Pedo Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Sir Jimmy Savile: British History’s Biggest Pedophile, Sexual Blackmail Kingpin, VIP Pimp, BBC Pedophile Ringleader and the Massive Cover-up


Chapter 19 Sir Jimmy Savile: British History’s Biggest Pedophile, Sexual Blackmail Kingpin, VIP Pimp, BBC Pedophile Ringleader and the Massive Cover-up

Joachim Hagopian


And the designated pedophilia monster of the world [conveniently for him discovered after he died] goes to… [Drumroll please] – Sir Jimmy Savile of Great Britain, the pedophilia epicenter of the earth! He epitomizes the sleazy “charismatic” psychopath who finagles his way into the innermost sanctum of the British royals and top United Kingdom politicians as not only their intimate confidante, but their longtime pimp as well.

All the while, via the telly for over half a century recognized as a humanitarian fundraiser for children’s charities, Sir Jimmy Savile played his dutifully deceptive public role of eccentric, clownish showman masquerading as a saint for institutionalized, bedridden British children in order to cover up his hidden-in-plain-sight sick crimes as a twisted sexual predator from Hell, covertly getting his rocks off raping both dead corpses and thousands of the most vulnerable, defenseless kids trapped inside British group homes and hospitals with creepiest, unprecedented 24/7 access of any human alive.

A brief intro to James Wilson Vincent Savile (October 31, 1926-Ocober 29, 2011) offers some very telling clues. Savile was the youngest of seven children (with four sisters and two brothers) born on Halloween to working class Roman Catholic parents in Leeds in northern England. Fitting that he always promoted his Halloweenish, ghoulishly creepy image as the wildly unpredictable eccentric prankster-trickster while a not-so-secret lover of dead corpses, Satanist practitioner of ancient occult rituals at the same time pretending to be a devout Catholic would enter this world on Halloween, with its pagan origin the Celtic new year’s eve as well as eve of the Day of the Dead and the later Catholic makeover All Saints Day.[1] His mother Agnes’ birthday was the day after his on All Saints Day of the Dead.[2] The Celts believed that their favorite deity, the sun god, during the coming winter months was taken prisoner by Samhain, the Lord of the Dead and Prince of Darkness, no doubt something by misdeed that the shady, dark character Savile would secretly identify with and fashion himself after.

Though relatively little has been written about Savile’s boyhood, as the seventh and final offspring born to a financially strapped, large family raised during the Great Depression era of the 1930s, Savile has claimed that his arrival was unplanned and unwanted.[3] His father made meager earnings as a bookmaker clerk and insurance salesman.[4] At the age of two, it’s been reported that Jimmy Savile nearly died of a life threatening illness, probably pneumonia, with the doctor fearing the worst, leaving a death certificate at his bedside.[5] But as Savile tells it, suddenly the toddler bounced back from the near dead, his sister calling it a miracle. Their mother had rushed off to pray at Leeds St. Anne’s Cathedral where she found a pamphlet introducing the Scottish nun Margaret Sinclair who had died three years earlier at age 25, just over a half century prior to the pope in 1978 elevating her to Venerable status.[6] Per Savile, by the time Agnes returned home, little Jimmy had made a complete and instant recovery, attributing his mother’s prayers invoking divine intervention from the Scottish factory girl nun as his lifesaver. Along with others, his testimonial was sent to Rome for review in efforts to enshrine nun Margaret Sinclair as a saint. Perhaps his love affair for would-be saint Margaret spilled over five decades later in his “love” for Margaret Thatcher. Their unholy pedophilia alliance is fully covered in Chapter 21.

The Emergency Powers Act conscripted Savile as a teen during World War II to work as a Bevin Boy in the mines but an alleged spinal back injury caused by a mine explosion apparently liberated him from the drudgery and hard labor as a miner.[7] He went on to try his hand as a pro athlete in bicycle racing and wrestling but soon gravitated to popular music and the burgeoning late 1940s dancehall scene. Jimmy Savile credits himself as the world’s very first Disc Jockey in addition to pioneering the novel idea of placing dual turntables next to each other for nonstop record play, though his future employer the BBC had instructional documents back in the early 1930s predating his self-credited “invention” long before he was even calling himself a DJ. But truth was never quite so important to Sir Jimmy as self-image enhancement and braggadocio for his grandiose self-promotion feeding the bottomless pit of a highly-conceited ego. As a brutally willful, extremely manipulative psychopath and brazen, in-your-face self-aggrandizer, the world seemed destined to revolve around him and his diabolical needs.

As Savile rose to fame throughout the 1960s and 1970s with such long running BBC standard fare as Top of the Pops making its broadcast debut on January 1, 1964 to 2006 and later Jim’ll Fix It from 1975 to 1994 granting children their dream requests come true, at the height of his popularity in the late 70s, the dream magician attracted 20 million viewers and 20,000 letters a week from hopeful kids across Great Britain.[8] Savile quickly became an enduring household name and TV icon in the UK for multiple generations of families. Then using his “tireless” philanthropy for various children’s health causes as a deceitful cover while masquerading as the devoted Catholic saint receiving knighthoods from both the queen and the pope, in actuality all the while he was an evil imposter molesting his way to becoming Britain’s most cruel, sadistic child sex maniac of all time, getting his rocks off gravely harming thousands among the most frail and defenseless population of all, the young, infirm and the dead. But he could never have done it without a supporting cast, platform and protective system. But more on that later.

Savile has been quoted casually proclaiming that women “equal brain damage.”[9] The perennially unmarried misogynist and violently sexist predator took his hatred predominantly out on the fairer sex, forcing himself on his victims, constantly groping, molesting and raping females his entire adult life, mostly young girls with 82% of his victims reportedly female and 80% children.[10] But he targeted victims of all ages and genders, including boys and adult males as well. Doing Satan’s work turned out to be his fulltime preoccupation while his “tireless” charity efforts took a backseat serving as his convenient part-time cover. Savile mercilessly loved inflicting pain on less powerful individuals.

Jimmy Savile’s relationship to his mother Agnes was a complicatedly twisted love-hate affair. On the one hand, he projected the image as the devoted son, loyally and faithfully living with and taking care of her at his flat in Scarborough until her death in 1972.[11] He described his mother “the Duchess” as the “only true love of his life, the only woman I ever loved,” and the week he spent with her lying dead in open casket was “the best five days of my life,” adding:

Once upon a time I had to share her with other people. We had marvelous times. When she was dead she was all mine, for me.[12]

As a necrophiliac, one can only imagine. For the next four decades right up to his own death in 2011, in bizarre, faithful homage, he left his mummy’s bedroom unchanged, keeping all her clothes in her closet as is, other than religiously dry-cleaning them once a year.[13]

But on the other hand, in his final, never published interview just three months prior to his death, Savile revealed:

My mother never got round to being proud. If anyone said, ‘What is Jimmy like?’ she would say, ‘I don’t know what he’s up to, but he’s up to something.’ She never trusted me as she thought I was going to get nicked and end up in the pokey.[14]

Perhaps his mother’s intuition knew that Sir Jimmy was actually a fraud and pathological criminal psychopath who deserved to be in jail. “The Duchess” no doubt saw past his phony saintly facade belying his truly dark and sick nature at his core. It’s also worth noting that Agnes Savile apparently raised three sons who later as adults all became sexual predators.[15]

While Sir James Savile became the single, most prolific charity fundraiser[16] at £45million in his country’s history,[17] he also degenerated into Britain’s most prolific child rapist of all time.[18] By official tally of the UK’s largest children’s protection charity,[19] the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), at least 500 victims reportedly suffered at the hands of Jimmy Savile.[20] But other accounts project at least 1,000 victims sexually assaulted on BBC premises alone.[21] Considering these numbers include only registered abuse complaints to authorities on record, the actual total of wounded can never be precisely known but undoubtedly reaches into the thousands.

Incredibly for 60 years (1951-2011) while a volunteer porter at Leeds General Infirmary, Savile bragged about volunteering to have unconsented sex with dead corpses and how he made jewelry from glass eyes removed from their bodies.[22] We’re talking one extremely demented sick fuck here. More than any other single figure in the history of humankind, Sir Jimmy’s six decade long crime spree cavalcade connects all the demonic dots like no other, from the Luciferian royals to the top government movers and shakers to the most infamous serial killers to his far-reaching BBC entertainment pedophile ring.

But on more than a half dozen occasions police actually questioned Sir Jimmy Savile as a repeated child abusing suspect but each and every time let him go. The first incident recorded by police occurred in 1955 in Manchester where Savile managed a dance hall.[23] In 1958 in his hometown of Leeds, while employed still as a nightclub manager, a police inquiry had Savile facing jail time for sexual assault charges.[24] A half dozen years ago according to Dennis Lemmon, a former Savile bodyguard now 80-years old, Savile was in an especially agitated and foul mood one night before he was scheduled to appear in court the next day for “interfering with young girls.” But as it turned out, soon afterwards Lemmon was informed that the worried derelict had apparently bribed crooked police officers at the last minute into dropping the case. Other reports say he paid off the girls’ families. Another early incident of Savile sex abuse involved an underage victim dating back to 1959 when Savile as a Luxembourg Radio DJ raped a 13-year old girl at Lime Grove Studios in London.[25]

Savile would have been 28 or 29 in 1955 with his first known criminal offense. With such a prolific, uninterrupted history of serial offending, there is near 100% certainty that the sexual predator began molesting children well before the mid-1950s. If he was performing sexual acts on corpses soon after he began working as a porter at Leeds Infirmary in 1951 at age 25, then it was almost certain he was sexually assaulting live underage kids up to a decade prior to his first known case. The bottom line, had English law enforcement done its job way back in either 1955 or 1958, over six decades ago, thousands of lives and undoubtedly dozens of suicides would have been spared the permanent scars from his sadistic marathon of abuse committed nonstop over the next half century. But illegal payoffs to corrupt police, aggressive intimidation, thuggish threats and manipulative blackmail as well as protection from elite living above the law in the corrupt British system kept the flaming maniac out of jail his entire life.

As far back as 1965 his entire hometown police force apparently was well aware of Savile’s pedophilic predilections. A young constable on bicycle patrol one night spotted one of the DJ’s trademark Rolls Royces parked in a secluded spot near Roundhay golf course, fairly close to Savile’s penthouse in Leeds overlooking Roundhay Park.[26] The policeman observed Savile in the driver’s seat sitting next to a very young girl. When the constable approached asking “what’s the matter?” Savile responded:

I’m waiting for midnight when she turns 16.

It was 11:45PM and at first the young cop appeared bewildered until Jimmy winked at him. The policeman then turned to the girl and asked if she was alright, but she only smiled in silence. The cop realized he had just interrupted Jimmy Savile seducing an underage girl and it obviously did not set very well with the Leeds’ leading pedo-kingpin who snapped back irritably:

Piss off. If you want to keep your job I suggest you get on your bike and fuck off.

When at the end of his shift, the patrolman began relaying the bizarre encounter to his sergeant, he was cut off:

Shut up, son, he’s got friends in high places. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave it there.[27]

Savile was free to continue sexually assaulting children for almost the next half century.

The serial pedophile brags about his illicit exploits from cover to cover in his 184 page 1978 autobiography.[28] In one such lurid tale also in the 1960s, Savile explained he was visited by a senior female police officer in Leeds who asked him if he’d seen a young juvenile runaway, showing him her photo.[29] His answer was, “no but if I run into her, I’ll keep her all night first as my reward,” then be sure to turn her in the next morning. That night he did run into her at one of his dancehalls and then did exactly what he said he would do. Upon arrival at the station the next day, the policewoman wanted to book him with a sex crime but according to Savile:

The officeress was dissuaded from bringing charges against me by her colleagues for it was well known that were I to go, I would probably take half the station with me.[30]

Already in the 1960s Mr. Big Stuff knew all the crooked cops in town, and as a “local hero,” was a major player in the blackmail game. Savile’s media career started at Radio Luxembourg in 1958 followed two years later at Tyne Tees Television with his BBC professional run commencing in late 1963. His criminal career path as a serial sexual child predator went wherever his career in public life catapulted him. Meanwhile, the more famous he became, the more he brazenly acted out sexually. Throughout the late 1960s and 1970s, police probes into child sex abuse repeatedly had Savile and other BBC employees’ names coming up again and again.[31] For two weeks in 1969 police interviewed dozens of BBC staff and musicians over complaints that on a consistent basis underage victims were routinely being sexually assaulted in dressing rooms at all the BBC studios. Yet no charges were ever filed against any suspects – as guilty as Savile and his pals were.

Then came the sad tragic case in 1971 of 15-year old Top of the Pops dancer Claire McAlpine, who via her diary alleged that a number of well-known public figures had taken sexual advantage of her, among them Jimmy Savile, longtime fellow BBC DJ Tony Blackburn, the legendary Frank Sinatra and alleged others.[32] Apparently in early 1971 no one believed Claire, and terrified that she may become pregnant, several weeks after reporting abuse falling on deaf ears, she allegedly committed suicide from a drug overdose.

Among the over dozen investigations into Savile’s criminal past launched a year after his 2011 death, BBC’s whopping £10 million whitewash conducted by retired magistrate judge Dame Janet Smith failed to pursue Claire’s accusations knowing some of her alleged perpetrators are still alive. So 60-year old former fellow dancer and friend of Claire’s, Kelly Gold, claimed in 2016 she is ready to name names and work with police to bring belated justice for her fallen comrade.[33] In addition to stating that Savile had groped her as well, after their March 1971 Top of the Pops performance, Kelly Gold also maintains that an alleged “world famous” superstar singer ended up at a hotel having sex with Claire. To this day Kelly feels guilty because that night she lied to Claire’s mother stating that Claire was staying at her place. Claire McAlpine was the first in a litany of strange and untimely deaths surrounding BBC employees as apparent casualties in the Savile-BBC pedophile scandal.

Yet more controversial fallout from this unsolved, unresolved McAlpine case was stirred over the February 2016 firing of DJ Tony Blackburn.[34] For the Janet Smith inquiry, BBC dug up a memo indicating Blackburn was interviewed over allegedly assaulting Claire in 1971. But Blackburn insists he is both innocent and that no one ever spoke to him about any accusations or improprieties with any underage girls. Dame Smith believed BBC’s contention and after 49 years on the job as a top BBC DJ, the British Broadcasting Corporation abruptly terminated Blackburn’s employment.

From a February 2016 RT article covering the BBC response to the Dame Smith’s whitewashed report:

On Thursday afternoon, Director General of the BBC Tony Hall apologized to the survivors of abuse, saying the broadcaster had parted company with DJ Tony Blackburn after his evidence given to the inquiry had been below standard,[35] [falling] short of the standards of evidence that such an inquiry demanded.[36]

The BBC had the audacity to think that axing one employee never arrested or charged for what he flatly denies, for allegedly lying that he never was questioned on abuse claims put forth by one underage BBC employee near a half century earlier should help absolve this criminal corporation from its mountains of past sins while this same underage BBC employee it failed to protect also accused the most prolific child abuser in Britain’s history but the BBC elected to keep looking the other way for four straight decades has to be the height of hubris and hypocrisy.

In a newspaper interview shortly following Claire McAlpine’s death, Jimmy Savile publicly denied ever seeing or knowing her.[37] Yet a photo clearly shows both Claire McAlpine and Kelly Gold with Savile and others on the March 1971 set. So when blood is on your hands for permitting thousands of the most horrific crimes imaginable against children on BBC premises (up to 1,000 by Sir Jimmy alone),[38] and then firing an employee apparently always in good standing for the past 49-years over possibly not being truthful (but perhaps is) about being questioned on a matter occurring 45 years earlier is then opportunely used by the BBC director general as evidence the company is proactively taking corrective measures to make up for all its past complicit crimes and cover-up is the most profoundly absurd line of shit for any sane, rational person to swallow.

