture, they were visibly excited at long last to finally be able reveal their deepest, darkest secrets they’d been forced to keep locked inside them virtually their entire tortured lives. They finally felt safe enough with their mother and Abe hundreds of miles away from England to unload their lifelong traumas, though still terrified their father would kill them for telling.

One of Alisa’s visiting friends from school was playing one day at Alisa’s home and asked Alisa if her mother was going to have sex with them.[123] This was one of the twenty children in Alisa’s class whose both parents were in the satanic cult, and obviously the poor child was so conditioned to being abused by adults, she was prompted to ask such a question. Alisa told her that her mother doesn’t have sex with children or even know about it, prompting her friend to then ask if they should tell Ella about their abuse. But Alisa reminded her that they will be killed if they tell what goes on near daily at their school.

All this unspeakable horror is highly consistent with other known worldwide satanic and Illuminati practices.[124] [125] Still another eerily similar account of a satanic cult violated up to 40 children in the small town of Jordan, Minnesota, outside Minneapolis in 1983. 24 adults were arrested; one went to trial with acquittal but the other 23 cases were all dropped. With the FBI stepping in along with politicians like Senator Norm Coleman and especially state attorney general Hubert “Skip” Humphrey III (son of former VP under Lyndon Johnson), all minimizing to cover up the pedophile ring, in the end resulting in not a single conviction.[126] The familiar “witch hunt” argument was raised by politicians and guilty parties to distort the truth, falsely painting the prosecutor as a zealot with echoes of the later Hampstead case.

While the Minnesota scandal unfolded, the so called “satanic panic” was raging across America with the McMartin, West Point and Presidio daycare scandals all co-occurring. It soon “spread” to Europe in 1987 with a sex abuse scandal that broke out in the Netherlands town of Oude Pekela near the northeastern border of Germany, where up to 100 children were initially reported to be suffering from an organized ritual abuse network. Eventually that number was dropped by half to near 50 victims aged 3-11.[127] It began in May 1987 when two 4-year old children, one bleeding anally, showed signs of serious sexual abuse. The two examining general practitioners, Dr. Jonker and Dr. Jonker-Bakker, concluded that “large scale ritualistic abuse” was impacting dozens of local children.[128] Organized abuse activities reportedly involved adult men and women at times dressed as clowns, ongoing incidents of child abduction, use of drugs by injection, gaseous balloon inhalation, drug-laced candy and lemonade, having “feces rubbed on them,” decapitated dolls, cult demands to physically assault a black child, and rituals of encircled naked children forced to provide adults with oral sex.[129] Photographs of children were taken and videos were reportedly made, strongly suggesting the abusers were part of a child pornography web. Additionally, children reported chanting, babies sacrificed along with adults killed, animal sacrifice, bestiality and forced eating of excrement or semen.[130]

Dutch law enforcement, the justice department and mainstream media downplayed the existence of organized satanic ritual abuse, maintaining no actual evidence of any sexual abuse even existed. Apparently inexperienced police investigators in over their heads reportedly failed to elicit and confirm critical information from the children, over-reactive therapists were accused of misleading the children, the judiciary asserted no actual evidence warranting arrests of unknown suspects and mainstream media omitted all reference to satanic ritual activity in its coverage, while the deeply divided town’s population of only 8,000 residents was embroiled in bitter polarized conflict.[131] A subsequent 1989 report from a conservative magazine featured angry parents of children alleged to have been ritualistically abused, harshly criticizing Dutch authorities for withholding incriminating evidence that the abuse was satanically driven by an organized cult operating within their small town. Two months later in 1989 at a University of London lecture, the two treating physicians responded to the apparent cover-up, disclosing their findings that satanic ritual abuse did in fact occur, writing academic journal articles further researching the evidence of ritual abuse in Holland.[132]

The Jonkers surveyed the families of 90 involved children six to eight weeks after the initial disclosures, then surveyed the children and families again at 2.5-year and 7-year intervals, finding clear evidence of both SRA and its residual effects. The bottom line is that for every one of these SRA cases exposed and reported, there remain hundreds if not thousands quietly happening all over the world, but by sinister design are hidden and suppressed from the public, indicating collusion from the government due to high level VIP involvement.

CIA-satanic ritual abuse-mind control collusion has an indelible thread in a slew of scandalous high profile operations – Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, key occult MK mind control programmer-former Satanist-Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino and his Presidio daycare scandal, the Jim Jones CIA Jonestown experiment and massacre, the Process Church and Manson family cult murders and again both the Finders and the Franklin scandals.[133] Satanic links have even been exposed in the Jeffrey Epstein pedo-operation.[134] All bear the ubiquitous presence of the elite controllers, intelligence services, CIA-trauma-based mind control-satanic ritual abuse cult activity.

With Interpol the largest intelligence and law enforcement organization in the world with only the UN a larger global entity, 20-year Interpol veteran and child trafficking expert, an American calling himself Bannon, classified two types of criminals working within the child sex trafficking network:

The consumer-trader is the guy or woman you’ve heard about – maybe the local teacher – who’s abusing children and buying images and selling images of those abuses online… The producer is the one who actually buys and sells the children across international lines, running a multi-billion-dollar business that truly has a global network that has connections all the way to terrorist cells. The producers are bigtime criminals. They are very dangerous individuals. It is their business, and they happen to enjoy their business. They frequently are very sadistic. They torture children. They not only use mental manipulation – [but also] gang rape, demanding subservience through drugs, as well as continual physical violence.[135]

Fits to a T the psychological profile of one Ricky Dearman. In his Hampstead cult, parents and school teachers participating in the systematic ritual child abuse might be considered consumer-traders. But as a highly cruel abuser and sadistic torturer of both his and other children, a major trafficking-child porn producer along with several of his key cult lieutenants directly involved in the trafficking, production, sales and distribution of his child pornography operation, would be considered producers generating enormous profit. When Dearman returned to Hampstead after his year and a half global travel, likely developing worldwide contacts within the international satanic mind control-pedo-network community, upon return to Hampstead in early 2013 he operationalized his criminal enterprise. Dearman had already established working relations with key cult members – primarily teachers assigned to his kids’ school and other students’ parents, but also with important contacts within the greater Hampstead community – the local police, social services, solicitors, businessmen, all participating members in his satanic cult.

Schools in upscale communities like Hampstead as well as the international school circuit in general provide a potpourri of likeminded international players as either school personnel or parents of school children, all covertly bonded by an underground worldwide satanic cult network. A steady supply of trafficked infants from multiple host nations were arriving in Hampstead from China, India, Ukraine, Thailand as well as others countries through international agencies like social services, adoptions, diplomatic services and NGO charities, often operating as front companies coordinated by intelligence services. Today the Luciferian, Illuminati, Jesuit and Masonic pedo-porn global network is gargantuan in scope, size and profitability, extremely lucrative as human trafficking is now the world’s fastest growing organized crime industry.[136] This is precisely why Ricky Dearman was promptly protected and martyred by the British Establishment and Ella and hemp promoter Abe were easily, quickly cast aside as demons. It’s more than likely that Dearman was supplying children to Hampstead’s Luciferian billionaires entrenched atop Britain’s powerful Establishment and thus as a matter of shielding his VIP clients, similar to Jimmy Savile, Dearman also benefited as an immune untouchable from any prosecution.

One of the cult members was Chinese, responsible for the cult’s supply of babies from China as well as setting up a market for child porn-snuff film sales of videos in Asia while other cult member liaisons worked in and with other nations like India, Thailand, Ukraine and Russia linked to corrupt social services and adoption agencies from other countries such as America, South Africa, Portugal, Spain and Guyana.[137] Typically either a cult member parent assisted trafficking infants in to the UK from their native countries or smuggled them in through colluding courier services.[138] Again, this is international big business making trillions off this worldwide operation.

