Voter Fraud for 50 Years

Voter Fraud

What a shame. For decades so many of us tried to educate and warn anyone who would listen that our elections have been stolen by stuffing ballot boxes, voting and counting machines for at least the past 50 years. Yes, fifty years.

Americans wrote books on it. I wrote my Blind Loyalty booklet in 1998, sold 700,000 copies at cost and retired it as the data became too old. That 46-pg booklet dealt with vote fraud, provable case after case, page after page. Entire web sites devoted to nothing but proving vote fraud ignored by the prostitute media and the masses.

Vote fraud installed constitutionally ineligible Marxist traitor, Hussein Obama, into office. Twice. Despite the massive amount of data and proof of fraud, the Democrat/Communist Party USA’s media screeched it was racism to question the outcome of an election – unless it’s a candidate or incumbent desired by the shadow government. The majority of Americans who suspected there was fraud remained silent out of fear for their jobs and being called racist. America walked right into the trap. Congress cowered over the eligibility issue and did nothing.

You want proven vote fraud in the 2020 election? My columns are filled with provable fraud. Here, and here

These are a small number of my columns dating back nearly two decades. Just FYI. The ONLY silver lining regarding the stealing of the 2020 election is it has awakened and enraged Americans who now know vote fraud is very real and it has controlled our elections for almost 50 years.

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