With Savile signing off from Top of the Pops (TOTP) in 2006 after a 42 year BBC run and 35 years after Savile abused Claire McAlpine, obviously the BBC was still choosing to stand by its #1 pedophile. Former appeals court Judge Dame Janet Smith’s February 2016 report focusing on Jimmy Savile crimes at the BBC proved to be a half-truth whitewash with its covert agenda to let those BBC senior executives guilty of horrendous crimes off the hook.

Minimally there is more than enough evidence to prove senior BBC officers up and down the corporate ranks are guilty of criminal complicity, knowing rampant abuse was ongoing for years and decades but failed to act to stop it. Moreover, there is plenty of evidence that the BBC higher-ups are guilty of for years attempting to cover-up the scandal in order to preserve its reputation and own criminality. And thirdly, Jimmy Savile and his ragtag crew of fellow pedo-DJs and musicians weren’t the only pedophiles committing sexual assault on children. Very powerful BBC VIPs along with MPs, PMs, high court judges, police chiefs, MI5 and MI6 heads, famous entertainers and royalty were and still are all active pedophiles participating in their still flourishing child raping network.[39]

Yet none of them have ever been arrested, prosecuted or brought to justice. A growing number of citizens around the world are very aware of this fact. It’s the pink elephant in the UK’s world pedo-epicenter war room. This is why the entire dozen post-Savile so called child abuse investigations are an outrageous hoax being put upon all the good people of Britain as an over-the-top assault on their intelligence. The fact is the most vile evildoers alive are still in control still doing the most vile evil to innocent victims. And as long as they remain in control, justice will never be served and children will never be safe. The remainder of this chapter and others to follow will clearly demonstrate the truth about these pedophiles still in power still successfully evading justice.

Where it was “safe” to do so, that Dame Smith report did accurately disclose the sleazy breeding ground for sexual assault of underage girls at the TOTP studio,[40] “in the corridors, canteens, staircases and dressing rooms of every BBC premises.”[41] Though led by prolific Savile, he was never acting alone. Rape and assault were commonly committed by many of the BBC performing musicians, presenters, roadies, photographers, you name it, this longtime cultural norm routinely practiced at the BBC studios particularly in dressing rooms allowed criminals to repeatedly get away with child sex abuse on an industrial scale. As alluded to earlier, it grew so out of hand in both 1969 and again in the early 1970s that it even drew half-assed police responses interviewing victims and perps though zero arrests or indictments were ever made. That’s clearly criminal neglect by both BBC and the police. For over half a century, the British Broadcasting Corporation kept a lock on routinely ignoring victim complaints that extended to multiple intentionally failed police probes.

Then when an occasional whistleblowing celebrity happened to speak out against Savile crimes, even his shocking disclosure was routinely ignored and negatively consequenced. In the Radio 1 BBC studio during a 1978 interview subsequently suppressed and never aired, John Lyden, otherwise known at the time as Johnny Rotten from the punk rock band the Sex Pistols, having heard enough substantiated rumors about Savile, called him out:

A hypocrite… into all kinds of seediness… that we’re not allowed to talk about.[42]

Instead of being taken seriously to warrant investigating the derelict DJ 40 years ago, Lyden claims BBC punished him for trying to honestly do the right thing:

If you said anything you’d be off playlists, but that didn’t bother me as I was doing a good job of that independently. But firsthand experiences were reiterated to me by young girls who went to Top of the Pops and said he was touchy, feely, creepy, urgh… Doctor Death. I told them to report it but it would have been seen as grassing then. I knew all about it and said so and got myself banned from the BBC. Family values, eh? Turns out I was the only one who had any.[43]

Also in the late 1970s a Stoke-Mandeville Hospital nurse also spoke up doing right by her patients suffering from spinal injuries who were being sexually attacked by longtime volunteer Savile, reporting his abuse to detective John Lindsey. But according to Lindsey, his police commander responded that there was “insufficient evidence” to proceed with a case against such a major VIP as Savile.[44] Like the BBC, police consistently looked the other way because they were ordered to give the famous pervert a free pass.

West Yorkshire Police detectives working the Ripper murder cases in the late 1970s also brought Savile in for questioning.[45] He was implicated by members of the public, his Leeds residence was in close proximity to where bodies were found with bite marks on them, thus leading to an order of Savile’s teeth imprints to determine if they matched,[46] and during interviews with the prime suspect-turned-convicted serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, Savile’s name and activity in proximity to murder did come up.[47]

Then many years later in 2007 Surrey police investigated Savile in response to a claim of sexual assault during the 1970s by a former resident of Duncroft Approved School for Girls. Though at least five girls had made claims that Savile abused them while attending the school under government Home Office control until 1973, an eventual total of 23 Savile victims surfaced from that student body comprised of intelligent teenage girls with emotional problems claiming that Savile molested them.[48] Yet Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) insists that even with all those alleged victims, not enough evidence existed to charge either the perpetrator or the headmistress Margaret Jones. Jones gave the predator his own flat as the only male allowed overnights on the premises (similar to Broadmoor and Stoke-Mandeville).

One of Savile’s abuse victims told the press:

Jimmy treated Duncroft like a pedophile sweet shop.[x49]

Yet every time police ever investigated Savile, between them and the CPS, never was there sufficient cause to indict the serial offender, which again only shows that he was repeatedly shielded in total whitewashed cover-ups his entire life.

A year after Surrey opened an investigation against Savile abuse charges that led nowhere, in 2008 Sussex Police followed suit questioning Savile over a complaint stemming from a 1970 incident, only to lead to the same abysmally poor excuse – not enough evidence. Whenever constables interviewed Savile as late as January 2009 over past abuse allegations, Savile’s intimidating threats and megalomaniacal power put police on the defensive[50] with never enough evidence to dare charge him.[51] Savile called an old West Yorkshire detective buddy of his to arrange for the Surrey police to interview the 82-year old at his living quarters on the grounds of Stoke-Mandeville Hospital, a total breach of standard police protocol. Yet if he wasn’t Sir Jimmy, he would’ve been locked away for life a half century earlier.

In the more than half dozen times that police actually did question the famous entertainer as a possible suspect, the arrogant Savile defiantly mocked his supposed interrogators knowing he was above the law, protected by his loyal royal friends and prime minister allies who always had his back. Even honest cops trying to do their job to protect children were given the cold shoulder by their superiors. Just like the mafia, Savile the child procurer was “a made man” operating freely within the evil cabal system of organized crime called the British establishment.

Right up to this very day UK law enforcement is notorious for neither ever having the balls nor the will to follow through on any serious pedo-investigations of VIPs, invariably failing to find “hard” evidence to indict whenever members of the establishment are suspects. This pervasive police pattern of indifference towards victims while demonstrating total deference towards protected powerful perps, combined with covert orders and instructions from MI5 or government heads to cease any further inquiry is the consistent historical pattern in both North America as well as Europe when the pedophilic higher-ups cherry-pick their pedo-enabling foxes to be in charge of investigations, centrally controlled in Britain by an always pedo-enabling occupant at Home Secretary office.

For over six decades this kind of criminal collusion by submissive, order-following UK law enforcement allowed the demented lunatic Savile to roam freely throughout the Isles, granted carte blanche from the National Health Service (NHS), with the sex savage completely on the loose, he was able to select virtually any criminal insane asylum, mortuary, children’s hospital, children’s group home or school of his choice, along with the sprawling safe haven confines of his BBC conglomerate. Sir Jimmy Savile uniquely possessed at his literal personal disposal an unlimited supply of readymade victims. Dead corpses, debilitated children and adults alike as well as adoring underage fans, mostly girls but boys too, both young and old, as an equal opportunity rapist, no-body was off limits to king predator Sir Jimmy. All were exploited, expendable sex objects filling his ruthless, insatiable need for cruelly satanic dominance and sadistic control, serving his necrophilia-loving, pedophilic carnal desires while fully shielded by diabolical intimate ties to queens, princes and prime ministers, all granting gatekeeper keys to Lucifer’s earthly pedophilia kingdom.

Why? Because Savile supplied child victims to VIPs while working, in his own words, “deep cover” with British and foreign intelligence.[52] Sir Jimmy was intimate with the royals.[53] The DJ opportunistically used his quirky, eccentric, philanthropic celebrity image and persona to amass immense influence and power primarily through ingratiation to royalty and prime ministers, and intimidation, threats and blackmail to everyone else that stood in his way, at will brazenly violating and raping the entire British Kingdom whose ruling masters in return guaranteed him lifetime insurance policy protection and impunity.

The next several chapters unravel the so-vile Sa-vile story in terms of its connecting implications, unmasking his ties to the larger global pedophilia network. As the pimping procurer of child sex slaves[54] raped and murdered by the queen and her princes,[55] prime ministers[56] and parliament members, elite media and entertainment figures, over time the rising fame of the Top of the Pops DJ morphed him into a pivotal player within the ruling elite’s sexual blackmail system. Not unlike the Mossad-made financier-cabalist Jeffrey Epstein, as long as Sir Jimmy continued delivering the sacrificial lambs of UK’s throwaway population of institutionalized children to the earth controlling Luciferian puppet masters, they in turn would guarantee his protection for as long as he lived – to the ripe old age of just two days shy of his 85th birthday.

While Savile’s super creepy close relationship to royalty is specifically addressed in Chapter 22, his relations with London government VIPs, security services and taxpayer sponsored British Broadcasting Company as his longtime pedophile enabling employer are exposed in this chapter. But because pedophilia is the central binding nexus between the Windsor family, the 10 Downing Street-Westminster government and the BBC as the UK’s false propaganda machine, separate chapters apart from Savile will follow to unveil the still unfolding, tip-of-the-iceberg royalty and government scandals while the crime cabal flounders desperately in vain to keep them covered up. But as the elite’s Achilles heel, fortunately enough of the ugly truth’s already permanently out of the bag and there’s no going back.

Despite the day after Savile’s October 29, 2011 death when the famous “larger than life” entertainer was being widely heralded as a beloved “national treasure”[57] with sanctimonious tributes led by Prince Charles, celebrities and the media alike,[58] within months afterwards in response to a plethora of accusations emerging from his victims across the nation, multiple police investigations reactively sprang up ostensibly to look more closely into his “hidden” monstrous past. A horrified Britain was shocked to learn of Savile’s countless crimes carried out at 41 National Health Service (NHS) medical institutions,[59] half at children’s hospitals,[60] along with countless children’s homes and schools, a highest security mental institution, even a hospice for the terminally ill[61] and in every BBC backstage dressing room, victimizing thousands of his defenseless prey ranging from age two to 75.[62] Again, underage girls were his preference with 80% of his victims children and 82% female. In 1976 nearing the height of his fame, with television cameras rolling before a national audience into the millions, Jimmy Savile was allowed to brazenly molest a teenager flagrantly violating the law without drawing any notice or criticism whatsoever other than the poor victim’s shocked, flailing on-camera reaction.[63] What does that tell you?

At the 1973 Top of the Pops pre-Christmas show, within minutes after walking off stage still dressed in his Womble costume, back in the dressing room Savile’s entourage had just dropped off two of his latest victims excitedly waiting to meet the star. With a sentinel guarding his dressing room door, the pedophile Womble proceeded to savagely rape a 10-year old boy while making a stunned 12-year old girl watch, then the petrified, frozen-in-trauma sodomized boy was forced to witness the girl’s turn being sexually assaulted, at the end Uncle Jimmy turned to his prey to say it’s “our little secret.”[64] After countless episodes like this at BBC studios and confirmed evidence of having sex with corpses or infirmed hospital patients of all ages, it’s also been revealed that Savile was very likely a not-so-closeted Satanist[65] engaging in satanic murder rituals as an accomplice or co-participant, if not on his own, befriending the most notorious, coldblooded serial killers in British history.

Beyond the 1980s and long past Jimmy Savile’s prime as a regular weekly BBC entertainer, his numerous homes across the British Isles and three or four Rolls Royces and all his accoutrements of wealth supporting his lavishly opulent lifestyle always remained ostentatiously evident throughout Sir Jimmy’s life. As a pimp to royalty, prime ministers, MPs and rock stars, and a centrally embedded figure in Britain’s sexual blackmail scheme, his lavish lifestyle right up to his end can best be explained by his sordid, highly lucrative criminal enterprise inside the thriving global pedophilia network. Otherwise, whatever legit income he may have still had as a senior citizen during the final two decades of his sicko life could never have afforded living so high-off-the-hog as he’d long been accustomed for six decades. In short, pedophilia was good to Sir Jimmy, “good while it lasted” as his now removed epitaph once briefly displayed on his desecrated gravesite. Despite some members of his family wanting his body exhumed from his huge triple plot overlooking the sea to be reburied in an unmarked pauper’s grave, the £20,000 cost and his estate funds tied up in litigation settlements has kept his body in his original burial place though in an unmarked grave at a Scarborough cemetery.[66]

In the end Savile still possessed his prized £160,000 Rolls Royce that he called “the Beast” where he defiled many young girls, plus five other luxury cars including a Bentley Turbo and Mercedes 500 SL along with his reported eight homes[67] and a will leaving £5 million in two charitable trusts.[68] His estate at the time of his death was worth £4m but £2.5m of it went to both his and his plaintiffs’ lawyers, leaving only about £1m to be divvied up amongst 78 victims seeking damages exclusively from the Savile estate.[69]

The raw, naked, despicable reality that a UK “national treasure” has turned out to be both a satanic murdering corpse fucker and biggest child rapist of all-time in Great Britain’s long “glorious” history[70] speaks volumes in revealing the true nature of this world as it actually is, in contrast to the totally deceitful brainwashing bullshit we’ve all been led, taught and subjected to. The Jimmy Savile lesson runs deep to the very core of what’s gone most wrong on this planet, teaching us that absolutely nothing in this world is as it seems, that the complete betrayal of truth and morality is more than evident everywhere we look, be it by outward appearance, accepted conventional wisdom, so called good deeds, or so called science, religion or revisionist human history, it’s all one humongous pack of sinister lies carefully designed and packaged to effectively dupe and control increasingly dumbed down masses.[71]

Over the millenniums the same bloodline planetary controllers have maintained humanity’s truth-suppressing juggernaut by cunning deception, willful manipulation and calculated malevolence.[72] But now through the Jimmy Savile saga, the emperor without his clothes can be fully unveiled, exposing the grotesquely vile, pedophilic evil of this still being played out cautionary tale turned urgent wakeup call nightmare for the ages.

Just like every other pedophilia scandal covered in this book, virtually all the media, government and police inquiries conclude that one deranged beast, in this case Jimmy Savile, acted alone in “grooming the nation” as Metropolitan Police lead investigator Peter Spindler claimed.[73] On January 11, 2013, among the largest ever investigations conducted by the Metro Police in conjunction with UK’s National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) based on their Operation Yewtree findings released a joint report entitled “Giving Victims a Voice.”[74] But only voices of carefully selected victims got heard, generally revealing only tip of the iceberg, lower levels of abuse. This calculated strategy was geared to protect the self-serving interest of the larger pedophilia cabal that Savile freely operated within, comprised of royalty, the national government, the security apparatus and the MSM BBC giant that carefully, collectively shielded him from having to answer for his mountain of heinous crimes while still alive.

As in all pedophilia scandals, by methodically disclosing an incomplete whitewash of half-truths, the elite’s pedo-network always remains intact and well-preserved while temporarily appeasing the public’s outrage and so called “right to know.” This same overly contrived, overused damage control tactic is consistently deployed by the Luciferian planetary controllers who ritualistically torture, sodomize, butcher, drain and drink adrenochrome-filled blood,[75] and eat cut-out hearts of their sacrificial child lamb prey. By satanic design, these pedo-cabal victims never had a chance to either live or have a voice. They were surgically removed from Operation Yewtree-NSPCC’s sanitized, incomplete, grossly distorted version of what actually transpired.