The ring regularly uploaded and sold videotaped abuse sessions and blood sacrifices as child pornography snuff films either on the internet dark web or as videos for the hefty price of up to $35,000 to wealthy sickos around the globe. Upwards of 70 adults were said to have regularly taken part in the deadly Luciferian sex cult crimes, abusing children near daily at Alisa and Gabriel’s Christ Church Primary School and numerous other locations. But the siblings claim Wednesday was the biggest and worst sex day of the week because apparently outsiders beyond the school would show up and join in on the perverted activities. About 20 other allegedly abused children, most all having both parents in the cult, were taught and forced to abuse other children for the deranged amusement of adults often with cameras rolling.

Another overlooked, dubious connection is between Ricky Dearman the actor and his Supreme Master and her Supreme Master Television, a TV station airing on 14 satellite platforms reaching hundreds of millions of viewers globally.[139] Ricky Dearman is an alleged devotee of Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Vietnamese vegan meditation cult guru heading a multibillion dollar empire that includes a chain of vegan restaurants. Virtually overnight her franchise recently opened over 200 vegan restaurants around the world, yet her source of funding remains a mystery. She’s touted as a spiritual goddess possessing a direct link to God with an enormous following around the world ranging from a half million to two million worshippers. Her website of course advertises her latest generous charitable contribution helping needy refugee kids in Myanmar,[140] and is actively involved in financing Third World orphanages and schools. Her followers believe this woman is spiritually pure and good, but like so many of her ilk, who’ve become filthy rich claiming to be God, no doubt she isn’t. First of all, anyone who claims she is God, Jesus and Buddha is bound to be proven wrong.[141]

Ching Hai is equally known for her links to the global elite, the CIA, the UN and the Clintons.[142] And with charity, intelligence services, UN Peacekeepers (and their track record for global rape), and the pedo-Clintons all legitimately prime suspects in today’s global child sex trafficking trade, and with alleged wicked worshipper Ricky Dearman, each of us are a reflection of the company we keep. Here’s the topper – according to an April 2018 article from reputable journalist Sonya van Gelder, insiders within her organization have made some rather serious accusations:

child rape, child pornography, child trafficking, prostitution, mind control, ritual torture and murder involving children and animals.[143]

Wow, exactly the same heinous satanic crime rap sheet of her devotee Mr. Dearman. If they quack like a duck…

After working to bust traffickers for over 20 years, way back in 2004 Interpol agent Bannon admitted:

When we were on the frontlines, we really felt that we never made a difference, really. It was just a drop in the ocean of this huge problem.[144]

Sadly, that statement was uttered over a decade and a half ago. Since then the “huge problem” has only morphed into today’s blight on humanity.

Once Ella and Abe reported the abuse to the police, the children underwent physical examinations by an assigned medical examiner who detected signs of physical blunt force trauma and abuse as well as bruised marks from weaponized spoons used in hitting their ears and heads as well. Severe sexual trauma was confirmed leaving major scar tissue in the rectums of both Gabriel and Alisa from forced blunt object insertion.[145] Because the Barnet police hurriedly closed the case on September 22, 2014 even prior to completion of the medical report,[146] the fully qualified and experienced examining physician, Dr. Deborah Hodes,[147] addressed the children’s so called retractions:

It is now understood from a 2007 substantiated study of child sexual abuse that retraction occurs far more commonly (16% in this series) than previously thought… In my opinion, the extensive and detailed accounts given by both children that were repeated to different professionals contain details of sexual acts that such young children would need to have direct experience of [to describe in such minute detail].[148]

Mighty strange that just two days prior to their coerced “retractions” on September 17, Dr. Hodes would be writing in her report dated September 15 how the children were consistently maintaining their abuse allegations toward their father and his cult.[149] But virtually overnight within 48 hours the police had them both hedging in deference to the state’s over-the-top pressured agenda to manipulate them into false confessions.

Another important point is that Alisa and Gabriel never retracted their extremely detailed information regarding piercings, birthmarks, tattoos and warts on so many of their abusers’ genitalia. Since such highly incriminating evidence was never retracted nor investigated, it invalidates their fake retractions. Barnet officer Steve Martin knew about the accused’s bodily markings from the children’s videos with Abe and Ella and Jean-Clement’s mobile phone recording, because that was their only source. The subject of the perps’ distinguishing markings was never even brought up during the three interviews Martin conducted with the children.

On the morning of September 5, 2014, Metro Police Detective Inspector John Cannon in charge of the Hampstead investigation and Met Detective Constable Alan Rogers arrived at 8AM at Special Constable Yaohirou’s home to pick up the audio recording on his mobile phone and a laptop containing the videos collected in Morocco of the children’s disclosures.[150] DC Rogers listened to the taped conversation on Jean-Clement’s phone, confiscated it and the laptop as evidence but then per Cannon’s directive willfully obstructed justice by withholding it from any further consideration in the probe, much less follow up inspecting the private parts of the named abusers to determine if they matched the children’s descriptions. In other words, there never was an authentic police investigation, despite so much physical evidence of abuse from both the damaged rectums of the abused and damaging bodily evidence never followed up on identifying named abusers. Lead investigator Cannon had that crucial evidence briskly whisked way to a distant storage in Chingford, breaking the law for obstruction of justice.

When DC Martin testified in the Pauffley court to review the case on February 19, 2015, the guardian’s attorney asked:

The children cited particular sexual descriptions of the teachers involved. Did you find any evidence that would lead you to a situation where you might have wanted to follow up those allegations?[151]

Officer Martin’s response:

The children, the video interviews of the children described, although in general were similar, the actual detail was wildly different and, to the point where it was so obvious it hadn’t happened you wouldn’t go any further.[152]

They were “wildly different” to what? The actual markings on the would-be suspects or the siblings’ descriptions were wildly different, if and when the police interviewed each about the distinct markings. This cannot be determined since DC Martin never made reference in any of his reports about the bodily markings. Yet Martin answers in court referring to video interviews of the children, while during his three known interviews, the issue of distinct markings was never raised. Since it’s a near certainty he reviewed the videos on the perps’ tattoos, he perjured himself under oath claiming their descriptions were “wildly different” because they were always consistently the same in vivid detail. A day later on February 20, DI Cannon testified that he passed the videos and audio recording straight on to his investigative team to watch and listen to, claiming he didn’t bother himself. Yet Judge Pauffley remarks in her released report:

It is curious that prior to the launch of these proceedings, no police officer had listened to the audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou or watched the film clips of the children. DI Cannon made inquiries at my request to discover that DC Rogers, the member of his team to receive the film clips and the audio recording from Mr. Yaohirou, had sent them to a property store in Chingford. The focus would appear to have been upon arranging almost immediate ABE [Achieving Best Evidence] interviews.[153]

Yet DC Rogers preliminary crime report explicitly covers the full content contained on the Jean-Clement audio recording that his supervisor confirmed he’d listened to. Additionally, Rogers and other officers that no doubt listened and viewed the kids’ taped evidence knew that the children accused fellow police officers of abusing them as alleged cult members and knowing about the cult’s activities in addition to the specified bodily markings on identified teachers’ genitalia. This confirms criminal evidence of obstruction of justice. And since it’s clear at least DC Rogers as well as DC Martin reviewed the recorded evidence, Judge Pauffley’s statement above then is also a lie claiming “no police officer had listened to the audio recording.”[154]

What’s both very clear and very certain is the Establishment could never publicly acknowledge the children’s descriptions of their abusers’ genitalia markings, and therefore the recording and all videos of that incriminating evidence had to immediately be removed to an obscure location far away from the so called investigation, conveniently hidden in a Chingford property storage vault. And though the children’s allegations could never properly be investigated because they would have been confirmed true, the official state response purposely kept the tattoo issue under wraps, safely concealed behind the closed doors of both the secret family court and Pauffley’s secret high court, the Royal Court of Justice, because the criminal court would have forced full exposure of all this concealed overwhelming evidence. The Hampstead powers-that-be are cowardly criminal obstructionists, subverting and perverting the course of justice with yet another scandalous rigged outcome – turning two innocent, honest and brave child victims into liars and their whistleblowing mother and partner into evil torturing demons which is exactly what the satanic pedophilia cult and state pedophilia protectors are. An extremely common tactic in scandals is to wrongly accuse innocent victims of the very same crimes the criminals are guilty of.

