Covid Self Spreading

Covid Self Spreading

Excerpt From 2016 Paper...

Self-Disseminating Vaccines For Emerging Infectious Diseases

Self-disseminating vaccines are a vaccine strategy that may in some instances be better suited than conventional vaccines to immunologically contain emerging pathogens within their non-human host in challenging under-resourced 'hotspots'. Disseminating vaccines are designed to exploit the ability of replicating virus-based vectors to spread through their animal host populations without the need for direct inoculation of every animal. In this strategy, vaccination of a limited number of 'founder' animals is used for initial introduction of the vaccine into the target population. As the vaccine is engineered to express target antigens from the EID pathogen of interest, its spread from vaccinated to non-vaccinated animals will result in coordinated spread of EID-specific immunity throughout the targeted animal population.

Full Paper is here... pmc/articles/PMC4732410/


Covid spreading