As an illustration of Sir Jimmy’s power and fame to suppress his ugly sins, in 1994 the editor of the Sunday Mirror Paul Connew had two Savile abuse survivors in their mid-30s who were former residents victimized at Duncroft Approved School for girls in the 1970s, ready and willing to go public with their accusations.[76] Knowing firsthand what a monster Savile was, they were both tired and appalled seeing their abuser receiving such praise and honors from the likes of Margaret Thatcher, the queen and pope, each taking turns bestowing knighthood on their serial rapist. The former editor was certain they were not motivated to seek money as the pair just wanted to set the record straight and see if some semblance of justice could be achieved.

But Paul Connew felt compelled to compassionately warn the two women what they would be up against should their story be published – the ensuing, most certain, highly publicized scandal would result in a contentious libel lawsuit against them, and both a likely non-response from the police as well as a star-struck jury that tends to avoid conviction of enamored celebrities. The husband of one of the accusers convinced his wife to not pursue such public exposure, both to protect her and their children. And with that development, not wanting to move forward alone, for very good reason the other survivor lamented this incisively accurate scenario:

Who will believe me against Jimmy Savile with all his connections to Charles and Diana and Mrs. Thatcher and the Pope? They’ll destroy me, even though I’d be telling the truth.[77]

So way back in 1994, a full decade and a half prior to Savile’s final known sexual assault, unfortunately the story of his pedophilic abuse never went forward in the press when it came ever so close.

When it was all said and done after six decades of uninterrupted predation against thousands of victims, the detective superintendent from Metropolitan Police’s pedophile unit – David Gray, emphasized how Savile must have been mentally preoccupied and obsessed with plotting his next sex offense “every minute of every waking day.”[78] But Savile was never operating alone because every 3 minutes of every single day another British child goes missing, totaling 140,000 each year,[79] many of whom wind up in the global pedo-pipeline of enslaved, abused and ritualistically murdered children. And all that cannot be a one man operation.

Yet David Gray went on to bogusly claim that no evidence exists suggesting that the “lone wolf” was ever part of a larger pedophile sex ring,[80] making it out like Savile was some anomalous freak show oddity operating 24/7 365 days a year pedovore for well over a half century completely within his own neatly spun cocoon-like vacuum. Nothing could be further from the truth! This willfully deceitful statement again promotes the constant false narrative of the “lone gunman” syndrome as the standard prototypical cover-up feature present in every single pedophilia scandal as well as virtually every major assassination and false flag “terrorism” event.[81] A favorite tool used in all state sponsored false flags.

Among the pedophilia scandals, think Lawrence E. King, Jeffrey Epstein, Jerry Sandusky, Larry Nassar and Barry Bennell, or Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray as portrayed by the mainstream media. In every single case the press dutifully reports all these high profiled, most prolific pedophiles and assassins always act alone in order to sweep the far bigger reality of a massively globalized, interlocking pedophilia crime cabal network conveniently under the rug. Without exception, every one of their false narratives calls for reading off the same MSM Mockingbird script, just to keep you, me and John Q Public in the dark from ever knowing the far more disturbing, sinister truth.

From the no-brainer file comes the BBC launched £10 million “self-investigation” boondoggle into the Savile debauchery with a specific focus of determining if any BBC culpability accompanied Savile’s crime spree. Led by “respected” former magistrate judge Dame Janet Smith, her inquiry insists that beyond widespread rumor and gossip, no one at BBC definitely knew Savile was committing sex crimes,[82] in one fell swoop clearing both all corporate executives and all company personnel that participated in the BBC pedophile sex ring as well as the BBC criminal cover-up, adding salt to the re-traumatized wounds suffered by thousands of Savile, BBC and cabal victims.[83]

Over a dozen major Savile investigations from the Metro-Scotland Yard police to the BBC[84] to the NHS,[85] Stoke-Mandeville,[86] Leeds General Infirmary,[87] to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS),[88] Department of Education, House of Commons, a so called national Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse[89] and on and on they go,[90] all designed to place zero blame, zero responsibility, zero complicity and zero criminal cover-up on the real pedo-network kingpins. By falsely depicting a virtual one man operation, the most powerful pedovors systemically supporting and shielding Jimmy Savile are allowed to get away with their ongoing brutal crimes. The elephant in all their rooms is the global pedophilia cabal. None will dare speak of this truth. But then what else is new? That’s simply the way this Luciferian system works. But a considerable body of largely overlooked facts totally refuting their feeble claims and bogus conclusions about Savile’s reign of terror will be presented.

We’ll start with the serial predator’s own nephew Guy Marsden who supplies irrefutable firsthand evidence that from relatively early on in Savile’s career he was operating within a larger pedophile ring:

Uncle Jimmy took me to his sick parties, (Marsden specifically calling them) paedophile parties.[91]

After running away with three friends from their family homes in Leeds when Guy was just 13, Jimmy Savile walked in on a London dive where the runaways were staying. Initially Guy figured his parents put his uncle up to busting him in order to send the local boys straight back home. But much to Guy’s surprise, in 1967 Uncle Jimmy began taking his nephew and buddies to wealthy celebrity mansions where Guy believes that men attending the parties were sexually abusing boys and girls as young as 10. For the next year and a half Marsden witnessed his uncle regularly showing up at these depraved soirees in fancy settings, often accompanied by a priest and children from nearby orphanages and group homes.

A half dozen years ago the now 63-year old Guy Marsden explicitly described how back in the 60s Savile the pimp was already operating within an extensive elitist pedophile network amongst members of London’s high society from the British entertainment industry:

The group of runaways ended up in a fabulous house – believed to belong to a famous pop impresario – with a big indoor swimming pool. The celebrity home was one of the party venues. At night you would get about 15 or 20 people turning up. There would be music and tables full of food, we couldn’t believe it. There was everything we needed and we just hung around. At first we automatically assumed the children lived there, but we soon realized they didn’t. They would be brought there, sometimes by Uncle Jimmy, and would stay for six or seven hours until 3 or 4AM. They were just little kids, boys and girls.[92]

With Savile the procurer working behind the scenes as well as openly with church clergy funneling child victims from care homes into the pedo-elite way back in the swinging sixties while the DJ’s influence and power were still on the rise, soon enough the big TV star was pimping kids off to the royal family, UK prime ministers and their Westminster minions working undercover with British intelligence agencies. On behalf of the Luciferian worshipping pedophile cult consisting of English royalty, top politicians and entertainers, assisted by the British MI5 and MI6 security services, (just like their US and Israeli counterparts), all have long been steeped in the business of sexual blackmail operations and pedo-pipeline procurement using the most vulnerable population of expendable, throwaway orphan children from group home charities misused as sacrificial bait and prey consumed by the pedophilic elite.[93]

Sir Jimmy once told Esquire:

The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover. I’ve known the Royal Family for a million years.[94]

That about says it all. Working “deep cover” with the royals and MI5, he pimped British kids to UK’s VIPs – royalty, politicians and entertainers.[95] Savile’s name has come up in virtually every group home scandal where pedophile MPs have regularly committed sex abuse on mostly underage boys across the nation. A list of some that are further fleshed out later are the Elm Guest Home, Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne, North Wales’ Bryn Estyn care home where Sir Jimmy would show up in his chauffeured limousine with his older brother.[96] MI5 has long been linked to running a honey trap boy brothel blackmail operation out of Kincora boys’ home in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, often escorted to parties at nearby mansions to be abused by politicos on both sides of the IRA conflict.[97] Jimmy Savile as much as admitted working as an undercover agent for the security services and has been linked to Kincora as well.[98] So have his fellow pedo-buddies PM Ted Heath and the royal Lord Mountbatten, credited with introducing Savile to the Windsor family in 1966, further followed up in Chapter 22.

Typically the global intelligence community acts as fellow handlers along with the Catholic Church, secret societies like Malta Knights, Freemasons, Illuminati, and “deep cover” Satanists like Savile. A North Wales abuse survivor, now a barrister, has claimed that many of his perpetrators are Freemasons.[99] Infiltrating secret society members among top tier government (from national to local), law enforcement, the courts, business, medicine, academia and entertainment media typically comprise the pedophile network. The global intelligence community of course also functions as the ruling elite’s private army of international mercenary assassins and bully boys to protect and serve cabal interests as well as coordinate the global child sex trafficking network.

Still another scandal reputed to have connections to procuring pedophile Savile involve group home kids from Islington transported to parties where VIPs abused them.[100] In the 1990s in an effort to cover-up the pervasive abuse, the head of the Islington Council – Lady Margaret Hodge (nee Oppenheimer[101]) tried to silence an outspoken victim-survivor turned attorney Demetrius Panton, calling him “extremely disturbed” in a BBC interview. Panton later forced her in a high court to apologize for her slanderous lie. In 1992 when the Evening Standard broke the story behind a hard-hitting series exposing evidence of extensive pedophilia in a number of Islington children’s homes, Hodge went on the offensive again calling the article “a sensationalist piece of gutter journalism,” for which she again later had to issue an apology. But evil deeds don’t go unrewarded by fellow evildoers in power, so in 2003 Margaret Hodge was appointed henhouse guard as minister over all UK children by yet another pedo-enabling, war criminal prime minister Tony Blair,[102] whose government was also heavily infiltrated by pedophiles. And of course Blair was also a friend of both Sir Savile as well as Sir Cliff, and using his convenient D-notices, he protected pedophiles.[103]

Incredibly for six long decades, Jimmy Savile’s ties unlawfully procuring victims from group homes for British Establishment VIPs made him privy to the elite’s deplorable inside crimes, thus automatically guaranteeing his lifelong protection and impunity to recklessly and arrogantly live above the law, often right out in the open constantly boasting about his powerful protectors.

Savile’s explanation on how he was able to acquire documentarian Louis Theroux’s home address speaks to his cocksure infallibility:

I can get anything. There’s nothing I can’t get, and there’s nothing I can’t do.[104]

After spending the last two weeks with Sir Jimmy filming his documentary in 2000, when Theroux finally led up to pressing him for an answer over the decades of pedophile rumors that had followed him, Theroux began with:

So why do you say in interviews that you hate children when, I’ve seen you with kids, and you clearly enjoy their company and you have a good rapport with them? [105]

After denying he hates them, Savile remarked:

We live in a very funny world. And it’s easier for me, as a single man, to say ‘I don’t like children,’ because that puts a lot of salacious tabloid people off the hunt.

With the door open, Theroux then asked:

Is that basically so the tabloids don’t pursue this whole ‘is he or isn’t he a paedophile’ line?

Saville’s response:

Oh, aye, how do they know whether I am not? How does anybody know whether I am? Nobody knows whether I am or not. I know I’m not.

Savile’s thousands of victims sure know, so does the BBC and a number of police departments, not to mention his customers in government and royalty. But a more tactful Theroux countered with:

To me that sounds more, sort of suspicious in a way.

A defensive, irritated yet still cocksure of himself Savile retorts:

Alright look, that’s my policy, that’s the way it goes and it’s worked a dream. Ho, ho, ho.

In plain sight the infamous predator defied his victims, fans, law enforcement and entire nation, devilishly outfoxing his detractors with his brash, thinly veiled word games of denial and mockery.

But as the crime cabal’s go-to pedo-blackmail specialist, like his American counterpart Jeffrey Epstein, Jimmy Savile always remained confident knowing he was able to live above the law as an untouchable fully protected by royalty, governments, courts, security apparatus (both law enforcement and MI5/6/CIA/Mossad) and the MSM propaganda machine, insulated and immune to any and all allegations from abuse victims, whistleblowers and muckraking journalists. After all, his litigious aggression, intimidating threats and thuggish brutishness had his victims rendered invisible, never really believed nor heard. Would-be truth-tellers are typically smeared, vilified, ridiculed, harassed, or otherwise silenced, even neutralized by either overt or covert assassination. Then there’s the ultra-popular method of “being suicided.” That part of the Savile saga will be explored in detail in Chapter 20.

So there exists bountiful proof that as far back as the sixties, Savile was a card carrying member of a vast pedophilia network preying on underage girls and boys. Aside from the group home-orphanage pipeline, well-known disc jockeys of the day enjoyed free and easy access to legions of British minors, both male and female, willing to innocently and not so innocently place themselves and their nubile young bodies in harm’s way. Diehard fans, groupies or fledgling band members in the 60s and 70 would literally fall into the laps of sexual degenerates working in the music, radio and television industry, willing to do anything for an autograph, hug, positive attention or coveted airplay time to seek fame or simply “rub shoulders” with the rich and famous. The rock & roll age spawned generations of enamored lost souls blindly engaging in idolatry worship of creepy celebrities like Sir Jimmy, his fellow BBC and rock star friends all eagerly frothing at the mouth to take full advantage. Apologists for child sexual abuse then chalk it up to the times, an era of sexual liberation on all fronts, the promiscuous, hedonistic “swinging 60s and 70s.” Though some teenagers may have been willing, nonetheless they were still kids sexually mauled by a prolific procurer and voracious consumer, forcibly devouring children of every size, gender and age without consent, with a honing preference for the most vulnerable females between 13 and 15.

A man who was once an 11-year old victim of brutal rape perpetrated by Savile and his fellow BBC DJ colleague Alan Freeman in 1964 explained to Scotland Yard a year after Savile died during the 2012 Operation Yewtree probe how German actor Victor Beaumont had lured the boy to the celebrity’s ritzy Northwest London home.[106] Once locked in the bedroom, Beaumont called the two BBC tunesmen and the three sodomizing savages pounced on their defenseless prey. Actor Beaumont died 13 years later at age 64 while Australian born Al “Fuzzy” Freeman kicked the bucket in 2006 at age 79. After years of therapy, the traumatized victim-turned-survivor eventually married, emerging from his boyhood trauma to become a successful businessman, garnering the strength to speak out publicly and anonymously for the first time to protect his family as well as other potential victims in September 2013:

[Beaumont, Savile and Freeman] showed me no pity and arrogantly thought they could get away with anything… [Because they could and did].[107]

The Metro Police’s half-assed cover-up-their-ass attempt called Operation Yewtree was ostensibly set up to investigate Savile’s six decade reign of terror searching out other pedophiles in the Savile BBC network of horrors. Yet it has offered up only a handful of relatively low level, mostly low life pedophiles for the sole purpose of placating national public outrage than actually busting wide open the elite’s globalized network Savile belonged to as any real effort to actually bring down the pedophile planetary controllers. The idea is to put behind bars a minimal few, semi-notable, rotten fruit hanging lowest on the pedo-vine food chain in order to save and protect the child raping elite atop this demonic child killing cabal.

That Savile was so well-connected, working “deep cover” (his words) as an operative with international intelligence agencies, high level politicians and royalty, supplying the most vulnerable group home children for the sickest members of the elite in a major blackmail operation that was global is never mentioned by mainstream media. But it’s the elephant in the room that every inquiry purposely omits.