Aside from the cabal backing and protecting child rapists, it was not just a bunch of demonic sickos brutally getting their rocks off at the expense of defenseless little children, suffering at the hands and hard painful willies of their own parents and teachers, it was also a well-organized, highly lucrative big business and criminal mind control operation, involving global trafficking of infants on an industrial scale, offering an underground international boutique of extreme child pornography and snuff films that includes bestiality, child rape and bloody murder. Both uploading of videos onto the internet dark web as well as black market sales of mass produced videos distributed throughout Europe, US, Ukraine, India, Thailand, China, Russia and the world. Again, the Hampstead pedo cult appears to have been, or perhaps still is, an important international hub within the massive global operation involving the highest echelons of power and control not just in the United Kingdom but the entire world through the Anglo-American-Zionist axis-of-evil.

Evidence and traces of the satanic Hampstead operation infiltrated in local schools, social services, law enforcement and judiciary were no doubt temporarily suspended prior to February 2015 when the whistleblowing kids’ videos went viral, consumed by over 4 million internet users around the world. The previous September shutdown of the mock police investigation and rapid fire official denial the satanic cult ever existed afforded ample opportunity to destroy all evidence. During the months after the children reported the cult crimes, a flurry of reconstruction and remodeling projects were sprouting up around town at the named schools and locations with “hidden rooms and secret doors.”[155] But the cabal’s cover-up was too late, already checkmated by the precocious duo’s online presence already in public domain, regardless of British government D-notice censorship. But in recent years since the Savile revelations, you can bet that this globalized satanic operation has since regrouped and metastasized, only to thrive once again, more buffered, secured and protected than ever before. Fortunately, truth never stops flowing.

The online videos of the children’s bombshell allegations generated an instant army of anti-abuse campaigners led by veteran activists Belinda McKenzie and Sabina McNeill. This brings up a whole other topic, a common divide and conquer strategy used effectively by the ruling elite as a psyops to invariably undermine the entire so called Truth Movement through alleged controlled opposition.[156] The cabal has unlimited resources to create controlled opposition groups and individuals, hired shills as justice activist posers who secretly serve the same paymasters as the rest of the vilest cabal criminals. They too often assume leadership roles as justice campaigners, but in the end, turn out to be saboteurs creating doubt, friction and fragmentation within the so called truth movement.

The same internal implosion that tainted and weakened the Hollie Greig movement was replicated in Hampstead as well. Two of the highest profile activists supporting Ella and her children’s claims, Belinda McKenzie and Sabina McNeill, have both been accused of betraying the Hampstead child anti-abuse campaign as diversionary traitors covertly sleeping with the enemy, fracturing and destroying ultimately from within the worldwide activist movement for child abuse justice.[157] This is the elite’s divide and conquer, designed purpose of controlled opposition.

Ella and Abe have bitterly concluded that Belinda McKenzie, Sabrina McNeill, Brian Gerrish of UK Column and anti-abuse advocate Bill Maloney of Pie & Mash Films are all counterintelligence agents that betrayed them, passing on confidential information to the state and then distancing themselves and remaining silent.[158] Upon return from Morocco, Abe Christie sought immediate support from Brian Gerrish and was counting on the UK Column, Bill Maloney and former detective Jon Wedger to get behind their cause. He and Ella were extremely disappointed by their reluctance and hesitance to get involved, likely due to the Hampstead children’s seemingly outlandish claims despite their veracity.

In this last year both Belinda McKenzie UK Column and Sabina McNeill were prosecuted, convicted and given jail time. 74-year old pensioner Sabine McNeill still faces another eight years of her nine-year prison sentence for conviction in December 2018 on four counts of stalking and six restraining order violations, sentenced in early January 2019 to an incredible nine years in prison.[159] Alisa and Gabriel, and then mother Ella all explicitly identified by name the families that allegedly abused children in the satanic cult, and as an activist on their behalf, Sabine McNeill pursued those families, confronted them with allegations, making life uncomfortable. But because British courts have such a long stalwart history protecting alleged perpetrators in all the scandals, Sabine, like Ella and Abe before her, became Britain’s next severely punished legal victim. Judge Sally Cahill concluded:

In my judgment you [Sabine McNeill] are an arrogant, malicious, evil and manipulative woman.[160]

Meanwhile convicted of contempt of court in January 2019 for publicly identifying another cult member, the controversial figure Belinda McKenzie received only a six-month sentence suspended for two years, along with a permanent gagging order to never mention the Hampstead case again.[161] In contrast to the harsh McNeill sentence, McKenzie’s lenient punishment only enshrouds her tainted, dubious reputation.

McKenzie notwithstanding, the cabal’s message is both loud and clear – for all truth and justice seekers everywhere, try and hold the guilty accountable for their alleged crimes and you will be harshly dealt with if not destroyed. Look no further than WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. For all his worthy effort as our biggest truth bearer of this century, responsible for publicly exposing worldwide corruption, war crimes, pedophilia and evil at its worst, presently the vindictive system is slowly torturing and killing him.[162] This is the Luciferian world we’re living in today, where no good deed goes unpunished, and the wicked at the top of the predator food chain committing the most unthinkable crimes against our children, live like gods above the law till death do them part. Humanity needs all good people to rise up in unity, free themselves from the divide and conquer shackles, and with God’s intervention, change this nightmarish endgame once and for all.

The cabal of course has both the most motive and most means to conjure up false allegations accusing the whistleblowers and truth protagonists of “making up malicious lies.” This subversive action creates dissention and doubt designed to neutralize a once growing online campaign for justice and, like the contentious Hollie Greig case, websites calling the Hampstead debacle a hoax were readymade carryovers from the winding down Greig saga, quick to target and rail against the veracity of Ella, her kids, Abe Christie and Sabine McNeill allegations. In the same way Hollie Greig’s mother Ann was accused of arbitrarily adding anyone to the abuser list, perceived to have crossed her in the past, the same unfair criticism has been levied against Hampstead mother Ella Gareeva as well. The elite’s counterattacking pushback is formulaic yet devastatingly successful. This impediment must be overcome if justice is ever to be achieved.

As a huge component to crime cabal pushback, what’s certain is that intelligence services are always at its heart working overtime to do the elite’s covert dirty bidding, the Hampstead scandal no exception.[163] This typically manifests with hiring an army of paid internet shills to execute nonstop vicious attacks and smear campaigns against targeted whistleblowers and activist leaders, painting them as a depraved cast of deceitful, publicity-seeking villains in order to uphold the state’s official standby narrative, providing plausible deniability of any involvement in all scandals and wrongdoing. Among the biggest shills reportedly harassing anti-child abuse campaign sites is actor Ricky Dearman himself playing a series of false characters such as “Spiny Norman.”[164] For a long time these counterintelligence-led counteroffensives suppressing and covering up the truth are simply standard operating procedure for the criminal cabal.

