Supreme Court

Historically, the US Supreme Court overturns decisions. In fact, in its 232-year history, it has…

Tankers and Cargo Planes

750 US military bases remain around the planet

These overseas installations…

Former Pompeo

Facial recognition software says the new Former Pompeo is not the same as the Former Pompeo.  He…

Food Processing Plants Burned

Planned Famine

Cardi B

WAP Song

Cardi B    (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

"WAP" received widespread…

Wold's Fattest Virgina

Wold's Fattest Virgina

A plastic surgery-addicted social media star who boasts 'the…

2022 superbowl halftime show

 You be the judge ....

Video Link ===>https…

Johnny Depp
American Israeli cooperation


Today’s infographic, created all the way back in 1931 by a man named John B. Sparks…

Constructing Stonehenge

The Pictures Of Stonehenge They Don’t Want You To See

Seed Vault

Here, we continue with our report on the food cartel. In this report, we will explain how the…

Communism to Whole World
Biden's Handler
China Buying Texas

180,000 Acres

Next to Air Force Base

Next to Mexican Border 

Three Child Policy
China's Nuke War

"The United States will also keep working with like-minded partners around the…

Chinas Ghost Cities

​The implosion of the temporary reality we have all known is already well under way, …


 Kristen Clarke

Biden named African-American Kristen Clarke to head the Civil Rights Division of the United…