Canadian intelligence insider Roderick Russell analyzing Savile’s relationship with British security services draws this conclusion in Daily Kos:

With these cozy friendships with top politicians and royalty, no wonder Sir Jimmy Savile felt himself to be above the law in England – and the truth is that he was above the law…. Increasingly it seems that Savile was a protected man. One senses that the real question should be the role of the Intelligence/ Security services [MI5 / MI6 in UK] and establishment elites in the cover-up.[108]

A commenter on wrote in to recount his experience as a 12-year old schoolboy when Jimmy Savile came to talk about himself and his charity work, but extemporaneously veered off topic to mention his other line of work:

He [Savile] said it was great cover for his real work as a spy. He said spies have to have deep cover and England would be part of a grand plan and it was so exciting to be part of this and all of us children must help to bring England and Israel closer together.[109]

Hence his many trips to Israel as a security advisor and working closely with Mossad chum Uri Geller. More on Savile’s Israel connection later.[110]

As an undercover agent with ties to royalty and government, it’s easy to understand why Savile’s brutal 60 year crime spree was thoroughly protected by the British establishment and international crime cabal. And only after a year had elapsed since he quietly passed away in his sleep was it finally deemed permissible to begin making public his “open secret” career as a vicious serial sexual predator. Ever since October 2012 when Savile’s posthumously unraveled darker life as an evildoer-on-steroids created such a national shock and public uproar, decent people from the United Kingdom started demanding justice for his countless victims as well as the countless other unpunished pedophiles from BBC entertainment and the British establishment. And as a result of Operation Yewtree’s investigation of a pedophile network hiding in plain sight while insulated within the safe confines of the government sponsored BBC criminal enterprise, a trickling handful of suspected fellow pedophiles have been arrested and a measly fewer actually convicted and imprisoned. But the media focus on Savile’s pervasive abuse and the entire nation being groomed by the most prolific pedophile in its history has remained the prime focus for the last half dozen years, all to obscure and deflect from the real truth that he was simply a relatively minor yet significant cog in the earthly demonic wheel that is the globalized pedophilia network run by its ruling elite. This full exposure becomes the focus of this entire book and in this and coming chapters through unveiling the curtain hiding the world’s pedophilia epicenter in Britain, the horror of the elite’s Achilles heel can finally be laid bare once and for all.

Within days after the Savile bombshell hitting the United Kingdom in the form of an ITV production called Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Savile that aired on October 3rd, 2012,[111] in its immediate aftermath and fallout Operation Yewtree was rapidly launched seeking a first round of ready-made suspects from the Savile-BBC pedo-ring featuring the highly publicized arrests of glam rock star Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, and former BBC producer Wilfred De’ath.[112]

The parade of ensuing arrests by UK police’s Operation Yewtree was meant to send the message that the nation’s law enforcement was making up for allowing so many decades of Savile abuse to go unpunished. As part of the joint Metropolitan Police probe coordinating efforts from multiple police departments across the nation investigating Savile’s connection to the larger BBC pedophilia network, rock n’ roll glitter man himself Gary Glitter was the first, most infamous and obvious suspect arrested in late October 2012,[113] although despite several pedo-convictions prior, Glitter was not charged until June 2014. For years Paul Gadd (aka Gary Glitter) had been more than chummy with Sir Jimmy, appearing on television with him a number of times. And Glitter was no stranger to pedophilia, having done jail time in 1999 for possessing thousands of child pornography photos, spent Christmas 2002 in a Cambodian jail after being caught assaulting young boys[114] and deported only to then be rearrested again in 2005 in Vietnam, another Southeast Asian sex tourist paradise, engaging in obscene acts with 10 and 11 year old girls, jailed and deported again back home three years later in 2008.

Paul Gadd’s 2012 arrest arose within a few weeks after Savile was exposed, prompting thousands of child sex abuse victims to begin coming forth to report not only Savile but pedophiles associated with him and his BBC sex ring. One key witness and abuse survivor Karin Ward maintains she observed Glitter sexually assaulting a 13-year old schoolgirl in pedo-pal Savile’s BBC dressing room while Sir Jimmy groped a 14-year old and another entertainer reportedly still working today was abusing yet another schoolgirl.[115] The crime scene where most of the abuse took place was in the BBC dressing rooms where sickos indulged themselves at the expense of their in-over-their-head, adoring child fans. In February 2015 the then 71-year old Paul Gadd’s lurid past finally caught up to him for good.[116] He was convicted on one count of attempted rape of an 8-year old, unlawful sexual intercourse with a 12-year old, and four counts of indecent assault against three girls at the height of his fame during the 1970s and sentenced to 16 more years in prison.[117] Though he never stood trial for it, the beast is alleged to have repeatedly raped his own daughter’s best friend starting when she was just 8.[118] Two years prior to his death, Savile actually had the gall to publicly defend his child porn collecting, fellow serial pedophile glittery Gadd-fly friend during an interview, insisting “he did nothing wrong.”[119]

Second Yewtree arrestee Freddie Starr was at one time an English singer, a very popular comic as well as actor who rose to fame during the 1970s with Jimmy Savile, also often featured as a regular performer on his programs.[120] The incident that caused his charmed life to come crashing down also was alleged to occur in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room after he was a guest on Savile’s Clunk Click show. According to alleged victim Karin Ward who was 15 at the time, Freddie Starr’s “wandering hands” went up her skirt and pinched her buttocks in what she described as “being goosed.” Karin has stated that she would never have even bothered reporting the incident to police had it not been for the Savile revelations and Starr humiliating her immediately following his ass groping, calling her a “titless wonder” in front of a bunch of hangers-on laughing and mocking her in the Savile dressing room.[121]

Decades after the humiliating incident Karin Ward was interviewed for two different documentaries that were produced exposing Savile, one by ITV that opened the reporting floodgate in October 2012 and another by the BBC that was never shown, pulled by BBC senior executives at the last minute in favor of airing two holiday tributes to the dead degenerate.[122] Soon after the ITV doc aired, Karin found herself interviewed by the police as Freddie Starr subsequently became Yewtree’s second celebrity suspect arrested and released on bail. As to be expected, Freddie denied ever seeing or knowing this girl Karin but film footage of the program episode in question soon emerged confirming that the victim was present in the audience. Incidentally, Karin also testified that while on a camping trip from her Norfolk children’s home to the notorious island of Jersey where kids were regularly used and abused by British VIPs, she reported that savage Savile molested her there as well.[123]

Though Operation Yewtree ultimately concluded that insufficient evidence to prosecute comedian Freddie Starr resulted in no formal charges ever filed against him, based on testimony from other alleged victims, a year later in 2013 Starr was rearrested and again a third time, yet strangely never charged.[124] After his fourth arrest, Freddie Starr vowed to bring Operation Yewtree “down on its knees.”[125] Though he successfully evaded prosecution, his reputation was completely tattered. Knowing he couldn’t take on and expect to win in court against the Met Police behind Yewtree, a vengeful Starr went on the offensive filing a suit against his prime accuser Karin Ward for libel and defamation of character. But in 2015 the presiding judge ruled in the victim’s favor and Starr was stuck with a million pound legal bill to cover Karin’s attorney fees.[126] Still claiming his innocence with his career and life torn asunder and his health allegedly failing, Starr promptly sold his English property and moved to Spain without paying his debt. In the end, Crown Prosecution Service decided against charging Starr for any crime at all.

It appears the farcical, on again, off again arrest antics were all for show, amounting to a colossal waste of time and manpower at exorbitant taxpayer expense, not to mention causing further despair to already damaged lives. The question lingers, was Starr ultimately spared from standing trial because he could return the damage on others higher up on the pedophilia food chain?

After skipping out, Starr reported to The Sun that at times he felt like taking his own life:

I was trapped like a dog. So I thought I’m just going to get on a plane and go to Spain. And this is where I’m going to die… Freddie Starr the entertainer is dead.[127]

But at last report in late 2016, an unshaven, pudgy Freddie rose from the dead and came out of hiding to entertain again, singing Elvis songs at his favorite local karaoke bar in Costa del Sol[128]… speaking of pedos named Elvis,[129] apparently Starr reinvented himself as a white-haired version of another bloated Elvis sighting. Though he claimed to be broke and unable to pay his legal fees back home, he had enough cash to plunk down £133,500 for his swanky pad on the Iberian Peninsula pleasure seeking paradise.

Also arrested during the first week of November 2012 was Wilfred De’ath, a BBC producer through the 1960s and 1970s who worked with Jimmy Savile on the radio program Teen Scene.[130] De’ath would later be interviewed in the explosive ITV documentary “Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Savile,” stating that in phone contact as well as an in-person meeting in 1964, he saw firsthand evidence that Savile was engaging in unlawful sex with an underage girl estimated between 12 and 14, leaning towards 12.[131] But in October 2012 as part of the Operation Yewtree witch hunt, De’ath found himself accused of sexual assault but the alleged teenage victim as an adult would later withdraw her complaint and, as with Starr, the police never did charge De’ath with any pedophilia crime.

As a fresh grad out of Oxford at age 23, the BBC hired Wilfred De’Ath as its youngest ever producer. But in the 1970s the acerbic whiz kid was sued for libel, writing that nine of his contemporaries were “intellectual pygmies.” He lost not only a costly legal battle but his two decade long career at BBC as well, sending him in a downward spiral for the next many years living in France as a homeless person, moving back and forth from the streets to jail cells over a series of petty crimes. Self-admittedly leading a riches-to-rags scoundrel’s life, the 81-year oldie still manages to write a column for The Oldie about his up and down, colorfully checkered life.[132]

Dave Lee Travis and Jimmy Savile were both highly popular BBC DJ colleagues and Top of the Pops presenters, apparently affiliated with the same BBC child sex club from the late 1960s into the 1980s. The irony of Travis’ statement paying tribute to his friend Sir Jimmy proved especially accurate for him:

We are all going to be worse off without him around.[133]

As the fourth Operation Yewtree suspect, the former BBC Radio 1 morning show DJ host Travis was arrested on pedophilia charges and taken into custody for 12 hours after an early morning raid at his home before his release on bail in November 2012.[134] Travis was eventually acquitted of a dozen charges in a first trial in 2014 as alleged underage victims’ claims that he groped them decades earlier were not persuasive enough for the jury to convict.[135]

However in a second separate trial in September 2014, Travis was found guilty of indecent assault on a young researcher in her early 20s working on the BBC production of the Mrs. Merton Show in 1995, receiving a three month suspended sentence.[136] In December 2015 a three judge appeals court panel upheld his conviction,[137] unconvinced that the 1995 victim had lied about her accusation. His victim has explained that the veteran DJ saw her smoking a cigarette in a BBC corridor, and jokingly admonished her, “You shouldn’t be smoking. Think about your poor little lungs.” She testified in court that he then walked up to her and proceeded to grab and squeeze her breasts for 10-15 seconds, adding that she was frozen in total bewilderment before retreating to safety.[138]

While the 1995 assault victim – comedienne Lucy Porter – who has worked Travis’ “groping my tits” incident into her standup comic routine after becoming a television personality in her own right,[139] all along the aging DJ claims he’s been a wrongfully accused innocent man and victim of a post-Savile witch hunt leaving him in financial ruin. But as of March 2018 a half decade after his initial arrest, the now 72-year old Travis is once again back to work hosting a two hour weekend spot with the new digital station United DJs Radio.[140] Maintaining all along that he’s the one who’s been a victim, the former BBC shock jock can’t hide his bitterness:

I do have pretty negative and strong feelings about things people have done that have been totally wrong. The unfortunate thing is that nowadays someone only has to say something and that’s enough to stop a person’s career.[141]

Again, Travis supporters believe the former BBC star has been unfairly maligned as a martyr for what they consider trumped up charges in a mockery of justice, succumbing to pressures to justify Operation Yewtree by finding so called pedophiles to pay for Savile’s crimes in a feeble PR campaign to placate a shocked, incensed public… in effect, hanging from the gallows both innocent victims as well as a few low level offenders in order to shield guilty pedophilia kingpins at the top of the British Establishment. Fellow television presenter Noel Edmonds maintains that the royal family and the Thatcher government have been just as guilty for the Jimmy Savile scourge as the BBC.[142] Facts backing up his claim will be addressed later in Chapters 21 and 22.

If Travis did grope, and he may well have, clearly grabbing a woman’s breasts he didn’t know without her consent is rightfully a reprehensible act and legitimate crime. But brutally raping thousands of victims – both young and old in hospitals or on BBC premises including sex with dead corpses in the morgue, all with fully complicit knowledge and protection from fellow pedophile top politicians, royalty, MI5/6 and BBC executives, in 180 degree contrast, based on this single incident – even if guilty, Dave Lee Travis’ behavior isn’t even remotely comparable to Savile and others atop United Kingdom’s predatory pedophilia network. And to that degree, he and others like him in the post-Savile witch hunt are victims. Meanwhile, above-the-law unreachables atop government and royalty continue satanically raping and murdering kids in droves. This is a total mockery of justice for all humans on earth. Yet nothing changes.

It’s obvious the British police targeted Travis as a designated sacrificial victim to doggedly pursue in order to safeguard the bigger pedo-operation of sodomizing Luciferian cannibals that own the pedo-cabal so that they remain free to continue slaughtering both our innocents and humanity. Rather than bring the planetary ruling monsters responsible for this egregious global crisis to true justice, throwing a few minor “victims” under the bus as a convenient, wag-the-dog, stop-gap measure is nothing short of an insult to our intelligence. The lap dogging Scotland Yard/Metro Police in their Operation Yewtree cover-up are puppet controlled whores, proverbial gatekeeping foxes guarding the elite’s satanic henhouse, in obedient protective service to their beastly masters – the earth’s real pedophile rapists and murderers that continue destroying countless children with complete impunity. Without exception, the top tier of criminal power on earth has always been allowed to live above the law.

Whereas Travis may be a victimized scapegoat, plenty of other BBC Radio 1 DJs and longtime presenters clearly are not, and aside from Savile, at 77 years old Chris Denning is currently serving a 13 year sentence for his plethora of pedophilia crimes.[143] Police and court records show that during his marathon DJ-pedo-career from the 60s through the 80s, Denning groomed boys as young as 8 and savagely abused dozens of underage victims in his home, even in Savile’s home,[144] at BBC studios, on the road, in hotels, even offering his boys to fellow DJs and introducing others to fellow pedophile rocker Gary Glitter, and on and on it goes.

Get the picture? Savile was never a lone operator as portrayed by mainstream media but a procurer amongst an entire brigade operating within a vast ring of fellow BBC and British Establishment pedophiles. Just like Hollywood pedophilia, for decades the BBC has been an open secret cesspit. Inside bystanders within the corporation have long known and said nothing because countless BBC powerbrokers were also actively involved within the larger British Establishment’s pedo-network that of course includes prime ministers, cabinet ministers and parliament members as well as black nobility royal bloodlines. But more on their crimes in coming chapters.

Speaking of royalty, aside from Savile and his horde of BBC pedo-pals, another mainstay BBC pedophile employee that the corporation long protected is none other than Queen Elizabeth’s 2005 official portrait painting artist, the Aussie born “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport” singer-child rapist himself Rolf Harris.[145] After a couple dozen complaints surfaced during the post-Savile stampede identifying him as their sexual predator, in 2013 Harris was arrested and in 2014 convicted and sentenced to almost six years imprisonment for committing a dozen indecent assaults against four underage girls as young as 7 from 1968 to 1986.[146] His most frequently abused victim was his own young daughter’s best friend starting when she was only 13, amounting to 7 of 12 counts against him, similar to the other BBC musician derelict Gary Glitter.[147] But unlike fellow BBC pervert Savile, despite a lenient sentence at least this monster was forced to start paying for his disgusting, shameful sins in this world prior to the next. In the mid-1970s his buddy Savile invited his fellow BBC pervert for a pre-bedtime tour at Broadmoor, the country’s most notorious maximum-security mental-health facility just so the lechers could gawk at the women having to undress in the hallway in front of male and female staff.[148] To make it more bizarrely Fellini-esque, Harris went into an impromptu version of his Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.