In the Hampstead case, a major government cover-up was immediately launched to refute and neutralize the substantial incriminating evidence against Dearman and his cult, fully taking advantage of the children’s wild, sensational, unbelievable-to-the-uninitiated claims of satanic blood sacrifice and cannibalism involving an entire school staff, even the local fast food McDonalds, mocking all true believers as gullible tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nuts who’ll believe anything and everything. Those convinced that Hampstead is every bit real as an exposed satanic ritual abuse scandal viewed as part of a pervasive, larger British worldwide satanic network, are instantly discarded alongside the demonized couple Ella and Abe as paranoid fools. The website, among several others, quickly converged on Hampstead to further demonize the victims in a transparent attempt to debunk the case once and for all. But as of October 2019, announcing that it’s voluntarily shutting down, apparently even “Hoaxdead’s” running out of axes to grind and scandals to debunk, smugly complicit in its attack dog role for helping to cover up widespread satanic pedophilia.[165]

Indeed, from its very outset the entire sensationalized Hampstead scandal has been accused of being one enormous psyops used to misdirect and distract the public from the real threat exposing pedophilia at the heart of the British government. After all, Hampstead is UK’s only pedo-scandal not directly involving identified famous politicians as its central perpetrators. And in the post-Savile era ever since late 2012 when so much of the government pedophile operations were historically laid bare yet again, just in time in early 2015 this Hampstead case came along to take the heat off the pedo-network of sodomizing VIP politicians. The shocking truth exploited for its incredulity exposing a cannibalistic satanic cult provided welcome relief for pedo-filled Parliament and ministers.

Since then, has there even been any further unveiling or unearthing of VIP pedophilia evidence? Nope, nothing but nonstop major cabal pushback negating so called “Nick’s MP murderous abuse” debunked again by the courts and media, sending so called fraudster Carl Beech to prison for the next 19 years with Hampstead’s Sabine McNeill joining him for the next 9 years herself. And then super-elite spook Cliff Richard’s 2018 case makes future media coverage of any celebrity investigations and arrests virtually off limits to the public, and all those lost dossiers and overwhelming evidence incriminating past prime ministers, ministers, lords and MPs are all now lost or collecting dust. And with their Zionist cabal boy Boris Johnson (raised a Jew by his Jewish mother) having lived on an Israeli kibbutz in 1984 steeped in Mossad brainwash,[166] currently at the UK puppet helm, he was busy trashing historical child sex abuse investigations with this revealing remark in March 2019:

I think an awful lot of money and an awful lot of police time now goes into these historic offences and all this malarkey[167].

This alone tells you which side he’s on. Meanwhile, after five years of sputtering, by design the IICSA is in its own ineffectual death throes as the Establishment’s toothless sideshow to placate a misinformed, misdirected public into actually believing something’s being done to address the epidemic, while never holding a single VIP perp accountable. The Luciferian pedo-network that Boris is fronting remains alive and well.

The planetary pedophilia network through child sex abuse trafficking and mass distribution of child pornography including snuff films on the internet have only proliferated at unprecedented rates to become in recent years humanity’s plague of the millennium.[168] But still not one arrest of any powerful VIPs anywhere across the globe. Okay, no accident that Boris’ pedo-enabling “gaffe” was uttered just moments after Australia sent its Vatican VIP sicko Cardinal George Pell to a half dozen years behind bars.[169] Taking down the most senior Catholic ever for pedo-crimes is a start. One down, a million to go.

On the related bigger front, despite brief exposure of just one of literally thousands of satanic abuse cults worldwide, the biggest one in Rome,[170] the Hampstead scandal has ultimately served as one extremely effective diversionary psyops to misdirect, diffuse and debunk the entire campaign against child sex abuse from exposing Lucifer’s Anglo-American-Roman-Zionist pedo-cabal empire. Lucifer is a shrewd master of deception easily able to fool the masses through sleight of hand chicanery and misdirection, another reason the same Illuminati bloodlines have managed to control the planet for millenniums.

Abe Christie and Ella Gareeva have surmised that pedophilia, Satanism, Aleister Crowley’s rite of sodomy, the occult, cabalism and blood drinking cannibalism are all eye-popping curveballs intentionally used in the Hampstead case to sensationalize and render it too unbelievable for the public to accept and take seriously.[171] Additionally, the state cabal unleashes counterintelligence shills to divide, conquer and destroy the activist truth movement through distrust and betrayal. All these elements are predesigned to obscure the larger reality that is drug-induced, trauma-based mind control applied in the wider venues of schools, churches, military, healthcare facilities, universities and mass media entertainment, primarily perpetrated by intelligence services utilized to brainwash, train and produce multi-generations of robotic mind control victims for nefarious purposes as sex slaves, spies, assassins and super soldiers (covered in Chapter 9) or the broader application of dumbed down, easily controlled, irreversibly wounded, desensitized, clueless and confused masses, willing to accept normalized pedophilia as part of the wider socially engineered and programmed LGBT agenda.[172]

These satanic rings typically are intergenerational amongst Luciferian Sabbatean Frankism families dispersed across the globe.[173] Ella Draper learned that Ricky Dearman’s family is comprised of intergenerational Satanists and that their abusive sexual perversions are “religiously” transmitted, handed down from one generation to the next, seemingly in the same tradition as practiced by the infamous Illuminati bloodline families. Recall near identical descriptions of courageous Midwestern Jewish girl Vicki Polin on the Oprah Winfrey Show back in May 1989.[174] There’s absolutely nothing new in all this as ritual child sacrifice dates back to the Babylonians, Egyptians and Canaanites among a number of other ancient cultures taken up in Chapter 3. Anti-NWO activist Jay Parker, born and bred in a multi-generational Illuminati family in Arden, Delaware, at the Illuminati bloodline Dupont doorstep, speaks frequently of the origins of the occult society dating back to ancient times, and how he grew up with drug induced-torture-sexual abuse-blood sacrifice-mind control rituals,[175] eerily similar to the Hampstead kids. Jay addresses how since ancient times the Illuminati bloodlines have been the planetary rulers with currently an estimated 34 million Illuminati members in America alone.

Still another notorious, highly organized satanic cult that terrorized the British nation through rape, torture and murder of abducted youth during the 1980s and 1990s is the little known Scorpio cult.[176] This pedo-ring also operating nationally with international connections including the US was also systematically covered up by authorities, receiving very little media attention. Both schools and teachers as well as businessmen were identified as perpetrating satanic cult members. Parents of 25 children victimized by a branch of the Scorpio cult in Hull claimed their children aged 8 to 11 would enter the school through one door and leave out another to men waiting for them in cars. Taken to secret abuse locations, they were given Coke laced with drugs and forced to participate in satanic ritual abuse while reportedly hung upside down on a cross. With 50 children known to be involved in London and another 25 from Hull, the cult programmed, groomed and rewarded its youth to hurt others and were systematically conditioned and programmed to be bad, training the abused to become the abusers.

Similarly, Dearman constantly demanded that his children make life extremely difficult for their mother. In their inverse world, the more evil committed, the more rewarded by Lucifer. Rituals were typically filmed, edited and sold as child pornography. Allegedly the London chapter of the Scorpio cult established a “London fund” as a means to lure runaways to the big city on the promise of free housing and money.[177] Meanwhile, sex abuse, torture and at times death awaited their trapped victims.

