H-Bomb in Hawaii Upper Atmosphere

Hawaii H-Bomb

One single Iranian nuclear explosion 400 kilometers above Lexington in Kentucky will be able to lock down the American nation.

The night sky over Honolulu was put on fire on July 9th in 1962.

Not many people remember Operation Starfish, that was triggered on July 9th, 1962.
What was this military operation all about?

The USA sent a rocket into space with a nuclear warhead 80 times more powerful that the Hiroshima bomb. The doomsday tool was detonated 400 kilometers above Earth, 1445 kilometers west of Hawaii.

The electromagnetic lights of this nuclear explosion west of Hawaii could be seen even in New Zealand. This picture is taken in Honolulu.
The effect of the detonation deep into space  shocked the American generals.  The effects could be measured as fare as New Zealand.

In Hawaii street lights went off,  and electronic devises stopped functioning.
What the US had done, was to put the electro magnetic field over the Pacific Ocean on fire.
The long term effects of the electromagnetic fireball in space, became more devastating than the total destruction such a bomb could have created on a relatively small area of the ground.

In the split of a second, three US Satellites in low obit were disabled. TV sets on Hawaii and the Pacific ocean went into black, and telecommunication went dead.

This picture is taken from an American Military aircraft 3 minutes after the detonation.
Seven satellites failed over the months following the test as radiation damaged their solar arrays or electronics.
These man-made radiation belts eventually crippled one-third of all satellites in low Earth orbit.

The very Van Allan belt was disrupted, and took time to come back into balance.
Since 1962, cancer on Earth has developed into the greatest pandemic ever.  You can read more about this from multiple sources on the net.

Where does this leave the Islamic Republic of Iran, who is hell bent on destroying both Israel and America for the sake of “Allah”.
They just have to try to copy this explosion in deep space over central America.

Today, America would be completely blinded if a powerful electromagnetic pules had knocked out electronic devises. Because unlike 1962, today’s society in completely interconnected. America as we know today would not only stop functioning. It will most likely never be able to recover. The perfect place for an all out onslaught of the Global Jihad.

The Iranian Ayatollah do not have to fire a Ballistic Missile on the US. He just have to send up a claimed to be commercial Satellite, and put it into high altitude orbit over the Western hemisphere. The Nuclear program in Iran, is of course only for “peaceful purposes”. And there will surely be no nuclear device inside a peaceful Satellite.