No doubt as a damage control, PR gesture to distance herself and her royal family from the disgraced convicted child sex offender, in 2015 the queen stripped the 84-year old Harris of his coveted CBE award – the Commander of the Civil Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.[cxlix] Here’s a dot connecting observation – every time the crown bestows knighthood and excellent order memberships on her loyal subjects, you can almost bet they’re pedophiles or pedophile enablers as part of their illicit deviant club. Pedophiles reward their own kind. The queen took her OBE back from Harris immediately after it went public that the vile, remorseless pig sitting in jail had written a vindictive letter containing demented lyrics to a composed song calling his victims whose lives he destroyed “woodworms” crawling out of the woodwork 40 years after the fact to lay claim to his millions.[150] After decades of Rolf Harris also taking devilish delight exploitatively ravaging admiring underage female fans, crawling out from underneath the same BBC predator rock as Sir Jimmy, in May 2017 at age 87, the serial pedophile was released from prison.[151]

With all of Great Britain watching, by 2014 Operation Yewtree was growing desperate and needed convictions in the Savile aftermath following a series of arrests resulting in either no charges or trial acquittals for a number of early suspects. The police scam operation finally struck gold, nabbing its first conviction to bring down UK’s biggest publicist kingpin when Max Clifford was found guilty in May 2014 on 8 of 11 counts of indecent assault against seven teenage girls aged 14 to 19 from 1966 to 1984.[152] Ironically early into Yewtree, it was Clifford who was telling the press that dozens of stars were contacting him right and left for protection and advice fearing they’d be arrested next over their past child abuse crimes. Little did the PR spin master know that it would be him who would be next, and the first conviction to boot.[153]

Then once incarcerated, many of those same famous predators worried Clifford would use his plethora of dark secrets to write a tell-all book in prison to pay for his legal fees that would expose all his former pals. But instead, the once PR kingpin used his prison time to purposely bankrupt himself in order to deny victim compensations, liquidating his wealth by June 2017.[154] Though he planned to appeal his case in 2018, he never got that far, as his 8-year sentence was abruptly cut short when he apparently suffered a fatal heart attack in his jail cell in December 2017.[155]

Critics of the 2014 verdict in the post-Savile era insist that Clifford’s relative “minor improprieties” haplessly turned him also into a witch hunted scapegoat paying for mountains of unpunished sins of Savile and others. The man who once boasted Sinatra, Muhammad Ali and the Chelsea Football Club as his clients[156] and who current music industry mogul Simon Cowell once attributed “hiring Max Clifford” as the best career decision he ever made,[157] the publicity guru must have also held so much inside dirt on Establishment VIPs from the royals to Westminster that with his sudden passing at 74, Max Clifford may have been the pedo-elite’s sacrificial fall guy used as political grist for the damage control mill in yet another installment of “dead men tell no tales.”

Another big UK media star disgraced from what he figured was his untouchable BBC throne is longtime host and presenter Stuart Hall who turned 88 this year. Arrested as a result of Operation Yewtree in December 2012, Hall pled guilty in May 2013 to sexually assaulting 13 girls, one as young as 9, from 1967 to 1991.[158] He was then convicted and sentenced to a paltry 15 months in prison in 2013 before appeals court judges tacked on another 15 months. This unremorseful pedophile was released from prison in December 2015 and prevented from moving to Spain (unlike unprosecuted other ex-BBC fallen star Freddie Starr). And to further demonstrate the aforementioned nexus between Queen Elizabeth and pedophilia, shortly before the perv’s arrest, the queen also rewarded yet another “national treasure” turned disgraced BBC pedophile with The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).[159]

Yet another low life errand boy in this never-ending saga of filth and perversion comes one of Savile’s own chauffeurs – Ray Teret, at 73 sentenced in December 2014 to another 25 years behind bars for luring at least 11 underage girls with alcohol and drugs along with his relative mini-celebrity status to brutally rape victims between 13 and 15 years old from 1963 to 1979.[160] Teret was already convicted of sexual assault of a minor back in 1999 but may subsequently be prosecuted for sexual attacks alleged by yet more victims coming forth during the Savile aftermath.

Another Yewtree semi-notable suspect whose home was raided in December 2012 is 68-year old Fred Talbot, the ITV This Morning weatherman for sexually assaulting boys while a biology teacher back in the 1970s and 1980s.[161] As the number of victims kept growing to at least ten, eight more months were tacked on in November 2017 to his already 4-year sentence in Scotland in May 2017 for abusing seven more schoolboys on top of an original 5-year prison term received from Manchester Crown Court for molesting two more underage victims.

But other than this handful of relatively little known low-life predators, for all its efforts, Operation Yewtree has been an utter waste and complete failure at placing the most powerful pedophiles in the United Kingdom behind bars. To add insult to injury, more than a few of the identified suspects that were publicly arrested for pedophilia were never prosecuted for lack of evidence. To name a few… A month after Wilfred De’ath’s arrest, in December 2012 another former fellow BBC Radio 1 producer that worked with Savile in the 1960s and 70s, the then 76-year old Ted Beston was arrested but told in May 2013 he would not face charges.[162] Beston and Savile were close friends collaborating on a series of BBC shows – Savile’s Travels, the Jimmy Savile Old Record Club and the Double Top Ten Show. Beston is said to have procured underage girls and young women for Savile and was questioned again by police in November 2015 under “Savile related” crimes.[163] More Yewtree scapegoating harassment against a more or less innocent man in order to make up for Savile sins or guilty of complicit aiding and abetting unlawful sex crimes with minors?[164] The now 80 year old has never been charged with a crime.

59-year old comedian Jim Davidson and 53-year old radio DJ Mike Osman were arrested in January 2013 but after nine months were neither charged nor prosecuted.[165] Next came comedian 73-year old Jimmy Tarbuck arrested in April 2013 and cleared a year later.[166] 65-year old BBC broadcaster Paul Gambaccini was arrested in October 2013 but after a year on bail was also not charged for alleged lack of evidence.

These men’s lives and reputations were harmed and if they committed no crimes, justice was not served even with their investigations clearing them of wrongdoing. But if they did engage in sexual assault of underage minors or aided and abetted those who did, and for whatever reason, dodged the prosecution bullet for “lack of evidence,” the UK justice system once again failed the victims… which leads to the next question. Are British police investigators that incompetent? Outside of the one case with Wilfred De’ath’s alleged accuser backing out on her earlier complaint, no other alleged victims followed suit as reason not to prosecute those initially arrested.

Either these onetime suspects are innocent and wrongly arrested or police are grossly incompetent in putting together solid enough cases that warrant charges that will stick, or perhaps they were spared, granted reprieves by the ruling elite for staying tightlipped under pressure in not implicating their criminal masters, as Savile did his whole life, loyally never outing or biting the pedo-hands that fed him such as royalty, PMs, MPs and BBC heads. In any event, Yewtree’s been a horrendous debacle and tremendously shameful waste of time, taxpayer money and personnel, unjustifiably damaging too many people’s lives and denying justice for thousands of victims.

In its fourth year alone in 2015 at a hefty price tag of £5m[167] when police budgets across Britain were being cut by 20%, 63 separate police inquiries were probing historic child sex abuse in response to 2,100 victim claims, more than half at over 1,200 committed at one youth detention institution Medomsley.[168] That statistic alone is indicative of how the UK authoritarian state treats its “throwaway” youth as pure expendables used and abused by sickos in its corrosively corrupt child welfare penal system. The massive police operation as a self-serving, face-saving, damage control exercise was nothing more than a grandstanding spectacle and show of force put on by British law enforcement to make up for permitting Savile to freely roam the countryside committing 60 years of, according to BBC’s account:

… Over 600 crimes of sexual abuse recorded against Savile in 28 police force areas across the UK.[169]

The National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), “the UK’s leading children’s charity,”[170] claimed an increase of 128% in child sexual abuse reporting from 2009/10 to 2014/15.[171] As of February 2015, a 71% increase in reported abuse cases since the Savile dam broke in October 2012 was cited by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) as part of Yewtree, released under its own codename Operation Hydrant.[172] The more investigative codenamed operations they have going, the more police chiefs get to stroke their self-inflated importance as empty gestures overcompensating for their gargantuan failures. In that February press conference, the NPCC boasted that 1433 suspects had been investigated, breaking down their numbers to reveal that 261 were classified as “prominent public persons.”[173] Of those 261 so called “bigtime” pedo-suspects from the 1433 total, 135 were in TV, film or radio, 76 were politicians, 43 were in the music industry and 7 in sports. No doubt because so few of these 1433 suspects were ever arrested – only 19 in all,[174] much less prosecuted, much less convicted – 6 in all,[175] much less imprisoned for any length of time, the UK police have little to show for all their failed efforts to put child abusers behind bars, all six of them, and make kids in Great Britain safe.

The fact that such a tiny pathetic handful of pedophiles were actually convicted by Yewtree, a few elderly degenerates caught up in Yewtree’s umbrella comprising among the UK’s largest national police operations,[176] is yet one more disgrace on top of the already unconsequenced Savile-BBC sex ring disgrace. Britain has merely demonstrated good reason to be called the pedophilia epicenter of the world. With rare exception, the tried, convicted and imprisoned pedophile few are minor in prominence and most were handed far too lenient sentences as well. Operations Yewtree and Hydrant proved to be merely a PR stunt turned propaganda circus intended to appease the shocked and outraged nation by dragging on for years at a time pissing in the wind, resulting in millions of wasted tax paid pounds paid in the flesh of thousands of damaged and destroyed lives still waiting for justice.

The Yewtree operations are one colossal scam of the highest order as UK’s corrupt law enforcement[177] take orders directly from the so called national security apparatus – MI5/6 and Special Branch, which in turn take orders from royalty and government, which in turn take their orders from the Rothschilds and other subhuman bloodlines ruling the earth through a Luciferian pedo-blackmail control system while unencumbered throughout, they’re still daily defiling children across the planet en masse.

Another glaring observation begs this unanswered question. Why has this massive all-nation police probe only yielded a few aging, doddering convicted derelicts who committed damage way back in the 1950s up to the 1980s, as if pedophilia suddenly stopped in the 1990s? Do the authorities think we’re that stupid to believe that younger generations of pedophiles ceased abusing children in the 1990s or that pedophilia stopped altogether? Or have their global child raping operations only submerged deeper underground and in recent decades become more tightly insulated and protected? Meanwhile, there is plenty of contra-indicative evidence that child sexual abuse, child pornography and child sex trafficking in recent years have in fact been rising exponentially with an estimated 2 million kids a year being trafficked worldwide[178] amongst 8 million gone missing yearly.[179] Outside North America, the British Isles as a very small nation is the world’s largest consumer of child pornography.[180]

It’s gotten so out of hand clogging up the British court system that a pilot program has been launched with Sussex police knocking on doors and giving warnings to first-time offenders downloading child porn images so that the police can concentrate more resources on pedophiles posing grave risk of physical contact with children.[181] One police chief is advocating that child porn should no longer be treated as a crime but as a deviant mental health condition meriting treatment. Critics of course slam this controversial approach warning that it may only promote more people turning to child pornography that in turn may set a certain percentage onto the slippery slope leading to physically acting out pedophilic desires on victims. It reflects the current child abuse crisis that law enforcement is overwhelmed to adequately deal with during a digital age that appears to only be contributing more to pedophilia crime.

So why aren’t police busting current perps active in pedo-rings in larger numbers? Certainly not because they don’t exist. Police will cite lack of resources. At the same time that humans today are being more electronically monitored and controlled than any time in history, one of the very few advantages of this advancing technology is that it should help police more rapidly identify and locate child rapists and murderers. Yet the powerful individuals behind the massive global pedophilia operations are not being arrested and brought to justice, and the reason is all too obvious – they simply are living above the law. That all these child abuse investigations have failed so miserably to catch the more “prominent” pedophiles most responsible in the UK who continue to criminally reoffend without disruption over the last three decades only says that they are all a scam, all for show to placate the angst-ridden public.

The pedophilia order-following foxes masquerading in police uniform and priestly or high court robes are guarding and protecting current pedophile rings still flourishing within the global child trafficking network. Pedophiles and their enablers from the high courts, law enforcement, intelligence services, governments, secret societies, militaries, social services, large charities and MSM have simply walled off the currently entrenched malignancy with “out of sight, out of mind,” sleight-of-hand mass deception. But despite MSM lies, with a growing awareness of Pizzagate turned PedoGate gaining traction in the last couple years finally recognizing the global epidemic crisis,[182] as hard as the cabal tries to cover-up its crime tracks desperate to put the pedo-genie back in the bottle, enough realists with eyes wide open are now seeing through the continuous stream of lies and cover-up, and as a result, in the light of truth, the crumbling pedo-cabal will eventually come tumbling down sooner than later.

By bottom line design, Operation Yewtree was a monumental disaster in terms of exposing and bringing the ruling perps most guilty to justice and attacking the current scourge of worldwide pedophilia afflicting this planet. But then from the very start that was never the intended purpose of this controlled national police operation. Its actual objective was only to obscure and shield the much larger pedophilia network that only on a minor scale includes the BBC and is sadly still operating robustly as ever today.

Even pedo-enabler then Home Secretary Theresa May admitted in July 2014 that her office had previously covered up evidence that MPs and senior government officials committed child sex abuse.[183] But in the next breath May then insists that the late MP Geoffrey Dickens never submitted a dossier to Home Office boss Leon Brittan in 1983 but only written letters. She also added that an earlier Home Office investigator found no evidence that the 114 missing sex abuse files allegedly lost were ever “removed or destroyed inappropriately.” Again, placate a skeptical public by first openly admitting to covering up the truth but then follow immediately by defending and clearing her office and predecessors of all wrongdoing. Here’s a loaded question – whose side is she really on?

To further cast clarity on whose side the current prime minister is really on, at the Savile bombshell outbreak during the first week of November 2012, then Home Secretary May rejected a single overarching, super-inquest that would have possessed the necessary muscle to examine all links and tentacles of abuse to both the national and international pedo-cabal network but instead May chose to endorse the already eight separate smaller investigations launched at the time.[184] While a slew of toothless, watered down, narrowly focused mini-inquiries are obviously aimed at protecting the global pedo-machine, the anti-pedophilia child victim advocate MP Tom Watson prophetically warned:

A narrowed-down investigation is the basic building block of [more] cover-up. Many sickening crimes will remain uninvestigated, and some of the most despicable paedophiles will remain protected by the Establishment that has shielded them for 30 years.[185]

May’s pedo-enabling strategy has obviously worked so far, for years her supposed “independent” inquiry has gone awry. Moreover, Theresa May proceeded to select two women in a row to head her so called national inquiry into how UK government institutions responded to the massive child sexual abuse scandal and both of her choices were forced to resign over blatant conflicts of interest,[186] i.e., more evidence of foxes caught guarding the pedo-henhouse. Turns out former magistrate high court judge Baroness Butler-Sloss’s brother – Sir Michael Havers – as UK’s Justice Secretary for Thatcher’s first eight years in office (1979-1986) knew the PM’s senior diplomat Peter Hayman was abusing young boys yet chose to do nothing but cover it up.[187] In fact, Havers did his best to ensure that pedophilia allegations were never aired in Parliament. Then May’s Sloss replacement – Fiona Woolf, the Lord Mayor of London, was outed as a close friend of Lord Brittan, Thatcher’s notorious Home Secretary who, oops, lost the 1983 dossier on Westminster child abuse. Of course Theresa May claimed she didn’t know about her two selections’ biased backgrounds. Yet she and Woolf were caught colluding in a re-write seven times attempting to distance the Woolf from the pack she lived on the same street with, regularly attending the pedo-accused Sir Leon’s dubious parties.[188]

Though the press called Theresa May “incompetent” for her pathetic selections to run an “open” and honest investigation into government pedophilia, May is not stupid and knew exactly what she was doing, trying to whitewash another inquiry by stacking the deck with yet more foxes. To answer criticism stemming from her thinly veiled attempts to facilitate yet another government cover-up of past cover-ups, in February 2015 May ended up recruiting a foreign judge from New Zealand to lead the next “objective” attempt at “getting to the truth.”[189] The forever British stonewalling to shield powerful VIP child rapists at all cost is proving endlessly exhausting in the nation that is clearly the world’s pedophilic epicenter.

Without explanation other than a feeble Dame Lowell Goddard claiming the investigation’s “legacy of failure” was simply “too much” for her and she felt “lonely,”[190] so after a year and a half on the job, she abandoned ship and flew home to New Zealand. Obviously there’s much more to the story than that. Perhaps she could no longer ethically take part in the Brits’ habitual VIP cover-up. What does it say about a country when its chronically failed inquiries never cease failing? It says that Prime Minister May and those with the real power behind her puppet post are never going to come clean with divulging their true crimes against children. It’s called self-preservation. The cabal must survive at all costs to humanity.