The fact there was no investigation of Ricky Dearman, his satanic cult, allegations of sexual abuse and murder at any school or Hampstead location directly identified by Alisa and Gabriel, and subsequent false charges of coaching and “torturing” the children targeting the kids’ mother Ella and boyfriend Abe, only meant that the British Establishment is yet again flagrantly guilty of gross perversion of justice and unlawful obstruction ignoring and destroying criminal evidence. For the UK government to absurdly pretend the ritualistic torture, sexual abuse and brutal murder of infants and young children were the mere result of two young siblings’ fantasies and over-imaginations, induced and coerced by the maniacal coaching of Ella Draper and Abe Christie indicates that a highly organized government sanctioned network of satanic ritual abuse and murder was and still is operating at the highest levels of power on an epidemic scale in Britain.

These allegations are nothing new. In 1990 a National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) document specified that out of 66 child protection agencies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 14 of them, or more than 20%, reported cases involving ritual child sexual abuse featured in a March 13, 1990 London Times article entitled “NSPCC says ritual child abuse is rife.”[178]

As a sober reminder that signs of growing satanic power in our culture are on the rise, Natural News has released a review sampling events in 2019 confirming that it is.[179] Harvesting organs while hospital donors are still alive; Colorado public schools requiring students to recite satanic poems pretending they’re being raped and sodomized as part of their rape training indoctrination; Whole Foods now sponsoring Drag Queen Story Hour at not only public libraries but Whole Foods stores as well, preaching perversion, pedophilia and transgenderism; globalists like Bill Gates and Ted Turner still aggressively pushing to kill 90% of us under the false pretext of the Malthusian overpopulation myth; the Brazilian spiritual “guru John of God” busted running a sex slave farm selling off babies; Leftist movement agenda personified by the Democratic Party and failed presidential hopeful Kamela Harris (among others) who are godless anti-Christians.[180]

The final listed indicator of Satanism on the rise in 2019 comes from former NXIVM cult publicist-whistleblower Frank Parlato who’s on record claiming top Democrats are involved in human trafficking, sex slaves and Satanism.[181] Despite her public denial, New York Senator Kristen Gillebrand is linked to the Luciferian cult through her father, a former NXIVM consultant-lobbyist and Kristen’s NIXVM devotee stepmother, along with other prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic New York Senator Chuck Shumer. This NXIVM satanic cult also utilizes mind control and also brands its female members with tattoos on their privates, sharing striking similarities with the Hampstead satanic cult. NXIVM guru Keith Raniere and NXIVM VIP heiress Claire Bronfman have been enormous financial supporters of Hillary Clinton, miscounting on the leading Democrats to clear the way of opposition to this diabolical cult… demonstrating the universal principle of like attracts like.

Satanic pedophiles frequently brand themselves with tattoos similar to the Hampstead cult members. Outspoken activist Bill Maloney explained how child abuse victim “Andrew” identified Lord Leon Brittan as his abuser with a satanic tattoo on his groin.[182] Abe Christie understandably expressed anger that with so many parallels, Bill Mulroney didn’t come to Abe and Ella’s aid trying desperately to bring justice for their Hampstead children.

In the Hampstead scandal clearly the Establishment desperately resorted to extreme measures that failed to conceal from the public the heinous, appallingly dark truth of satanic abuse. After the police refused to investigate the children’s allegations, within the week concluding they were patently false, they colluded with social services and secret family courts to take the children away from their one non-abusive parent, placing them increasingly at grave risk in the custodial care of the alleged murdering abuser. With three hearings in family court where Ella and Dearman pleaded their cases for custody and contact, by December Ella was limited to supervised visits once every two weeks and the alleged abuser had once a week unsupervised contact. The writing was already on the wall for the system to award the accused abusing cannibal full custody.

The criminal UK social services system, police and courts were all clearly working in illicit partnership together with the satanic cult in order to ensure all further evidence was suppressed and controlled. Once social services and the secret family courts had abducted the children on 9/11, within a few months they were prohibiting contact between the mother and her children. It was leaked that the children separately placed in foster care once again went back to telling the truth to their carers about the cult, precipiatating further impromptu moves to other homes.

Meanwhile without warrants, police were showing up at Ella and Abe’s residence at all hours repeatedly demanding to talk to them. Just two days after the Hampstead videos were posted online, on the evening of February 12, 2015, Barnet police were filmed like a swarming pack of wolves trying to unlawfully enter Ella and Abe’s home.[183] Fortunately, their barrister happened to be present and insisted the police comply with proper legal protocol, attaining a warrant or court subpoena. It was increasingly evident that the state had already made its decision to frame Ella and Abe for crimes they did not commit, forcing them to flee the county for their own freedom and safety.

While police attack dogs were intimidatingly knocking on Ella and Abe’s door, that same day the local newspaper Ham & High published a damage control article designed to quell the fear of local residents two days after the Hampstead kids’ bombshells began going viral across the world. Needless to say, the paper did its propaganda duty upholding the Establishment line of “nothing to see here folks.” The final paragraph is a quote from an unnamed Christ Church Primary school source, though no doubt it was Katy Forsdyke, the alleged cult member headmistress, who sent a letter out to school parents on February 5, 2015 reassuring them that their children are safe and the allegations are false.[184]:

This week the Hampstead primary school sent a letter to parents which said: In relation to the recent allegations the police and social services were immediately notified. The investigation that was undertaken concluded that there was no substance to the allegations so no further action will be taken. The school is currently working with the Camden legal team and the police on the difficult task of removing the information from the internet.[185]

Censorship is the cabal’s way to erase history – out of sight, out of mind. But the truth was released and already out there online. Though removed from internet users in Britain, the rest of the world still has access to the Hampstead Two’s truth, no matter how many official narrative lies fail to cover it up.[186]

Operating in full view of the world, the UK cabal defied thousands of anti-child abuse campaigners worldwide, deploying the illicit services of police, social services, family and royal courts and mainstream press co-acting in diabolical concert as the most visible axis-of-evil behind the Hampstead scandal and cover-up. But with the stark truth in the kids’ videos already blurted out of the bottle, virally spreading more than 4 million times around the world, the feeble British state lies cannot possibly erase what’s known by millions as clear-cut, unacceptable criminal evidence and illicit criminal cover-up.

True to the predictable false narrative script, media co-conspirators portrayed the mother, boyfriend and leading activists as the maliciously insane, “evil” criminals, while the real evil, abusive, murdering father portrayed as the innocent, much maligned figure (straight out of last chapter’s Lord McAlpine Machiavellian playbook) paraded before sympathetic BBC cameras in a sugarcoated interview to gather misdirected public support, complete with dry-eyed, crocodile tears from the very bad acting antagonist Ricky Dearman and overly empathetic BBC interviewer playing out their sinister roles in yet another poorly staged diabolical soap-operish atrocity of justice…[187] faintly reminiscent is the recent November 2019 BBC interview of the pedo-Prince Andrew.[188] And just like déjà vu clockwork rushing to the aid colluding with the Hampstead “victim,” scarcely two years after the McAlpine fiasco, The Telegraph was at it again, protecting an alleged sodomizing murderer while slanderously victimizing the innocent mother Ella Gareeva with the March 19, 2015 headline:

Evil’ mother tortured children into telling police their father was leader of Satanic sex cult[189]

The safe hand Judge Pauffley told the press:

Torture is a strong word, but it is the most accurate way to describe what was done to the children by Mr Christie in collaboration with Ms. Draper. I am entirely certain that everything Ms. Draper, her partner Abraham Christie and the children said about those matters was fabricated. The claims are baseless. Those who have sought to perpetrate them are evil and or foolish.