A fourth chair, Professor Alexis Jay, took over in August 2016 but less than a year later by June 2017 the two biggest victims groups bowed out, asserting that the inquiry was “not fit for purpose,” maintaining that victims from the get-go were “totally marginalized.”[191] The largest victims group had already pulled out earlier, accusing May’s “Independent” Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) of being a “stage-managed event,” like all the rest all for show and no action. While the colossal £100million fleecing of Briton taxpayers in a fake probe lay in disastrous shambles, at this pathetic point in history, the not-so-great Britain knows only shameful shams and anything but the truth.[192] And in the course of empire rise and falls, currently also a has-been, historically America’s right behind its mothership England just as mired in moral depravity and criminal cover-up.[193] No wonder, they’re both part of the same global pedo-cabal.

Let’s face it. If you’re a blood drinking sodomizer from a black nobility bloodline still wreaking havoc on children and this planet on a grand scale, for you Operation Yewtree and May’s dirty dozen “independent” inquiries have been a smashing success designed to avoid the truth to keep you out of jail and the headlines. Inasmuch as the massive worldwide child raping, murdering network still remains fully operational and still flourishing, to the elite that only means that Yewtree et al have been triumphantly effective. To this day, top tier pedophiles continue living above the law.

But what the pedo-controllers fear the most is the fact that like never before, every single day more of us are learning about their massive criminal enterprise and ultra-destructive agenda targeting humanity for further abuse and sordid atrocities. Enough of a growing minority within the pliable masses are becoming more savvy, refusing to tolerate or accept the bullshit lies and excuses heaped on us daily.

Perhaps the biggest farcical lies coming out of the wave of various Yewtree sub-operations is Operation Newgreen conducted by Savile’s very own West Yorkshire Police (WYP), tasked with policing Sir Jimmy’s hometown of Leeds where 68 victims have emerged in the post-Savile era. Because psychopath Savile had long been cozy bedfellows with his likeminded local police buddies, establishing “the Friday morning club” where Savile regularly met socially for tea with his closest chums in blue at his penthouse home,[194] it should come as no surprise that Operation Newgreen would be a total cover-up claiming there was “no evidence” that the most famous Leeds resident was ever protected from arrest or prosecution.[195] Moreover, Newgreen insists that the alleged 68 Savile victims never reported abuse to police while Sir Jimmy was still alive. I wonder why. Recall the earlier 1965 incident with Jimmy and his underage victim sitting in his Rolls parked in Roundhay Park and the police sergeant’s response. Ever since, that little episode served as a preview of what was to follow. Blindly loyal to their own prodigal son, West Yorkshire Police have always protected Britain’s most prolific pedophile who, gladly paying his protection dues, relished running PR and public announcement campaigns for his local boys in blue – a win-win for morally corrupt depravity at its worst.

Another huge reason police have no record of victims reporting Savile crimes is West Yorkshire Police’s nasty habit of “losing” [or more like destroying] their own records,[196] kind of like the Home Office does. This fact has come to light repeatedly. After an honest, retired WYP officer insisted that Leeds Vice Squad conducted an inquiry investigating indecent assault allegations made by two girls against Savile in the 1980s but when no records were located on file to back it up, this discrepant matter was turned over to Metro Police to sort out, not that that’ll do any good. Additionally, anonymous letters in 1998 sent to Metropolitan Police stating that Savile was “a deeply committed paedophile” were then forwarded on to West Yorkshire Police and again they too got lost in the shuffle. And perhaps the biggest reason West Yorkshire Police lag so far behind in reported sexual abuse cases and pedophile arrests is because more WYP cops turn out to be pedophiles than any other police force in the nation.[197]

The whitewashed Newgreen report also included this tidbit:

Savile offering his services as an intermediary for the police, should the ‘Ripper’ wish to make contact.[198]

My how neighborly of Savile considering he and Peter Sutcliffe, one of the deadliest serial killers in UK history, were actually buds who may have been partners-in-crime together. One of Ripper’s victims’ bodies was found at the edge of Savile’s property and another attempted murder took place nearby.[199] The police knew Sir Jimmy used local hookers and even ordered an imprint of the pedophile’s teeth since kinky Jimmy was a known biter and two Yorkshire Ripper victims had teeth marks on their bodies. But more on that dynamic duo from hell’s incriminatingly intimate relationship and prison bonding in the next chapter.

As if not enough evidence has proven Savile was a known pimp and necrophilia Satanist involved in large scale pedophile rings, an October 2012 article in the Express entitled “Jimmy Savile Ruled Paedophile Ring” links Jimmy as the ringleader to the seashore resort town of North Yorkshire where at least two victims allege Savile assaulted them in the late 1960s and late 1980s.[200] Moreover, the article implicates Savile was involved in a child sex ring in nearby Scarborough where the entertainer maintained intimate ties to the repeatedly accused, now dead prominent businessmen and onetime Scarborough mayor Peter Jaconelli.[201] Evidence shows on at least two occasions Savile the child procurer transported underage patients from Rampton without authorization to Scarborough where he and his mayor pal are believed to have sexually abused children.[202] Four years after Jaconelli’s death, in 2003 the Scarborough Police were probing the same sex ring connected to Savile and Jaconelli that resulted in the conviction of at least one other offender for molesting two girls aged 9.

Perhaps the most egregiously compelling proof that Savile was a pimping procurer for VIPs arrives as evidence has surfaced confirming that former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (1970-1974) sexually abused children from the Haut de la Garenne children’s orphanage on the infamous island of Jersey. As the planet’s top offshore tax haven at $2 trillion with a population of just 100,000 nestled in the Channel Islands just 14 miles off the French west coast,[203] Jersey is the repository of both the world’s most hidden wealth and the most horrific pedophilia history of abuse and cover-up – the epicenter of the epicenter. Both Prime Minister Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile were frequent pleasure visitors to the famous tourist island. Heath was a committed pedophile to the extent that he risked his political career attending at least a half dozen meetings of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), the political group in the 1970s and 80s lobbying to eliminate age of sexual consent for children.[204]

Steeped in PIE, child torture, rape and murder, the cabal had Heath by the ca-balls by the time he was made PM in 1970. And within a year Heath was treasonously signing away Britain’s sovereignty with a secret mandate kept hidden from British citizens for nearly a half century.[205] Heath simply did what he was ordered by his masters that put him in power as a pedophile controlled puppet usurping English law by subordinating it to the Treaty of Accession to the European Economic Union (EEC), the globalist forerunner evolving in 1993 into the unelected, undemocratic NWO monstrosity called the European Union, the same one that’s literally killing nations like Greece, with Italy and Spain not far behind.[206] It wasn’t until May 2018 that this subversive deception of the FCO30/1048 document was finally made public, illustrating how for the last 50 years so called national leaders are blackmail controllable pawns assigned to forward the totalitarian agenda of one world government.

Ted Heath’s sodomy and killing of missing children that Savile escorted from Haut de la Garenne aboard the prime minister’s yacht is supported by dock eyewitnesses that observed fewer boys returning.[207] Pedophilic child killers Savile and Heath have even been outed by a mainstream Newsweek article as raping murderers of ill-fated Jersey kids.[208] Other independent corroborating sources have emerged from abuse victims themselves as well as intelligence and national security consultant, barrister Michael Shrimpton, and investigative author-activist David Icke, a full dozen years ahead of Savile’s death and over half dozen prior to Heath’s demise.[209] Icke’s shocking allegations against Savile and Heath went unchallenged in court while the two powerful sickos were still alive because they were true. During the long decades of abuse that likely go back to the late 1930s on the island, whenever the abused children from Jersey care homes dared to complain, they were severely beaten, further abused and locked in cellars serving as barbaric dungeons.[110] And if they carried on too long about wealthy yachtsmen raping them during their group homes’ “recreational outings” at sea, if not killed, they were even more severely beaten and punished.

Shrimpton maintains that the pedophile prime minister couldn’t risk victims recognizing him as their abuser and thus had a number of his tortured, sodomized older victims 14 and 15-years of age murdered and thrown overboard.[211] After the Sun ran a series of articles linking Jimmy Savile to the Haut de la Garenne abuse then under investigation in 2008, Savile threatened to sue the newspaper, vehemently denying that he ever set foot on Jersey Island. The Sun then produced a photograph with the infamous sodomizer front and center surrounded by potential victims at Haut de la Garenne.[212] The pedo-kingpin then countered with a super-injunction prohibiting the Sun from publishing the incriminating photo. And to this day the Rupert Murdock owned Sun has removed all its articles pertaining to the photos and court injunction.

Two years ago it also came to light that a Jersey Evening Post article dated July 29, 1967 quoted the disgraced entertainer boldly warning the island’s parents to “lock up their daughters” during one of his many visits.[213] Savile had the audacity to boast he was “a villain” on the loose and that Jersey’s “sun-bronzed daughters” need to be kept safely hidden away from his perverted evil clutches. Talk about a criminal brazenly not even hiding in plain sight.

Incidentally in a related side note, Jimmy Savile was also in Jersey in 1963, the same year that pedophile politician Lord Boothby thanked his gay lover crime boss Ronnie Kray in a letter dated June 6, 1963:

Thank you for your postcard. I very nearly went to Jersey myself, as I have never been there, and hear from so many people that it is quite delightful.[214]

Is it pure coincidence that two prolific pedophiles Ronnie Kray and Jimmy Savile were both on the same pedophilia infested little island at the same time, one procurer to the next? Back in 1963, aside from a little pedo-R&R, they may also have been expanding their mutual interests in Jersey as prime source for their child sex trafficking pipeline. Historically Jersey had already become Britain’s offshore goldmine for VIP abuse. After all, Savile and the Kray brothers knew each other and were friends, attending the same sex parties with DJs, musicians and entertainers going back to the late 1950s.[215] Savile’s ties to the mob originated a decade earlier during his dancehall days in northern England. A couple victims claiming to have been onetime girlfriends alluded to Sir Jimmy’s underworld ties that even after his death kept them tightlipped.[216] His crude, ruffian Mafioso ways were reflected in his frequent self-reference as the Godfather[217] and frequent reminders how with just a phone call he could have enemies roughed up or worse.[218]

Despite being caught red-handed in a flagrant lie denying he was ever at the notorious Jersey Island crime scene of Haut de la Garenne, nothing further has ever come of the victims’ allegations singling out both Savile as well as the murdering prime minister. And at the end of the day, incredulously not enough evidence to indict Savile and company was the false word put out by the corrupt Jersey authorities.[219] But the real reason is all too obvious – Sir Jimmy had far too much dirt on the royals and virtually all the pedophile-infiltrated prime minister governments from Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown,[220] and Tony Blair to David Cameron (pedo-evidence on them primarily reserved for Chapter 23), more than enough to bring down the entire crime cabal in the UK if arrested. His life insurance policy bought his protection for over a half century from the pedos-on high knowing they were supplied a constant flow of fresh victims enslaved in the Luciferian power pyramid blackmail machine.

Per barrister Shrimpton, another explanation as to why Heath was spared exposure and ruin prior to his death in 2005 was that his own Cabinet Secretary Baron Hunt of Tanworth, John Hunt was yet another alleged fellow pedophile whose job was to ensure the PM’s high crimes were covered up.[221] That said, Hunt failed to stop David Icke in 1998 from outing the perverted onetime 10 Downing Street resident. But unfortunately back in 1998 not enough people paid any attention to Icke, unable to handle the shocking truth. Due to Hunt’s pedo-gatekeeping diligence, like Savile the serial raping murderer Heath and Hunt were both permitted earthly escape in 2005 and 2008 respectively without paying their piper. And for performing his pedo-protecting duty, cabal movers and shakers the queen and pope each rewarded John Hunt the Knight Grand Cross of the British Order[222] and a papal knighthood,[223] as further testimony underscoring the unholy nexus of pedophilia and secret societies, black nobility royalty and the Catholic Church. Of course Catholic Zionist Sir Jimmy was also knighted by the queen in 1990, the same year pedo-enabling Pope John Paul II[224] bestowed papal knighthood on the Satanist as Knight Commander of Saint Gregory the Great.[225] At the height of all the commotion caused by Savile’s posthumous 2012 dark side unveiling, talk of the exposed predator as the first ever to be stripped of papal knighthood turned out to be just talk once the initial shock blew over.

For six decades the poor defenseless children of the island of Jersey and Haut de la Garenne were unmercifully preyed upon by powerful Luciferian pedophiles. Because the Jersey government and law enforcement were among the worst offenders in the once WWII German occupied (and heavily influenced)[226] autonomous island nation still a part of the queen’s British Isles, ultimately the Jersey head constable Graham Power and deputy police chief Lenny Harper led a police investigation in 2007-08 to finally search for evidence of foul play at the infamous orphanage closed in 1986.[227]

But the local establishment largely consisting of threatened members from the island’s pedophile ring hampered investigators’ efforts at every turn, including a smear campaign from the Jersey Evening Post,[228] culminating in the island’s then home affairs minister Andrew Lewis illegally suspending Powers in November 2008,[229] eventually running them both off the island,[230] but not before bones of five children had been dug up on the premises,[231] along with 65 teeth with roots attached and about 100 charred bone fragments once belonging to murdered missing kids.[232] The only reason more skeletal remains were not recovered at the site was many of the missing abused boys had been murdered at sea by prominent VIP yachtsmen like Edward Heath and his procurer Sir Jimmy. If not directly murdered by their hands, it was at their orders, which is still coldblooded murder.

Among the many powerful men accused by former residents of Haut de la Garenne and other children’s homes back in the 1960s and 70s was Jimmy Savile. They never reported the abuse to the Jersey constabulary before because they knew they couldn’t trust those who were part of the systemic island pedophile ring. But in 2008 when investigators Power and Harper supported by Jersey senator, health minister and strong anti-child abuse advocate Stuart Syvret were finally listening to victims, a number reported that Jimmy Savile as well as Ted Heath were among their abusers. In addition to high crimes on the high seas, Sir Jimmy also attacked victims at both Haut de la Garenne as well as the Sacre Coeur orphanage run by French Catholic nuns.[233]

Two men also reported that actor Wilfrid Brambell who played “the dirty old man” on the BBC television series Steptoe and Son (American sitcom counterpart was Sanford and Son starring Redd Foxx) sexually molested them in a backstage room at the Jersey Opera House.[234] A notorious local pedo-procurer for visiting celebs fetched the group home victims to attend opera house performances as “a treat.”[235] One was a child from the Haut de la Garenne and both were 12 and 13 years old at that time in the 1970s when Brambell in his sixties was at the height of his fame. Playing Paul McCartney’s grandfather in the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night, actor Brambell had a criminal record dating back to 1962 for soliciting underage boys in public restrooms. Apparently he was just playing himself as the dirty old man Albert Steptoe, dying friendless and near broke at age 72 in 1985. Both famous BBC entertainers were both frequent island visiting pedophiles in the 70s, so chances are near 100% that Brambell and Savile knew each other. After all, the island has been a pedo-magnet since the WWII German Nazi occupation.

Renovation companies working on the Haut de la Garenne premises through the decades were always customarily instructed by orphanage staff to burn any bones they might encounter.[236] Traces of blood were discovered in the underground dungeon as well as detected in the drainage pipes. It became crystal clear that for many years children had been systematically tortured and killed in the “Jersey House of Horrors,” their bodies incinerated in a large furnace in an effort to eliminate evidence. Yet with all this overwhelming incrimination corroborating well-documented firsthand accounts from nearly 200 victims, the Jersey minister was unconscionably able to shut down Graham Power’s legitimate 2008 probe. Power’s replacement promptly negated all earlier findings, contending that no evidence of abuse was ever found and proceeded to drag out the whitewash for another two years till December 2010 at a hefty tax payer price tag amounting to a £20 million sham.[237]

The Jersey powers-that-shouldn’t-be also harassed and effectively shut down any journalists attempting to uncover the horrific truth as well. Clearly protecting the child rapists, as soon as the Jersey authorities in September 2011 learned that respected American journalist Leah McGrath Goodman planned to write a book about the Haut de la Garenne abuse, they had her immediately deported, later detained at London’s Heathrow Airport for 12 hours, in effect under arrest while denying her right to a lawyer or notify family, subsequently banning her from returning to both the UK and Jersey.[238] It took nearly a year and a half later, a submitted petition and assistance from an MP before Leah was finally allowed back into the British Isles. Pretty pathetic, yet that’s the sort of absurd extremes murderous regimes resort to when they have so much to hide.

Despite effectively quashing inquiries from both journalists and police alike, the 2008 probe did manage to take 1,776 statements from 192 alleged victims accusing 151 alleged abusers (121 of them still alive[239]), among the 30 dead Savile and Heath.[240] But because so many of the pedophiles are and were such influential wealthy figures high up in both the Jersey and London pedo-filled governments, to date only seven offenders have been successfully prosecuted.

Operation Whistle was the latest Jersey States Police investigation supposedly reexamining the historical abuse on the island,[241] including 13 famous still unnamed pedophile headliners that include celebrities, media personalities, politicians and sports stars.[242] We’re still waiting on the outcome of those interested persons due for police questioning back in 2015. If like every other probe, “not enough evidence” and hence we will never hear of any of these high profile pedo-suspects, especially after the recent Sir Cliff Richard case covered in the next chapter.

In a separate inquiry, after compiling testimony for the last three years listening to 200 witnesses describe 553 offenses uncovering island abuse from 1947 to 2004, another £20 million spent on the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry report was finally released after many delays in July 2017. It demanded that the Haut de la Garenne buildings be torn down and warned that children on the island even today are still at risk.[243]

Carrie Modral, the chair of the Jersey Care Leavers’ Association, a charity devoted to those who’ve spent time in the so called child welfare system, raises a poignant observation in October 2012 addressing why the Savile name finally resurfaced on Jersey after he died:

But why have the States of Jersey only admitted it about Savile now? Because he’s dead and he can’t talk or bring down all the other big names. Their view would be that we, the survivors, keep going on about celebrities abusing kids at Haut de la Garenne, so OK, ‘Here’s one, he’s dead and he can’t talk.’ But Savile was just the tip of the iceberg.[244]

Never did hear about what happened to those 13 other prominent players under investigation. Will they all be dead before their names go public like Sir Jimmy’s? Clearly there remains a powerful super wealthy elite group of pedophiles and complicit enablers on the island with high connections to fellow pedophiles atop the UK government and royalty that’s controlled politics in the Jersey States for many generations, persecuting and destroying careers of children’s advocates who’ve attempted to change a long embedded culture of abuse. Courageous individuals challenging the status quo system in efforts to irradiate both the culture of abuse and its bookend twin that Stuart Syvret calls “a culture of cover-up”[245] have had their reputations smeared by the government funded newspaper, were sued, gagged, terminated from jobs and even imprisoned.[246] The pedo-network at Jersey is just as alive and well as the one at Westminster, mainly because it’s one and the same and its members all live above the law.

So despite mountains of incontrovertible evidence on the infamous Jersey Island, well over 100 identified abusers are still out there roaming free, likely still abusing kids with – outside of the token seven, not a single pedophile more has been brought to justice. Of course it’s no different from America where known pedophile overlords like the Bushes, Clintons and Podestas are still on the loose, and until those British household names of top politicians, entertainers and royal princes go down in pedophilia flames, seeing is believing that anything substantial will ever change. As monstrous as the Sanduskys, Nassars, Bennells and even Saviles are, in the whole scheme of things, all are small fish within a global ocean of pedophile network sharks. The thoroughly corrupt, evil system has always been the protective buffer making the actual Luciferian kingpins behind the world’s child raping machine unreachable and the sorry fact remains that not one dominant VIP pedovor from the political puppet establishment has ever been successfully prosecuted and brought to justice worldwide. And that’s not even including the invisible, planet-controlling pedophiles pulling all the strings who own both this diabolical network and toxic planet.

After Savile had long become a permanent BBC fixture on British television throughout the 1970s and 80s, his growing circle of pedophile friends had expanded to popular soap opera stars from the BBC set of the longtime running series EastEnders ever since its 1985 debut.[247] In 2013 on the heels of the Savile bombshell, it was reported that the Scotland Yard Police began investigating BBC employees who misused their celebrity status to groom potential underage victims engaging in idol worship, seeking autographs at and around the studio. This post-Savile development uncovering an active pedophile ring systemically operating at BBC only further confirms that the media giant institution has been harboring a longstanding continuous history of organized child sexual abuse extending far beyond one designated ringleading monster or his handful of marginal fellow BBC players.

The Sun quoted an inside source:

Police are shocked at what they have unearthed. Arrests are very likely. This is bigger than anyone imagined. A lot of work has been done over the last few months. Top police bosses have been shocked at what they have unearthed so far and are determined to finish the job.[248]

Yet another questionable BBC death among many, a related topic taken up next in Chapter 20, a convicted pedophile who worked as an extra on EastEnders due to be questioned about the BBC pedo-scandal involving the soap’s cast and crew ended up dead along with his twin brother found asphyxiated with plastic bags over their heads in Spain.[249]

Speaking of EastEnders’ derelict deaths, the latest deceased BBC actor – Leslie Grantham – like his BBC colleague Savile and former UK PM Heath – also escaped this world without arrest or prosecution for his pedophilic crimes to live out his lecherous life of 71 years.[250] But despite his TV stardom peaking in the 1980s, this guy was no stranger to police and criminal court. In 1967 while a young man serving in the British Army in Germany, Grantham was convicted of murder after shooting a taxi driver in a failed mugging attempt and did ten years of a life sentence for that serious crime. While in prison he took up acting and landed his popular role as an early EastEnders villain.

But his kinky lifestyle apparently began catching up to him again when in 2004 he was caught exposing himself on webcam in a lewd sex act.[251] It also was revealed he took drugs on the BBC set purchased from another BBC staffer later arrested for dealing narcotics to fellow members of their BBC pedophile ring. Then in 2009 Grantham was accused of raping an underage girl less than 16 years old culminating in his divorce in 2013 from his Australian actress wife, at which time the former star retreated to Bulgaria. But in recent years he developed lung cancer, and returned to Britain this year to die on June 15th.

The former police officer behind the ITV Jimmy Savile Exposure documentary – Mark Williams Thomas – told the Mirror within hours after Grantham’s death that the actor back in 2012 as part of Yewtree was investigated over “compelling evidence” indicating Grantham repeatedly sexually abused a 14- turned 15-year old schoolgirl in 2009-10.[252] Thomas explained that after the girl contacted him “very, very scared,” he informed Metro Police but the girl eventually decided not to pursue the case.

Though that March 2013 Sun article claimed that pending BBC EastEnders arrests were pending at any time, as is so often the typical trademark of virtually every pedo-cover-up, no follow-up ever occurred on this notorious BBC cast and crew investigation nor its never reported outcome during the half decade that’s elapsed since. But Leslie Grantham’s recent death forced the BBC EastEnders pedophile ring once again to briefly resurface in the headlines before the story once again died.

Apparently the longstanding UK history of subservient, order-following police forces and an obedient pedo-controlled, state-owned media corporation acting in cahoots with their higher-up handlers have once again sealed off all information shielding prominent pedophiles at the top as the same old, same old standard outcome in every pedophilia scandal throughout history. Despite the elite effectively burying the BBC pedo-scandal with Savile, Esquire editor and author Andrew O’ Hagan took a longer pre-Savile view of BBC pedophilia in a piece published in the London Review of Books:

Paedophilia is an ethos and institutional disorder that’s thrived in premier entertainment labyrinths.[253]

The BBC claimed that no pedophile ring ever existed at the corporation, concluding that Savile acted alone, claiming that other convicted BBC stars like Rolf Harris, Chris Denning and Stuart Hall committed their sex crimes completely independent of Sir Jimmy. Yet within seven months after the Savile bombshell broke, already 152 more allegations were made against 81 other BBC employees,[254] in part resulting in over 5 dozen known BBC pedophile convictions.[255] Of the over 80 accused, half are current BBC staff or contributors. If those numbers aren’t indicative of a BBC pedophile ring, I don’t know what is. On top of earlier evidence already presented, combined with these astounding statistics all documented and publicly reported, how can any objective observer possibly conclude that Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted 1,000 victims at the BBC studios while operating completely alone without participating within the obvious larger organized BBC network? Yet as the media corporation’s lies of denial and cover-up continue to this day, police are still investigating BBC stars accused of child sex crimes, the latest announced in March 2018 for alleged sexual assault against a child under 16 in the late 1990s.[256]

The BBC director general from 2004 to 2012 was Mark Thompson, who began his career at the BBC employed as a production trainee in 1979,[257] right at the peak of prolific BBC abuser Savile’s fame and power to harm. But just when the shit was hitting the fan bigtime at BBC over the October 2012 Savile pedophilia exposure, after more than three decades at the British Broadcasting Corporation, on November 12, 2012 Mark Thompson safely bailed for greener pastures, starting his new job as CEO of the New York Times.[258] After covering up crimes by Savile and the BBC pedophile ring committed under his watch during the previous 33 years he’d been a BBC employee, upon arrival at his first day of work in New York, Mark Thompson was asked if the pedophilia scandal exploding back home at his last workplace would impact his job at the Times, and Thompson’s arrogant and highly revealing reply was:

It will not in any way affect my job.[259]

But a look back at how Mark Thompson ascended to the BBC throne is worth a peek. A major asset to his career has been his wife Jane Blumberg, like him an Oxford grad but also professor, writer, literary critic and daughter of super scientist Nobel Laureate, the late Dr. Baruch Blumberg known for his pioneering work tackling Hepatitis B.[260] The year prior to Thompson’s 8-year BBC reign, in 2003 Israel had furiously cut off all contact with the BBC, and Thompson’s predecessor was terminated. BBC journalist Orla Guerin not only covered Israeli victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but featured stories sympathetic to Palestinian victims as well. Yet the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) called her and BBC‘s coverage in general “anti-Israeli,” highly prejudicial reporting.[261] Mark Thompson was brought in to fix the growing tensions. The highly secretive Balen report released internally at the end of his first year in 2004 was never made public and privy only to the brand new director general and a few of his top senior executives. Because the Balen report had found the BBC pro-biased favoring the Palestinians, to this day it remains under lock and key. Hence, within months, director general Thompson and his Jewish wife headed off to Tel Aviv to smooth over relations with then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, culminating with the resultant concession to boycott Gaza aid to Palestinians.

When Thompson met with war criminal Ariel Sharon[262] in Israel in 2005, pledging no longer to support Palestinian charities, as head of the British government-sponsored media corporation, that little controversy fomented criticism that he was a card carrying Zionist. Order follower Thompson also promptly axed the fair-minded reporter Orla Guerin as BBC Middle East correspondent, reassigning her to Africa. And under Thompson’s watch, the BBC has been relegated to being a mere mouthpiece for the Israeli lobby.[263] It’s even been revealed that the BBC maintains a strict glossary of terms of euphemistic words and phrases acceptable to the Jewish State and taboo words and phrases that aren’t.[264] The liberal BBC has a history of paranoia that its Middle Eastern coverage has been offensive to Israel and leans over backwards to placate the GPO’s constant demands to alter and soften BBC headlines or incur more Jewish wrath.[265] In short, as with MSM and politics in the US, Israel regularly bullies and controls both its Zionist tool Mark Thompson as well as the wimpy, cabal order-following BBC.

That the exposure of the gargantuan BBC criminal cover-up of Savile and his BBC colleagues’ multitude of child abuse crimes would “in no way” affect Thompson’s new job at the New York Times is disconcerting to say the least. When word came down that Times Company owner Arthur Sulzberger Jr. picked the former BBC boss to be their new NYT boss, several veteran journalists boldly questioned whether Thompson was the right man for the job at the New York Times.[266] Two editors quit in protest for bringing in what more than a few staffers concluded was a pedophile enabler who actively covered up the dark criminal truth hounding the BBC for years.

Back in March 2012 director general Thompson was busily blowing smoke up his and his company’s ass when he addressed the Royal Television Society in London:

The modern BBC does everything possible to report on itself objectively.[267]

In view of his BBC’s massive pedo-cover-up including the decision refusing to air the Savile Newsnight episode exposing Sir Jimmy just four months prior, the above statement is obviously a boldface lie. Despite being employed at BBC from 1979 to October 2012 and despite feeble contentions claiming he was never aware of any Savile abuse whatsoever, Mark Thompson was BBC director general when it canned that Newsnight exposé outing Savile in favor of two fluff pieces for Christmas 2011 shortly after the beast’s death. Yet it was Thompson’s successor George Entwistle who played the fall guy going down in flames less than two months after starting his new job.[268] Just as Thompson had no recall of Savile crimes during his marathon tenure at the BBC, when asked about the suppression of the Nightnews segment, initially he stated he had no knowledge of the program. Then realizing a flat denial might be construed as a lie, he later admitted he had “a chance meeting” about the BBC news program investigating the longtime BBC pedophile, though still hedging later when telling the New York Times:

I wasn’t told any specific lines of inquiry and certainly not anything related to the BBC.[269]

Hard to fathom how the director general didn’t even bother inquiring further about the nature of the Newsnight investigation when he first encountered BBC journalist Caroline Hawley at a holiday party in December 2011 telling him he must be worried about the Newsnight Savile story. Thompson maintains he told Caroline he was unaware of the Newsnight investigation. The next day he allegedly conferred with his senior management including head of BBC news Helen Boaden. Meanwhile, journalist Caroline Hawley asserts that she did explain to her boss that the Savile investigation was about child sexual abuse, directly contradicting Thompson’s claim.[270] When pressed on why he allegedly failed to ask why Savile was being investigated by his own news team, he feebly responded:

You can say it’s a lack of imagination.[271]

In a letter from New York in January 2013 addressed to Parliament, Thompson unequivocally insisted that neither the Hawley nor the Boaden conversation:

…told me what the investigation had been about.[272]

It’s preposterous to actually believe Thompson was so blasé faire about the BBC Savile exposé that he “lacked imagination” to bother inquiring any further. Playing dumb to save his own sorry ass so he could successfully escape to New York unscathed from all the flak subsequently heaped upon his successor in order to take over the New York Times only suggests that Mark Thompson is also being heavily protected by his pedo-cabal masters. In the words of the always inimitably incisive journalist Yoichi Shimatsu:

By hiring a bald-faced liar rather than a journalist of integrity, Sulzberger risked his own reputation against strong objections from veteran editors who understood the ethical liability of having a new boss who’s in league with elite pedophile networks.[273]

In his rash of interviews at the time, the flustered Mark Thompson bounced shamelessly all over the landscape, scrambling to cover his ass with what he claimed to know, which he maintained was virtually nothing, playing it safe, later backtracking to cover what he thought he’d said, granting himself just enough plausibility of denial to survive in New York if and when his deception ever came back to bite him in his CYA ass:

That I might have formed the impression at the time of my conversations with Caroline and Helen that the investigation related to allegations of sexual abuse, this was speculation on my part in October 2012 about an impression I might or might not have formed after a pair of brief conversations nearly a year earlier.[274]

Incidentally, in addition to his “unimaginative” nature, (after all, by definition order followers are always unimaginative, especially when expressing thoughts of their own), before making his “great escape,” it’s also on record while he still the director general office, his office was warned two more times in May and September 2012 about sexual predator Savile. But no doubt “unimaginative” Thompson deemed it too “irrelevant” to his getaway transition to the New York Times.[275]

Also in September 2012, the London Sunday Times Magazine posed a series of probing questions to Thompson attempting to ascertain how much he knew and when.[276] On September 6 a letter from his lawyers outside the BBC legal department was sent aggressively threatening the Sunday Times with a libelous lawsuit should it even remotely suggest that Thompson and his BBC ever engaged in a cover-up. Clueless Thompson once again claimed he never even read the letter but a legal observer claimed if that’s true, Thompson is “just as culpable.” Of course that same merry month of September was also when the New York Times Company was actively courting the pedo-enabler to fly the British coop for the NYT henhouse just in time to avoid the heat called accountability. And two months later, he fled.