She had the hubris and audacity to call all those seeking truth and justice in this case “evil and/or foolish.” If Pauffley’s contentions are true, that Ella and Abe were behind all the children’s made up claims, then why would they be the only ones involved in this case who were determined to bring about a real police investigation. And if poor Ricky Dearman was really innocent and Abe and Ella truly did torture his children as abusers, why wouldn’t he and the legal system be determined to seek justice by pursuing charges against the guilty offenders? Yet only silence from Dearman and never an indictment against Ella and Abe from Pauffley’s high court. Then when supposedly Metropolitan Police officers attempted to investigate, according to UK Column‘s Brian Gerrish, they were ordered to back away.[190] Why? For obvious reasons, can’t possibly have the truth of the kids’ allegations confirmed, not if the Luciferian pedo-cabal wants to stay intact.

The deception in each and every scandal is so utterly transparent and over-the-top obvious, yet the cabal is allowed to continue getting away with this abomination theater to maintain nonstop cover-up of abuse and murder of defenseless children, without any consequence over and over and over again ad nauseam. It will only continue until we citizens of this world finally refuse to tolerate this grossest of all earthly injustice.

The Telegraph article rolled out another lie:

But an investigation found the allegations had in fact been dreamed up by Draper and her partner, Abraham Christie, to ensure her former partner would be refused custody of the children.[191]

Actually Ella Draper always had full custody of her children and there was never a battle for custody as falsely created by Judge Pauffley and the press.

While Alisa and Gabriel were still babies, Ella eventually kicked Dearman out of the house for good in 2007. At the time of the children’s abuse disclosures in August 2014, Dearman only had unsupervised visits every Saturday for eight hours with his kids. But each time Gabriel and Alisa would return home, they’d be in such an agitated, mentally unstable state, they’d become physically ill, oftentimes vomiting once they returned home, after having objects mercilessly thrusted up their anuses by evil adults. Outside an 18-month break between 2011-2012, Dearman and his cult members took turns sexually abusing their children over an extended period from 2007 to 2014, in the latter years on a near daily basis at their school stepping up the nonstop inhumane torture and horror.

By March 2015 after social services had suspended all contact between Ella and her children, and it was more than clear she and Abe would be facing unlawful detainment, for their own safety and freedom they were forced to flee Britain. Exiled from an undisclosed location, Ella went on video to name all the known cult member perpetrators including the perps’ victimized children.[192] She maintains that Ricky Dearman as the satanic cult leader was/is part of a massive worldwide pedophilia network engaging in large scale trafficking of children from many countries around the world. What’s been learned about Hampstead is somewhat similar to last chapter’s demon John Allen;s international empire a decade and a half earlier, also involving the mass production and distribution of child porn snuff films and international child sex trafficking. The point to take away from these scandals is the massive Luciferian pedo-porn trafficking industry has become increasingly Big Business with tentacles all over the world.

Despite Ricky Dearman caught in a flurry of internet activity in March 2015 removing incriminating evidence on his computer sites, through predictive software analysis, it was determined that he still possessed links from his computer IPs to multiple child pornography websites.[193] This is yet more highly incriminating evidence that could be used to convict him of illegal child pornography sex crimes, aside from his litany of crimes committed by him and his Hampstead cult that include sacrificial ritualized torture, murder in addition to systematic sexual rape and sodomy of children, satanic cannibalism, forcing child victims to both cut the throats and then eat their infant prey and drink their blood. It cannot get any ghastlier, viler and more sickening than this. Yet this reported bloodthirsty savage remains a free man fully protected by the criminal pedo-cabal, with full custody of his two victimized sex slave children.

The association that Ricky Dearman has with child pornography runs extremely deep. He advertised his daughter for sex on his porn sites; when questioned by police on September 15, 2014 about his alleged sodomy of children in one single incident at the Finchley disabled toilets only, he mentions the word porn at least seven times in his interview; while in a Skype conversation with Ella knowing their children were present, he told her he saw her on a porn site; he harassed Ella with numerous pornographic text messages that she eventually reported to the police; his children insisted that he produced child porn snuff movies; after instructing Alisa to steal Abe’s cellphone, he even attempted to download incriminating porn evidence on it to have Abe arrested.[194] And this guy’s still a free man living in Los Angeles with his two victimized children.

Ella Gareeva asserts that Dearman’s diabolical worldwide criminal operation was ongoing for decades and an array of public servants from multiple nations systemically covered it up to avoid imprisonment, loss of job and loss of high income. As Ella attempted to seek justice for her children, only to collide with a creeping monster wall of denial, cover-up and life threatening endangerment, she summarized her sobering, harrowing odyssey of discovery regarding the global pedophilia network she stumbled upon:

Alisa and Gabriel’s testimonies have revealed a secret network of organizations, and an array of counterintelligence operatives connected to child trafficking, snuff movies, organ trafficking, ritual sexual abuse, torture and money laundering, operating in schools, militaries, churches, hospitals, universities and military bases throughout the UK and the rest of the world. The case was never intended to reach the Crown Prosecution Service, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny. This story is horrifying, it is stomach-churning, but it is also crucial to know how we got to this place of sexual nihilism… This secret interactive alliance that developed between esoteric occult practices, Satanism and various intelligence agencies and the connection to the Hampstead cover-up has been exposed.[195]

Without even interviewing Ella Draper and Abe Christie, in March 2015 high court Judge Anna Pauffley falsely cited blistering allegations of torture against Ella and Abe yet she conspicuously failed to issue any formal charges for obvious reason. Formal charges of torture and fraud against Ella and Abe were never brought because if they had, Ella would have the right to cross-examine all witnesses named by children as their cult abusers. Instead of justice for her children and Ella, the evil judicial system stole her children, making her life a living hell. On top of that, Judge Pauffley demonized Ella while the allegedly real devil incarnate Dearman was portrayed a false martyr. Additionally, even before releasing her decision based on family court proceedings, which had no jurisdiction in such serious criminal matters to begin with, Pauffley leaked her vicious attack on Ella and Abe to the favorite state propaganda outlets The Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Despite the crime cabal making trillions trafficking and selling marijuana and other drugs on the black market globally, the hypocritical war on drugs still gives the hemp plant a bad rap and sends users and sellers on the low end to prison whereas the bigtime smugglers working with CIA, DEA and drug cartels make billions. Alcohol takes 100 times more toll on humanity than weed, by way of direct cause of death, unfathomable destruction and despair heaped on family relationships and incalculable economic loss. Yet the alcohol lobby represented by the cabal-embedded Bronfman crime family rules. As a nutritionist pioneering the beneficial nutritional and medicinal properties of hemp seed,[196] Abe Christie started a company called Hemp Seed Organics in 1996 and was the first to supply hemp seeds to health food stores in the UK. In 2013 he received an honorary doctorate for his contribution to the health field through his hemp seed research. Yet leave it to the mainstream press to criminalize, twist and subvert the truth with cheap shot, biasedly false reporting from The Telegraph:

It was suggested the couple may have fed the two youngsters ‘cannabis soup’ to gain their compliance.[197]

The duplicity and hubris ad nauseam is reminiscent of the 1936 propaganda classic “Reefer Madness.”[198] Blame the two kids spouting off how they drink babies’ blood after killing and eating them for school lunch because of the reefer madness soup their “evil torturers” madly forced down their throats.