When successor George Entwistle also came up with the same lame identical excuse, also claiming ignorance that he too was never responsible for canceling the Newsnight segment and did not even know the nature of the program, also refuted by others, back in London his lie didn’t quite wash. With MPs hounding him at parliamentary hearings, a floundering Entwistle attempted in vain to pin the sole blame on Nightnews editor Peter Rippon, who apparently agreed to fall on the sword for his company despite merely following his orders from above to cancel the broadcast.[277] Rippon was the first one fired. But as more deception plainly unfolded, somebody high up on the BBC food chain also had to pay the price and since Thompson had already been given his free pass to take flight, it had to be his successor.

When queried on this volatile issue in early November 2012, during his final week in the UK at an Oxford University lecture, Thompson was still playing his “ignorance is bliss” card:

Like many other people at the BBC and despite what you may have read, I had heard none of the stories about Jimmy Savile.[278]

Even when Thompson’s extremely questionable word is taken at face value, he was the head honcho, the leader of a giant government funded news organization that’s supposed to project an accurate account of what goes on in the world, much less his company. Any decent leader or director general makes it his job and responsibility to know if criminal activity is being carried out or covered up under his or her watch. When it comes to facing the dark truth about one’s corporation, oneself, or an infamous past company icon, it always was met with gross BBC failures to repeatedly report the truth when opportunities availed themselves before Savile’s death, right after his death and far beyond to this day. As the leader of the BBC, Thompson chose to consistently lie through his teeth to save his own skin.

Both Thompson and other senior BBC personnel have chosen to continue lying, pretending not to know that Savile and other BBC staff were committing the most egregious crimes against children for decade after decade after decade. The Corporation’s across-the-boards deception has never ceased, culminating when they all lied about why they scrapped the Savile exposé pretending it was strictly for “editorial reasons.”[279] Right to the end while director general Thompson was in charge, he and his management willfully buried the truth dug up by their own enterprisingly competent, brave journalists, then despicably hung them out to dry,[280] choosing to this day to continue living the BBC trademark lie.

Nine months after Mark Thompson began his new gig in New York, believing he’d finally shucked his shady past association with his BBC pedophile network, outside his luxury Manhattan apartment he was confronted by a Channel 4 news crew asking him about his part in the Jimmy Savile scandal and how much he knew that the Nightnews exposé was about child sex abuse. Because the CEO had already been outed as a liar trying to deny what it was about, apparently Thompson really lost his cool right then and there on the street with the camera rolling. A witness told the New York Post:

He was tense and angry and was talking very loudly. They followed him around the corner and he lost his temper and shouted at them. It really caused a scene.[281]

An honest man in his position would be far less apt to have a public meltdown especially with a camera rolling if he had nothing to hide. But a proven liar that can’t escape his deceitful past certainly would.

Just as an organization’s leadership can take credit for its accomplishments during the good times, during the rough times when losses, failures or scandals arise, a company’s leader must also take responsibility for that too, even if not directly involved. But instead Thompson deceitfully played his constant denial card, slithered out of town just ahead of avoiding the runaway train wreck, only to seek safe refuge across the pond, both rescued and rewarded $5 million for his first year alone[282] at another pedophile enabling media giant where he insists the enormous scandal exploding back home that he was in charge of will not affect him in the least at his new post. That has to be foreboding to any news organization with integrity. But outside several ethical public protests and resignations, the New York Times demonstrated its lack of integrity.

And lo and behold, it hasn’t affected Thompson’s NYT job performance at all. In the fall of 2016 in the lead-up to the November Trump election, WikiLeaks published Podesta emails online[283] using a coded language commonly used by pedophiles per FBI documentation referring to sex with children,[284] incriminating the Podesta brothers as well as the Clintons and Obama as well.[285] Of course as previous Lolita Express frequent fliers, Bill and Hillary were already outed as pedophiles at Epstein’s Orgy Island with incontrovertibly incriminating evidence reportedly in NYPD possession, stored inside convicted fellow pedophile Weiner’s confiscated laptop.[286]

Thompson’s New York Times along with all four other oligarch owned giant media conglomerates (down from 50 in 1983[287]) pumping out over 90% of the news propaganda frantically jumped to the immediate defense of one implicated pizza parlor owner, somehow ranked 49th on GQ’s DC VIP power list.[288] So when MSM called the ever-louder internet buzz actually exposing Pizzagate’s Washington pedophile ring[289] on Reddit (soon shut down) “fake news,”[290] claiming it was inciting violence (i.e., enter the “lone gunman” stooge firing off a couple rounds inside pizza joint),[291] it became the perfectly contrived excuse to roll out the elite’s oppressive agenda to crush 1st Amendment free press rights with McCarthy-esque blacklisted news sites to “justify” legislating increased censorship usurping internet control so that the mainstream fake news ultimately ends up the only news in town (or world for that matter).[292] Every totalitarian regime in history permits only state run propaganda (like the Soviet gulag era or perhaps BBC today) and, minus the internet, that’s virtually where we’re already at… less than a handful of major news outlets all reading off the same false narrative script. Welcome to today’s Orwellian nightmare.

For once, Mark Thompson was true to his word, at the NYT he is the same pedophile enabler engaging in pedophilia cover-up that he was at the BBC, continuing to pretend that top echelons of government, the media, entertainment, the legal and economic system, charity and child welfare are not running a globalized pedophilia network. With a half dozen years now at the New York Times, Thompson is simply another cherry-picked sentinel guarding the elite’s pedophile henhouse, rescued from one cover-up scam in UK with valued cover-up experience evading that pedo-scandal to be tactically redeployed to do the same in the US. Remember that in the Luciferian world, the more deception and evil one commits, the more one is rewarded by the earthly powers-that-should-not-be.[293]

The ruling elite controlling this planet are largely comprised of pedophiles and pedophile enablers. Following the money explains why the world’s deepest pockets are invariably linked to so much war, trafficking of weapons, drugs, human organs, children and laundered trillions. Illuminati bloodline families like the Rothschilds are notoriously in deep in all of these mot sordid criminal activities.

Meet the only non-executive director of the BBC’s new executive board – the Barclay Bank chairman until 2012 and current British Bankers Association head Marcus Agius, married to Edmond de Rothschild’s daughter Katherine.[294] Barclays Bank is the most important shareholder in the NM Rothschild bank as well as the Lazard Brothers. Agius is also on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group and on the advisory board of the City of London, where the queen’s Rothschild money is secured. With his extended Illuminati family sharing connections to the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits Catholic Maltese lineage paternally and Jewish Cabbalist roots maternally, Marcus Agius is the Rothschild fixture controlling the BBC and all its director general pawns like Mark Thompson.[295]

Incidentally, in early 2012 when the crumbling cracks of the BBC scandal were rapidly spreading, Agius was caught fixing derivative rates in a separate fiasco of his own making called the Libor fixed rate scandal that led to his Barclays resignation.[296] Hypocrite BBC publishes a headline “Libor Scandal: Can we ever Trust Bankers Again?” while to this very day the scandal’s central figure apparently still remains in good standing as the “trustworthy” permanent senior non-executive director on the BBC executive board.[297] The article actually quotes Agius who greedily violated the law but was never arrested. Yet to hear it from him, he was the long suffering victim in all his pretentious moral outrage… unbelievable:

I was sick to my stomach because I realised just what an appalling thing it was and I realised what a serious implication it would have for the bank[298].

A more apropos question is can we ever trust Agius or the BBC again, because based on their histories, the answer for both would be a definite no, never. After all, they not only represent the cabal, they are the cabal.

Speaking of untrustworthy and also unprosecuted, along with Agius, JP Morgan-Citibank’s Jamie Dimon was also among the biggest Libor violating crooks but paid a $13 billion bribery fine to buy off his criminal probe.[299] As a tight-knit crony of both Obama and Rahm Emanuel, Rahm fixed JP Morgan’s $16 billion bailout at taxpayer expense during the Wall Street 2008 housing bubble crisis. Compliments of Agius and Barclays “advisor” Jeb Bush, Lehman Brothers was taken over by Barclays Bank assisted by another $8.5 million US tax dollars padding the Barclays coffers.[300] Of course just like the Americans’ near $29 billion bailout, the UK government had British taxpayers coughing up a staggering £850bn in its boondoggle bank bailout.[301]

You see where all this is going? With total impunity, a predatory inner clique of pedo-vampires and cannibals get to both literally and financially feast off the lifeblood of humanity and their children. And it goes without saying that Mark Thompson and Marcus Agius as two powerful cabal agents serving their bloodline masters are in very tight with one another, not only sharing similar first names and prominent Jewish wives, but both are also Jesuit trained Catholics, thus in boldface connection with every demonic pedo-dot conceivable.[302] See why the cabal saved Thompson’s ass from the BBC shitstorm?

The BBC rot at the top only continued with its Trust chairman Lord Chris Patten from 2011-2014. The former Conservative MP and minister in the pedo-saturated Thatcher cabinet threw his BBC line managers under the bus, describing their behavior amidst the Savile crisis as “frantic faffing about,” claiming they misled him, thus strategically absolving himself of bearing any responsibility despite being Trust chairman since May 2011, a half year before Savile’s death and a full 16 months ahead of the Savile fallout.[303]

The tax paid £3M Pollard report investigated the reasons why the Newsnight segment exposing Savile right after his death was pulled by BBC management (that both Patten and Thompson headed) from its December 2011 airing in favor of a pair of already planned holiday Savile tributes.[304] But the Pollard report was also a whitewash refusing to get to the bottom of who actually pulled the plug pretending it was for bogus editorial reasons when it clearly was not. Instead of revealing the truth, the Pollard report concluded the decision not to run the story was made “in good faith” and that no evidence indicated that BBC management attempted to suppress the story.[305] Rack up another VIP CYA LIE. Every inquiry into every scandal is a vehicle used to let the guilty off the hook while patronizingly pacifying the public.

But in a secretly taped phone conversation with former Sky News executive Nick Pollard who headed the inquiry, journalist Miles Goslett was told by Pollard that he purposely omitted evidence in his report protecting Mark Thompson.[306] What Pollard conveniently left out was the smoking gun, that BBC news director Helen Boaden in a phone conversation with Thompson in December 2011, 10 full months before Thompson’s BBC resignation, Boaden explicitly informed the director general that the Newsnight piece exposed Jimmy Savile’s longtime child sex abuse. Thus, in order to protect pedo-enabler Thompson, the Pollard report left out confirmation that golden boy kept lying to escape punishment to secure his CEO status at the New York Times, more evidence that the VIP pedo-club protects its own.

When Trust chairman Lord Chris Patten was informed by Pollard that he’d left out the smoking gun against Thompson from his report, Patten proceeded to dismiss it, hedging and even deceiving Parliament, still protecting Thompson and the BBC cover-up.[307] So taxpayers paid £3M for both Patten and Pollard to both withhold crucially incriminating evidence against Thompson and the BBC. As Miles Goslett put it:

If the BBC were an honest organisation, it would by now have insisted at the least that the Pollard report be amended accordingly. Until it does so, the cover-up continues.[308]

And predictably, to this very day the BBC cover-up continues.

With both the two top leaders of the BBC cover-up – Mark Thompson and Lord Patten – remaining unscathed from leading the biggest scandal in BBC‘s history, Patten’s appointed director general and Thompson’s successor, George Entwistle was forced to resign after only 54 days, though as chosen fall guy grossly overcompensated with an inflated severance package twice the amount specified in his contract at over £450,000.[309] Using taxpayer money to lavishly enrich outgoing senior management with overly generous parting gifts amidst BBC crisis cuts reflects the corporation’s years of unchanged culture of greed. Throughout his 8 year run as director general, elitist Mark Thompson notoriously demonstrated total disregard for British taxpayers, again seriously undermining public trust by greedily signing off on excessive senior executive severances, bilking BBC license payers out of upwards of £369million, while flagrantly violating charter rules.[310] Thompson was the BBC director general during the first six years of an eight year National Audit Office review released in July 2013 specifying that ungodly £369million amount that might even be considered hush money payoffs. When you run with the ruling elite, as Thompson has for decades, you get used to living so high off the hog off the backs of the common people, all the while assured lifetime criminal protection from above.

While Patten’s BBC Trust website vowed openness and transparency, the Lord’s obscene severance packages were buried in lies and secrecy as was the creation of a new position never advertised in open competition that Patten filled with a former cabinet minister as a standardized cronyism appointment.[311]

After the likes of Mark Thompson and Lord Patten’s gross mishandling of the Savile crisis, the UK government forced the BBC to make some fundamental changes in its governing structure.[312] After Patten stepped down for alleged health reasons in 2014, Prime Minister Cameron brought in BBC’s first woman to chair the Trust. Rona Fairhead was an overt ploy to distance the BBC from its scandalous, male-dominated, sexist past.[313] Though Cameron expected Fairhead to head the Trust over the next four years until 2018 during its restructuring into a unitary board that took over in April 2017, in September 2016 new Prime Minister Theresa May gave her fellow high-achieving female an early boot, selecting former Bank of England deputy governor Sir David Clementi in January 2017 to govern the new unitary board.[314] As anti-child abuse advocate MP Tom Watson said, PM May handed the job over to the very man she appointed to create that position. You can bet that with an alumnus from England’s central bank now overseeing the queen’s BBC charter, and Rothschild son-in-law Agius a senior executive board member, the Rothschild control over the government airwaves in Britain has never been more deeply entrenched and centralized.[315]

In summary, every single one of the dozens of so called investigations associated with each and every pedophilia scandal covered throughout this book, including the plethora mushrooming from the Savile legacy alone, all amount to nothing more than just another systemic cover-up scam after the next. Infiltrating secret society cannibals atop this demonic food chain from government, security services, police, judges and the mainstream media acting as order-following foxes all guarding their satanic henhouse never fail to always obstruct justice, shut down police probes, lose incriminating evidence and otherwise conceal the truth, in order to ensure that their strings attached puppet masters controlling and protecting them are able to continue at will raping and cannibalizing children without fear of further exposure or consequence. That way every scandal to date – bar none – stays only tip-of-the-iceberg and the world’s most powerful child sodomizers and murderers continue unimpeded and uninterrupted in their wholesale slaughter of our innocents on an unprecedented, massively globalized industrial scale.

The bottom line for these bottom feeding subhuman predators’ very survival is that the cabal owning beasts must in turn feed their own Luciferian masters – the demonic interdimensional forces summoned and released in satanic occult ritual that drive and possess the cabal pedovors to do their catastrophic bidding on the devil’s earthly dominion, destroying what’s left of our only planet we humans call home. We must fight the evil with the light of truth as our guide bringing justice, peace and planetary harmony.

The next chapter unveils how the BBC, British establishment and their stooge Savile have gone to extreme criminal lengths to ensure that the cabal’s pedophilia network avoids full exposure by historically ignoring or smearing victims, whistleblowers and muckraking journalists, and if need be, silencing perceived threats by numerous staged suicides, bizarrely suspicious “accidents” and both covert and overt assassination of more than a dozen BBC employees who’ve likely paid the price for knowing too much. The powers-that-shouldn’t be will resort to no limits in order to prevent the ugly truth from ever coming to light that would threaten to bring down their international pedo-crime cabal.

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