Just as the pedo-cabal calls in its sure hand medical examiners to cover-up state sponsored murder (See Chapter 21), the cabal also never fails to resort to cherry-picking “sure hand” judges who blatantly dismiss evidence in favor of cover-up deception. As one of the judiciary’s go-to judges, Pauffley had already played her hand denying justice in Chapter 26’s Hollie Greig scandal as well.[199] Moreover, Anna Pauffley the QC had made her bread and butter representing as many as 100 alleged pedophiles.[200] She also let off an immigrant father from India for beating his son because she believes new arrival parents should be cut some slack to “slap and hit” their children due to a “different cultural context.”[201] After all, we must maintain political correctness upholding the globalist piety of “multiculturalism” in order to masquerade its real agenda to foment race and religious war through war and mass migration. In 2017 Judge Pauffley retired at just 61, but as is customary for a loyal pedo-enabler serving in defense of the international pedo-realm, the Dame was duly rewarded her DBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2003.[202]

Despite the controlling cabal always doing its best to suppress the truth, it invariably emerges and can never be stopped or fully contained. June Wiggan, a brave Hampstead resident and mother of a former student from the same Christ Church Primary school, felt compelled to speak up on behalf of the Hampstead kids[203] The parent wrote that one day after school she too was invited to join the pedophile cult but declined, and was threatened with “severe consequences” should she reveal anything about their creepy bloodthirsty cult.[204] June’s letter corroborated the claims made by the whistleblowing kids, asserting that she knows their cult leader father and maintains that his close ties to very powerful individuals and groups within the wealthy area have protected him from prosecution.[205]

Even though the police quickly turned against Ella Draper as soon as she reported the abuse to the Barnet police, there was former police detective Ray Savage (as opposed to DC Carl Savage who meekly interviewed Dearman) who also came to Ella’s defense, citing his experienced observations to the press:

I had the opportunity of actually sitting with the mother [Ella Draper] in this case for over three hours, I can absolutely tell you with my experience of interrogation, over a 20-year period, as a former detective sergeant, she was speaking 110% truth.[206]

That same retired veteran police officer added:

I know there’s been no investigation, there have been no proper police statements taken from this woman because of the way she’s been harassed.

Retired police officer Constable K. Wilson who also apparently supported the veracity of Alisa and Gabriel’s allegations was highly critical of both social services and police mishandling of the case:

To state categorically that the children had been coached (which is written on the Crime Report) which I understand is the assertion from Social Services, is simply not feasible. Some investigation has been conducted into proving or disproving, however most appear to be slanted towards merely disproving the offences occurred. This investigation does not look at the fact that the children are giving accounts of abuse and how they came to use such language other than to suggest Mr. Christie coached the children. Other named suspects who are professionals were not formally interviewed. Investigators should not make assumptions that due to the unlikely or seemingly ridiculous nature of the allegation that it is untrue. If an account appears to be untrue corroboration should be sought for this also. I do not feel it was suitable to close this investigation at this point without further enquiries and corroboration being sought.[207]

So not only do veteran police officers and a fellow Hampstead parent support the children and Ella and Abe’s claims, but in October 2015 the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) upheld Ella’s appeal criticizing the lack of police investigation and its response to allegations.[208] For a second time, the IPCC strongly recommended that the police reopen and investigate the case. But obviously with orders coming from atop the UK government, police defied the Commission’s authority and refuse to budge. The IPCC concluded:

The retraction statements [of Alisa and Gabriel] were inadequate due to the level of detail in the initial complaints. Retraction statements were coerced from the victims and inconsistent. The [interviewing] officer led child Q [Gabriel] to retract the allegations regarding the murder of children.[209]

As if having the support of several reputable police sources confirming that the children, Ella and Abe were being truthful in their testimony, Ella Gareeva also submitted to and passed a polygraph lie detector test that corroborated her version of events.[210] Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on Dearman’s polygraph and other than his brief, overly lenient questioning, none of the many accused have ever been interviewed or examined for pubic tattoos and markings. With so much evidence the children were severely abused, yet their allegations were never investigated, it’s such a despicable and gross travesty of justice. The sad reality is this atrociously unacceptable outcome is just like all the rest in the annals of British pedophilia scandals.

In contrast with all the previous videos with the children’s highly consistent allegations, Alisa and Gabriel’s “inadequate” retractions clearly fail to hold up under legal scrutiny. To meet the criteria as a legal retraction that would be the basis for shutting down a police investigation and closing the case, statements must be unambiguous and unequivocal, as well as credible and truthful.[211] Clearly neither pseudo-retraction passed legal muster, especially Gabriel’s who did his naïve best to resist having to lie in spite of the constant heavy-handed pressure from interviewer Martin. Additionally, the siblings frequently contradicted one another. One prime example – Alisa says her teacher Mr. Hollings and her father don’t even know each other and never met while Gabriel insists that they “are really close friends,” so close that his father sometimes “stays at Mr. Hollings house.” To close such a significant police investigation based on these grossly inadequate non-retractions is a hideously cruel joke that serves only the guilty sodomites and cannibals. And despite the Police Commission’s harsh criticism and outright rejection of how the Barnet police flagrantly mishandled the children’s allegations, the crime cabal stuck to its house of cards thin blue line and took no action to rectify its so obvious gross perversion as well as subversion of justice, hanging the innocent and letting the alleged murdering guilty go free.

Another in-our-face incidence of the sadistic hubris of the pedo-cabal taunting the world came in the form of an Audi TV commercial tagged “My Daughter” that in all likelihood features Ella’s daughter Alisa during the 2017 Super Bowl. With recruited globalist puppet actor George Clooney narrating:

What do I tell my daughter? That grandpa is worth more than grandma? That her dad is worth more than her mom?[212]

This commercial very likely depicting Alisa two and a half years later competing in a go-cart race clearly demonstrates that her dad is definitely worth far more than her mom. The Super Bowl spot literally sent a not-so-subtle message to Ella, the demonized, non-abusive parent whose children were stolen by a brutal, psychopathic, child-killing system, that as the publicly shunned fugitive mom-on-the-run, she is not even close to dad’s worth, reportedly the real demon, a sodomizing murderer who got away with it, receiving big bucks pimping and parading his still exploited, victimized daughter on America’s largest national television platform. In this context, it’s a defiantly arrogant, nasty message to all victims and decent people everywhere, boasting that we are all powerless losers in the face of the omnipotent elite rulers, able to continue internationally flaunting its untouchable child atrocities with godlike power and total impunity, as if to say “and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Again, it’s been left up to us million to one majority to show them what we’re going to do about it. After all, their biggest fear is a unified majority coming after them to finally mete out long overdue real justice.

If Ricky Dearman was the innocent one, why would he be compelled to change his name to Richard Ford? In recent years the two-bit actor was peddling a kids’ product online called Wonderful Slime.[213] Dearman Slime showed up with Hampstead victims Alisa and Gabriel a few years older in an ad selling the product on eBay. In 2018 Dearman and his two children were even flown to America for an eBay sponsored award ceremony in which he was celebrated as an eBay New Entrepreneur runner-up.[214] Out of all the invited winners, this alleged child rapist was the only one who attended shamelessly showcasing his children. Both eBay and this alleged Luciferian murderer possess godless gall to publicly prop his two victimized children before the cameras after what they said he did to them.[215] EBay includes the following description referring to Dearman as “Gab Williams”:

Gab and his children run an eBay store selling handmade Slime toys. They have already exported to 15 countries and have hosted Slime parties for 70 plus children suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases.[216]

Apparently his daughter now calling herself Alisa Williams befriended Gab Williams on Facebook… guess it’s just one big happy forgiving family now, though in the award video Alisa looks none too pleased while Gabriel’s plastered fake smile’s pretty unconvincing, unlike their original testimony against their father.[217] Both actor Ricky Dearman and Richard Ford also have Facebook profiles and Los Angeles resident Dearman aka Ford has publicly reinvented himself with a current LinkedIn profile listing himself as a “Strategic Health & Wellness Marketing Consultant,” boasting the promise of “creating six figure supplement sales funnels for doctors and businesses.” Dearman also hustles “superfood” supplements… quite the transformation from the baby eating Hampstead satanic death cult leader his kids said he was to the LA health biz consultant.[218] But then when you’ve got the full support and weight of the pedophilia cabal behind you, there’s simply no stopping you in Lucifer’s world. Keep in mind that sadistic pedophiles tend to repeat their crimes at very high, virtually incurable rates, so at 14- and 13-years of age now, Alisa and Gabriel are likely still being abused thanks to a soulless system that protects well-connected beasts rather than innocent children.

Children in the United Kingdom are separated from their parents and taken into care by social services and family courts at the astounding, alarming rate of one child every 20 minutes, that’s 72 children on average every single day.[219] But an October 2017 Independent article specified that 90 children per day (another child every 16 minutes) are entering the UK care system with a record number of 72,670 kids as of March 2017 already in care in just England and Wales alone, while child care system budgets simultaneously shrink across Britain.[220] Meanwhile, the social services are removing kids from their families at unprecedented rates for the following reasons – denying contact due to perception of suspected abuse/negligence, parental alienation and increasing forced adoptions, detained in custody by a notoriously broken child care system that simply by years of failed performance doesn’t care for the very kids it’s entrusted to protect from harm. Over 10,000 children in care go missing annually in the UK, many extremely vulnerable to pimps, traffickers and pedophiles part of the global network.[221] A study in Jimmy Savile’s hometown of Leeds, England found that the minute a child enters the UK care system, the odds instantly skyrocket to 6-8 times more likely than children in the general population that they’ll be assessed for abuse by a pediatrician.[222] Kids in foster care are 10 times more likely to be sexually abused than peers living with both biological parents.[223] In other words, children entering and lost in the British care system are automatically at far greater risk of grave harm than those not in care, maliciously funneled into the pedo-pipeline. And this sad fact applies throughout the entire world.

Compound this highly disturbing scenario with overwhelming evidence that worldwide child care systems are increasingly serving as CSA pipelines to the global child sex trafficking pedophilia network,[224] and the growing prevalence of satanic ritual abuse embedded within that pedo-web, the result is the Hampstead scandal and cover-up is being invisibly multiplied thousands of times over all around this planet. Again, as the fastest growing, most profitable illegal industry on earth, the big business of the international child sex trafficking slave trade in conjunction with the exponential growth of online child pornography-snuff film sales is mind boggling,[225] and poses a mounting threat to the 8 million missing kids each year globally, many being swallowed up in this black hole pandemic that the Establishment keeps trying to shamefully bury and deny.

Hampstead is another disgusting chapter in the British system that demonstrates its gross failure to protect two bravely honest kids who spoke out after they finally thought it was safe to reveal their ungodly atrocities allegedly committed by their sick, depraved, bloodthirsty father, only to be further betrayed and punished by being handed over to him fulltime for no doubt more horrific abuse. When the growing tyrannical state usurps parental rights to systematically break up and destroy both families and children in order to feed their flesh and blood to well-connected satanic ritual abusers’ voracious, lustful appetite, and through an abusive care system that increasingly steals children from loving parents and places them in harm’s way through a pipeline to predatory sexual monsters, we have a demonic system that urgently needs to be blown up and start over from scratch.

Compound these already deplorable, corrupt world conditions with the highly disturbing recent trend of privatizing childcare through profit motive interest – the lucrative, secretive big business of removing children from their families is every day becoming more for profit than actual child protection. In 2014 the coalition Tory government snuck through a law nationally privatizing social services, permitting local councils the option of hiring private companies for child protection services.[226] It opens the floodgate for big predatory vultures – international venture capitalists – represented by enormous British based, global service contractor corporations like SERCO, already parasitically linked to the worldwide child sex trafficking pandemic,[227] to take over “protecting” British children. Moreover, these private corporations will not be registered, regulated or inspected. Leave it to the world’s pedo-epicenter to become the first nation on earth to privately subcontract out protection of its own children to a greedy, profit-driven private sector. It’s another NWO surefire way to meet the rising demand for more young children pipelined straight into the worldwide pedophilia network. After all, the insatiable lust of every elitist vampire and their interdimensional demons possessing them must be fed.

With over 86,000 British children reportedly in UK foster care over a half decade ago, the rate of children entering care is soaring with each passing year. Upwards of one third of all foster care placements in 2014 were organized through large charities and private money-making foster care companies, an uptick of 3% from the year before.[228] By 2018, upwards of nearly half of all UK fostering is in private hands and 80% of UK care homes are now privately owned and operated.[229] With an unchecked, overreaching authoritarian social services system, an exponentially alarming rate of forced adoptions,[230] otherwise known as state sanctioned kidnapping,[231] and the notoriously abominable secret, closed family court system from hell where parents by law are silenced with an automatic gagging order,[232] all these collusive elements playing God are increasingly ruining thousands if not millions of real people’s lives. The bottom line is we now have thousands of helpless Alisas and Gabriels being sold wholesale straight into sex slavery slaughterhouses around the globe where powerful parasitic vampires are literally devouring their flesh and blood. Staying ignorant or in blind disbelief at this point is no longer acceptable.

That said, the brainwash that elite bloodsucking predators powerfully wield to stifle public awareness keeps the masses so misinformed, oblivious and disbelieving in total ignorance of the very real growing danger of organized satanic ritual abuse, unchecked, it’s been allowed to thrive and flourish globally to reach today’s unprecedented scale.[233] And its model for cover-up when caught red-handed, soaked in fresh Hampstead blood, is quickly written off as yet another so called hoax, another fading footnote in gullible “satanic panic” history. And for every instance that satanic ritual abuse gets exposed and then instantly buried, you can bet that countless more remain active and alive, hidden, thinly veiled in closely guarded, eyes wide shut secrecy.

As mentioned periodically in this book, the pedo-cabal pushback to the so called “satanic panic” was the early 1990s False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), a creation of the CIA colluding with pedophile founders[234] in order to plant doubt and disbelief in satanic ritual abuse claims resulting from recovered memory.[235] It’s largely a hoax, no different from the mainstream media and cultural resistance to any possibility that satanic ritual abuse is real.[236] Yet FMSF and mainstream disbelief never failed to change the real world experience and minds of 90% of the 810 chartered psychologist members of the British Psychological Society (BPS), surveyed in 1995, maintaining that recovered memories of abuse are usually “essentially accurate.”[237] On the other hand, two-thirds of the BPS respondents concede that recovered memories can potentially be false as well.

The paradoxical irony to the twisted mass mind controlled state of SRA’s “non-reality”[238] is that satanic ritual abuse is actually evermore real, evermore bold and evermore expanding than ever before. All one has to do is with half open eyes take in the daily 24/7 nonstop full gamut of mass media culture today – the satanic, gothic occult, demonic presence that’s completely taken over the music industry where it’s literally in our face, as in television and box office films pouring out “blood and gore horror” from satanically pedo-driven Hollywood (See Chapter 15), bestselling books, all widely covered by mainstream media, the fashion industry hypersexualizing prepubescent girls galore[239]… virtually every aspect of Western culture is saturated in satanic pedophilic symbolism with the underlying agenda to normalize perversion and pedophilia. Yet with this mesmerizing obsession for all things satanic, deliverers of all this Luciferian black magic are, through mass mind control,[240] the very same blood sacrificing sodomites casting their worldwide spell of utter disbelief that satanic ritual abuse cannot possibly be real. That’s how blindly brainwashed and controlled the occult warlocks have so many of the mindless walking dead today. Time to wake up and choose to live outside Lucifer’ matrix.


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